Just Like eyes, lips are as well essential and attractive factor of our face. The overall appearance of your lips can add to your beauty and make you look more sexier. That’s why you must need to take exclusive care of your lips. Lipsticks, lip gloss and lip liners look perfect only when used on healthy lips. Like face, hands or feet care you should also concentrate on your lips too. Lips are extremely sensitive feature of our face and without care, there will be breaks or cracks on your lips which can be highly painful and can result in infections.

lip care tips
Lip Care Tips


Here are some easy or simple lip care tips to make your lips beautiful.

  • With the help of any oil, smoothly massage your lips well for few 10-15 minutes daily. This will raise your blood circulation and give your lips an healthy look. Do the same procedure in night too to make your lips fluffy or soft all time.
  • Buy any cream having vitamin A or E  for your lips dryness. So whenever your lips become dry, apply little amount of  cream on your lips with the help of cotton ball. Wash your lips well after 10 minutes.
  • To simply clean your lips, use any makeup remover cream or plain water with the help of cotton ball. Do this procedure before going to bed.
  • To keep your lipstick long lasting , apply lip balm on your lips before putting on lipstick. This will make your lips moisturized and remain your lipstick  for longer time.
  • As healthy and nutritious diet is important to have beautiful lips. So, your diet plan must contain foods having vitamin A, B and C  like green vegetables and juicy fruits along with plenty of water which are beneficial for your health too.
  • In order to treat dry lips, use petroleum jelly with SPF on your lips to get rid of dryness.
  • Smoking is the major problem that make lips black and chapped so its better to stop it.  There are several home remedies to get rid of  black lips. Make a mixture of rose water(3 drops), milk cream(half teaspoon), and lemon juice(3 drops). Now apply this mixture on your lips 3 times in a day on regular basis. This will help you to get rid of black lips.
  • Make a mixture of  honey, butter and coconut oil in equal ratio and apply it on your lips with your finger tips to have gorgeous pink lips. Frequent use of  Honey will also treat cracked lips.
  • Its not really a good concept to lick your lips because this habit is too much bad that can make lips dry and erase all the moisture from your lips. So its better  for you to get rid of this habit.
  • Don’t make the mistake of pulling off the skin of dry lips because  peel off the skin can produce blood to emerge. To remove this dry skin from your lips first apply any cream or petroleum jelly on your lips to make them soft and then with the help of cotton ball rub your lips smoothly.So, no issue either your lips are  fat or thin you should take good care of them accurately and very delicately to boost your overall look.


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