Inspiring Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Guide


There are different kinds of Indian Bridal makeup looks like Tamil, Bengali, and Punjabi etc, but with a minor difference in the final look, the basic way to do the makeup remains similar. To help you do the Indian bridal makeup on your own, here is a Inspiring Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Guide.

Step # 1: Cleanse Your Face

The first step for all the Indian bridal makeup looks including Indian remains the same that is to cleanse the skin with a good cleanser and then make the skin hydrated.


Step # 2: Use Primer & Concealer

Now start by hiding any kind of scars, dark circles or acne spots by using a concealer which is one tone lighter than your actual skin tone. The best concealer is the one that is in liquid form and is light-weight. Also apply a primer to cover the open pores. The primer will also help to keep your makeup last for a long time for a long wedding day.


Step# 3: Foundation Base

The next step of Indian bridal makeup which is the application of the foundation is the actual start of application of the makeup. Use the foundation that matches perfectly with your skin tone. If the foundation of one shade does not match your skin color, use two colors of foundation and mix them to get the desired result. The heavy stick foundations are out of fashion. Use a moose which is a light-weight, water foundation base. Now apply a loose powder or a compact powder with the help of a brush to fix the foundation.


Step# 4: Contouring & Highlighting

The next step is to enhance the face structure by doing contouring. Highlighting the cheekbones by using the soft tones of blushers is also very important. The proper contouring of the forehead, chin, and the jawline areas should also not be avoided.


Step# 5: Eye Makeup

Now start the eye makeup. The eye makeup is the most important part of the Indian bridal makeup to create a most stunning look. To create a Bengali or Punjabi bride look, use dark eye shades.
Start the eye makeup by applying a base color which should be a really soft color like pink, soft brown etc.


Now apply the first color matching the dress. The most common eye shadow that could be used on the center area of the eye is the copper color.


Some brides also prefer smokey eyes. The black or brown would be the main colors for creating the smokey effect and also special focus should be given on blending.


Now highlight the corners with the help of a dark color. The dark corners have the ability to enhance the beauty of your eyes.


The next step in the eye makeup is the application of the false lashes with the help of glue. Once they get properly stick, apply mascara on them.


To give a finished look to your eye makeup, use eyeliner and a little bit kajal in your eyes.


Step# 6: Apply Lipstick

The final step is to apply lipstick. First draw an outline with the help of a lip pencil and make the shape of your lips. For long lasting lipstick, use a little quantity of the lip balm before applying the lipstick.


Now with the help of a lipstick brush, apply the lipstick fully on the lips. Mostly the dark tones of lipsticks especially the red and dark shades of pink are used.


For Bengali Indian brides either a big teeka or decoration on their forehead is a must element for the complete look.


And it’s done. By following these easy steps, you will get a complete ravishing and beautiful Indian Bridal look.

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