Every year, every season, Junaid Jamshed brings us something special regarding this clothing line. This label came into existence over a decade ago in the year 2002 in Karachi, Pakistan. Since then, it has been leaving quite a mark on the textile industry of the country. Check out the latest Junaid Jamshed summer collection 2021 in this blog.

The new lines’ launches powerfully symbolize and reflect the current trends and fashion in the industry. This brand has become one of the country’s biggest success stories because its products sell like hotcakes. The brand has recently unveiled the latest Junaid Jamshed summer collection, selling like hot cakes in the market.

Even though the late owner is a well-renowned celebrity in the country, this brand started small. Initially, it only dealt with the retail of men’s wear. It refreshes that mark with every one of its latest collections. It refreshes that mark with every one of its latest collections.

New Arrivals | Junaid Jamshed Summer Lawn Collection for Women

This brand’s primary focus is on reintroducing traditional clothing in Pakistan with a modern twist to it. It is safe to say that they have played their part in modernizing traditional dress modestly and elegantly. This label expanded with over fifty retail stores nationwide in many Pakistan cities in just a short period. They have also ventured into bridal items for the groom and have recently launched a line of J. fragrances for men and women.

They have evolved the typical Shalwar Kameez designs into something that people would love to wear because it would symbolize the eastern ensembles, yet it would remain very modernized. Junaid Jamshed also offers a range of fashion accessories that include items like shoes, jewelry, and bags to compliment the outfits for every occasion.

1- J. Unstitched 2 PC Collection

The unstitched two-piece suits range is affordable. Their flamboyant creations are much desired and demanded in the market. The clothes they produce can be worn on any occasion ranging from lovely formal to semi-formal to casual. One of the things that distinguish them from numerous other fashion brands is that they weave their fabrics where handlooms are used for fabrics like Jacquard, Khadar, and power Looms to produce plait fabric. The process of dyeing, printing, and weaving is all done by the label itself. Here’s the fantastic Sapphire lawn collection.

  • 2 PC Shirt & Trouser

You can get these stylish two-piece shirts and trouser combinations from the new arrivals of the brand. If you are a university-going or working woman then these are the perfect choices for you. The colors and design are one of a kind. You can match any kind of scarf or dupatta with this dress to complete the dress. If you have old chiffon or jacquard dupattas that are still usable and in good condition, then you can match them with these 2 PC dresses. It is a very beneficial and economical option.

  • 2 PC Shirt & Dupatta

Girls often wear leggings or jeans with their summer dresses. If you are that kind of girl, then these two-piece shirts and dupatta combos are very ideal. You can buy leggings in almost all universal shades and pair them with any J. shirt and dupatta. It is very budget-friendly and looks stylish. If you are a little on the healthier side, then you can wear white or black Patiala shalwars with these dresses.

2- Junaid Jamshed Unstitched 3 PC Summer Collection

Junaid Jamshed is not only a stylish traditional outfit fashion brand; it is also a significant provider of intricate embroidery, seasonal clothing, modern cuts, and machine prints that are simply stunning! The unstitched collection is amazing for women of all ages. The collection consists of three-piece dresses designed very elegantly. They have different categories in the unstitched collection, which all ladies love. See here Warda latest unstitched lawn print.

The classes are made according to the design and colors used. Almost all the prints in this category are very colorful and appealing to the eye. Three-piece dresses consist of a 2.5-meter lawn shirt with 2-meter fabric for shalwar along with lawn or chiffon dupatta, and then a few dresses also contain embroidery patches embroidered neckline.

3- Junaid Jamshed Embroidered Summer Collection

This season, this brand has launched the Junaid Jamshed summer collection, full of some fantastic color combinations on high-quality fabrics styled with the latest cuts and trends. The brand has categorized its summer collection into categories. The categories are like three-piece collection, two-piece collection, digitally printed Kurti collection, and The digital print collection is the new category launched by Junaid Jamshed. 

Digital apparels by brand look very attractive and abstract in design. They have directly targeted young girls while designing digital shirts. All digitally printed shirts are cool with conceptual design, floral design, and creative figures like makeup tools. Each print in this collection looks enthralling, and I am sure that girls will buy many of them. Above all, they are economical to buy. Don’t miss out on the Khaadi summer collection.

4- Designer Summer Kurti Collection

A year back, they only launched unstitched three-piece dresses and ready-to-wear suits. But with the emergence of fashion in one year, they have introduced digital print and the Kurti collection line. The ready-to-wear collection also provides three-piece stitched dresses and single shirts, now known as Kurtis. Wearing a Kurti with jeans or tights looks perfect always. Check here, Warda designer collection.

  •  Floral Kurti Designs

Floral patterns are seen in almost every brand’s be arrivals. So, J. also has some funky and spring-summer style floral printed and embroidered Kurti designs. The designs are very fresh and have a summer vibe to them. Get yourself one-of-a-kind Kurtis and pair it with jeans or leggings, as you like. The prices of the Kurtis are very reasonable and teens can get it for a new look.

  • Abstract Modern Style Kurtis

Abstract and random parallel line prints make these Kurtis unique and modern. The designs are very aesthetic and artistic. These stylish Kurtis are perfect for casual days of summer. Whether you are going to work or study, you can wear these with jeans or tulip pants. Experiment with your style and dressing this summer with the Junaid Jamshed summer collection.

The college and university-going girls mostly prefer buying and wearing Kurtis. These girls don’t choose to wear dresses with long and wide dupattas. They like wearing scarves. So, for that purpose, Junaid Jamshed had launched the unique Kurti collection. Kurtis is available in cool colors and stylish abstract designs that attract girls and even ladies. Junaid Jamshed has included a wide range of single ready-to-wear shirts in the Kurti collection.

5- Junaid Jamshed Summer Collection Scarves

Junaid Jamshed has established itself as one of the leading brands of modern traditional wear in the market. Their unique work includes designs and embellishments like pearls and tassels. In our today’s blog, we have summer shawls, and we have gathered fine images of all the stylish scarves for you. You should give it a look, and I am sure you will like every dress for them and visit their outlet to update your wardrobe. Have a look and make your selections!

These are the superb designs by none other than J. available at all the nearest outlets at reasonable prices. You won’t get such unique designs anywhere from an unstitched 3-piece collection to a stitched 3-piece collection, unique ready-to-wear Kurtis, and much more. Go and grab it immediately or shop online. Have an outstanding shopping experience.


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