Several brands of fragrances, we have chosen Junaid Jamshed Perfumes for men and women to give you ideas on how all the men and women of all ages should smell around 24/7 in a day.

Would you mind? if someone comes to greet you and if he would give a stinking smell, then obviously it would be bearable, and you won’t be able to stand near to him for more than five seconds. So, perfumes represent our personality and fashion sense.

We all have busy schedules, but everyone’s responsibility is to keep yourself scented with the best available fragrances nearly to you. J. is offering a wide range of perfumes at competitive prices for all men and women. Check out the J. Fragrance collection for women through this platform.

j. perfumes

Heavenly Junaid Jamshed Perfumes Collection Exclusively for Women

J. the brand gives you an extensive range of perfumes for women to keep them a whole high-spirited day. It is considered an elegant brand of fragrances, which is the first time giving a wide range of French and oriental perfumes.

Your personality is incomplete without perfumes. If you want to go out for shopping or some kitty party, it is necessary to scent yourself with the balanced aroma as per your taste. Smelling good is everyone’s right, so let’s look at what J. Having for ladies is.

Junaid Jamshed Flora Perfumes

  • Junaid Jamshed Grace Perfume for Women

Get this 100 ml bottle of perfume for giving yourself a unique fragrance in gatherings. This is the best time to grace up your personality with J. grace. Don’t forget to apply this perfume before going out with your loved one to not only grace your relation. It would worth your personality.

Junaid Jamshed grace Perfumes

  • Breeze for Women

Junaid jamshed perfumes collection has Breeze, which is all set to adorn you with rebel rose feeling. It is specially created for young women, which would bring confidence in women. It is a touch of elegance with a floral touch. This is the category of Floral Musky along with Turkish rose, orange blossom feeling.

Junaid Jamshed BreezePerfumes

  • Junaid Jamshed Essence Perfume for Women

J. Essence is all about giving you modern feeling. This Fragrance is a blend of floral and woody touch. J. Essence is a new floral category with a central accord like white floral, citrus, woody, yellow, and floral.

Junaid Jamshed essence Perfumes

  • Komal for Women

J. Komal is a blend of floral accords that would compliment your personality. It would enhance your character among gatherings. Komal fragrance is a fusion of rose, lily, and woody notes.

Junaid Jamshed komal Perfumes

  • Bloom Fragrance for Women

Bloom is a beautiful masterpiece in the whole Junaid Jamshed perfume collection. The scent radiates a gentle floral freshness that makes your day all the more charming. The subtle feminine fragrance will attract a lot of attention for you. The packaging of the product is also very outstanding.

Bloom by J. is an ideal fragrance for all kinds of occasions. You would love this splendid scent, a blend of peach, plum, and jasmine, to groom your personality. The main accords in this scent are white floral, tuberose, woody, and sweet.


  • Pour Femme Fragrance for Women

It is a kind of vibrant Fragrance which would give a sophisticated aroma to you all day. It will provide you with a lively feeling. This is a fantastic blend of fruity and floral components to make it an optimum fragrance of every girl.

Junaid Jamshed Pour Femme Perfumes

  • Treasure Fragrance For Women

If you want to highlight yourself among parties and any celebrations, this intense aromatic will give you confidence. The Black, blue bottle is designed to signifying the women’s soul. Don’t forget to apply this charismatic scent to parties and gatherings where you want to prominent yourself.

Junaid Jamshed Treasure Perfumes

  • Uroosa Fragrance For Women

Get a spectacular fusion of floral and fruity components to prominent yourself through this modern smell. It also contains a blend of amber, vanilla, musk, and sandalwood. The Fragrance is lying in the Fresh floral Category. The main Accords of this type of scent is Floral, Citrus, Fruity, and White Floral.

J. Uroosa Perfume

  • Janan for Her

Janan fragrance is a blend of vibrant citruses, fresh aquatic notes, blossoming florals, and seductive musk.  It is a modern yet chic fragrance glowing with Bergamot’s amalgamation. The subtle freshness of rose and jasmine occupied by the tinges of pepper, ylang-ylang, and blackcurrant reflects vanilla and sandalwood’s reminiscences.

Junaid Jamshed Jnann Perfumes

  • Pleasure Perfume by J.

Pleasure is an elegant and high-end perfume with a fruity and floral scent. The packaging of the product is one of a kind and luxury. The scent’s main accords are Mandarin, Black Currant, Tuberose, Ylang-ylang, Sandalwood, and Patchouli. You can also get a custom bottle with a name engraved on it of your choice.

Junaid Jamshed Pleasure Perfumes

Exclusive Junaid Jamshed Perfume Sets for Women

The brand has three exclusive gift sets for women that has amazing scents. The small travel size mini sets has small perfume bottles that are very easy and handy to carry around, and they are shaped in a way that gives an alluring feminine feel to women of all ages.

  • Escents of Appeal

The fragrance of the Escents of Appeal is a fusion of fruity and floral scents to make you fresh all day. Keep yourself scented with this item. The main accords of this aromatic gift set are white floral, fruity, sweet, citrus, and honey. You would have an energetic and enthusiastic feeling by having these scents.

J. gift set

  • J. Eve in Paris Gift Set

Junaid Jamshed brand has introduced a beautiful mini gift set for women. The Eve in Paris gift set has three diverse and aromatic fragrances. The Inspire perfume has a modern yet chic smell that has marine notes and amalgamation of Bergamot. It is further enhanced with the musky scent of sandalwood. Paradise has refreshing citrus and lemon smell. The Elegant fragrance has a musky and woody fragrance that will make you stand out among the crowd.

j. gift sets

  • Essence Perfume Set

This exclusive essence perfume set has an aromatic body lotion with perfume and tester. Along with these three items, you will also get a shower oil for a long-lasting and refreshing smell. This perfume’s main accords are citrus, yellow floral, white floral, sweet, and sandalwood.

j. essence gift set

The Junaid Jamshed Perfumes are all set to give you a rejuvenating feeling a whole day or especially when you want to prominent yourself among gatherings. These scents are created by considering all the skin issues in the feminine. So get these bottles hassle-free at affordable prices. You can have these fragrances online through the official website of the brand or you can either visit your nearby outlets.


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