With the rapid shift of fashions, we see that the current generation is getting away from the traditional tastes and colors that used to be none less than an ornament in the past ages. It is said that no matter how much modernized do we get with the passage of time we must not forget our heritage that’s brought to us since ages. So, there appears a need of such brands and outfits that let us enjoy the taste of past ages. Although, there is a boom in the western clothing trends yet the feel of wearing the tradition is irreplaceable. Here, brands like Kayseria play an important role in getting the heritage get passed on to the next ages after mingling it in a proper ration of modernity.

Kayseria keeps on updating it catalogue by the time, keeping the events, occasions, trends and new booms in the world of fashion. As we know that the special and one of the most awaited occasion of Eid is almost approaching so we thought it’s good to let our visitors know about what is in there for them at Kayseria regarding the holy festive of Eid in 2017. Kayseria designs are contemporary and timeless because of their strong roots. These designs are original because they remind us of our pure origins.

Kayseria Pure Spirit Eid Dresses 2017 for Women and Kids

Kayseria New Pure Spirit Eid Collection 2017 has come up with the embroidered and printed shirts that when wore on such events gives a relishing feel and the quality of clothing material used makes it even more reliable in giving extension to the experience of wearing. The best thing about Kayseria is its continuity in meeting its challenge of keeping the heritage and modernity together and carving it out as a bash of all times welcoming fashion wears. In short, it covers a range of dressing that is meant to target all the groups of ages.

Not only this but it also adds the color of joy in its wears that can be wore on the occasions like wedding ceremonies. It has made it’s way in covering almost the expected wear trend of the female fashion lovers. Kayseria holds a proper balance in assembling the grace of heritage with the new world’s innovation and creativity. Thus it makes it way in delighting the customers on a definite and regular basis making them in touch with the trends they want to adapt. This trait of Kayseria makes its customers feel like their home made brand. Just Scroll down and have a glance at this Kayseria Pure Spirit Eid Collection 2017 Catalogue.

Beige Orange Embroidered Shirt

Orange color not suits on everyone. But you can wear this color in many different ways and the best possible way to stand down its intense sharpness is to pair it with nudes and neutrals. If you want to look defined, then go and grab this shirt just in Rs 1,890/-.

Beige Orange Embroidered Dress By Kayseria For Eid 2017

Deep Blue Tassel Eid Dress 2017

Tassel is a bunch of loosely hanging threads knotted at one end and attached for decoration to clothing. You can wear nude shoes, beige shoes or other light shade of brown shoes with a blue dress. The price of this outstanding dress is only Rs 4,990/-. See more at J. Junaid Jamshed New Eid Outfits 2017.

Deep Blue Tassel Eid Dress By Kayseria 2017

Embellished Wider Width Eid Shirt

A-Line shirts are the most popular cut worn by the women and girls of all ages. It is not only laudable by many girls, but comfortable as well. You can wear these shirts with trousers, Shalwar or Churidar pajamas. The cost of this dress is Rs 1,790/-. Also check out the Latest Designs of Shalwar Kameez for Girls 2017.

Embellished Wider Width Eid Shirt By Kayseria 2017

Glorious Eid Attire

Jamawar shirt with silver and copper embellished neck is looking breathtaking. This is a semi formal dress, as girls can wear this dress on the wedding as well. Golden heels work well with this classy outfit. Go with your favorite shade of shoes and coordinate jewelry with it. The price of this stunning attire is Rs 39,900/-.

Glorious Eid Attire By Kayseria 2017

Henley Collar Glass Embellished Eid Wear

In Kayseria Pure Spirit Eid Collection 2017, embellishments have been done through fizzy mirror work, fine tilla and dubka ornamentation. The worth of this classy dress is Rs 1,790/-. You can also check out Kayseria Latest Summer Lawn Collection 2017.

Henley Collar Glass Embellished Eid Outfit By Kayseria 2017

Kayseria Cambric Eid Oufit

Cambric a lightweight, closely knit white linen or cotton fabric. As it is very soft so girls and women of any age can carry this dress on this scorching eid 2017. The price of this black outfit is Rs 3,590/-. Also see, Gul Ahmed Latest Eid Festive Collection 2017.

Kayseria Cambric Color Oufit For Eid 2017

Kayseria Pure Spirit Eid Wear With Tulip Trouser

Kayseria designed fabrics are everlasting. They remain fresh and pure even after years. Red lipstick with Beige, neutral and nude color fabrics looks striking. The price of this ravishing attire is Rs 3,290/-.

Kayseria Eid Wear with Tulip Trouser 2017

Kayseria Grand Fresco Eid Attire

Grand Fresco black outfit ensemble with multi color thread work and embellishment. If you want to make your eyes prominent then its necessary to keep your lips dull. Choose a shade that blends well with your coloring, or go for a nude effect using just a faint lip color and some gloss. You can get this dress only in Rs 24,900/-.

Kayseria Grand Fresco Eid Outfit 2017

Kayseria Imperial Organza Eid Outfit 2017

Imperial Organza is a perfect blend of ivory and gold thread kurta with bronze embellished thread.This is a very formal dress as newly wed girls can wear this dress on eid 2017. This will give them a very elegant and decent look. The Price of this dress is 34,900/-.

Kayseria Imperial Organza Eid Dress 2017

Kayseria Ladli A-Line Box Pleat Shirt

How can we over look our kids on eid! You can find extensive collection of casual, semi-formal, and formal featuring ghagra choli and shararas with traditional touch. The price of this Outfit is Rs 1,290/-.

Kayseria Ladli A Line Box Pleat Shirt For Eid 2017

Kayseria Ladli Bais Frock

The round neck frock appliqued with dull gold gotta. Kayseria always designs best for your lovely daughters and this collection for your ladli’s will surely meet your flavor. The worth of this beautiful dress is Rs 1,590/-.

Kayseria Ladli Bais Frock For Eid 2017

Kayseria Ladli Fresco Eid Kurta

Cute girls can wear this dress on their first Roza Khushai ceremony and the cost of this kurta dupatta is only 2,890/-.

Kayseria Ladli Fressco Eid Kurta For Kids 2017

Kayseria Ladli Front Open Shirt

This multi colored front open shirt is looking very decent. Girls from 7-8 age can wear this shirt with trousers, pants, leggings and churidar pajamas. The cost of this dress is only Rs 1,290/-.

Kayseria Ladli Front Open Shirt For Eid 2017

Kayseria Purple Embroidered Lawn Outfit

Bell bottoms are appreciated by most of the girls. These broad trousers gives women an ultimate fashion girl look. The worth of this attire is Rs 5,990/-.

Kayseria Purple Embroidered Lawn Outfit For Eid 2017

Kayseria Pure Spirit White Soul Eid Attire

White is a color without color. When rocking a white dress, little color is important and the lips are the perfect place to get popping. While anything goes with white but i think pink or bright red lip color would really stand out against your white dress. The worth of this dress is Rs 4,190/-.

Kayseria White Soul Eid Attire For Eid 2017

Orangy Chunri Dupatta Eid Dress 2017

I am in love with this chunri dupatta outfit. Mughal Era lifestyle is prominent in Kayseria Colorful Eid Collection 2017 that always been inspiring for women. Kayseria literally use their pure fabric canvases empty and then paint them with the color of art. The cost of this outfit is Rs. 3990/-.

Orangy Chunri Dupatta Eid Dress By Kayseria 2017

Printed Cotton Lawn Eid Attire

Brown printed shirt can be wear with trousers, pants and leggings. It’s a very informal shirt but you can make it formal by wearing it with shimmery color gharara and churidar pajama. The price of this shirt is 2,190/-.

Printed Cotton Lawn Eid Attire By Kayseria 2017

Printed Organza Neckline Eid Dress

Organza is a thin, utter fabric traditionally made from silk. Blue dresses are a great choice when you want to make a true fashion. When choosing jewelry for your blue dress, go for a subtle look with simple Pearl Jewelry or Silver Jewelry. You can get this dress only in Rs 5,490/-.

Printed Organza Neckline Eid Attire By Kayseria 2017

Stitched Koti Shirt By Kayseria Pure Spirit

This Koti style Kurti decorated with embroidery work and this is the best attire to wear on eid 2017. Shine bright this Eid with this Kayseria Pure Spirit Eid Collection 2017.

Stitched Koti Shirt By Kayseria For Eid 2017

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