The Khaadi Lawn eid collection, this year, contains lots and lots of prints with vibrant and funky colors. Besides this, there is a good range of decent colors for the women who are much considered about looking graceful and elegant. This way, Khaadi Lawn New Eid Collection 2017 Catalog brings a whole lot of exciting collection for girls and women that they can wear as the party wears, semi formal and formal wears.

The holy festival Eid is heading towards us and we have only few days for the preparations. So, women are pretty much considered about their preparations for this Eid like, always, before. As it is not only about the meetups and dishes but also about the way we make ourselves up for the special days. Khaadi Lawn brings a wonderful and amazing collection to cater this demand of the grace cautious girls and women of every age group.

Well, the combination of colors like royal blue, graceful white, the ever favorite black and trendy green are of much interest to the women who look for formal wears and appearing elegant in the crowd. Further the funky, in Khaadi Lawn, like mustard and pink are the ones who catch the teens and young girls for they feel it refreshing and this counts in casual or semi-formal colors.

The play of powerful embroideries on sharp and dark bases with subtle detailing is very graceful feature of Khaadi. So, the showcase at the brand is full of attractive deals that is meant to cater females from different age groups and interests. The ready to wear stitched clothes are there to lessen the burden of finding the tailors in the rushy and busy routine of Ramadan and Eid services. So, it makes both ends meet at one stop, only.

Khaadi Khaas Latest Eid Lawn Dresses For Women 2017

If you are looking for something exciting and you believe you are too choosy when it comes to branded cloths, surely you are going to find your choice in the wider variety in the showcase of Khaadi Lawn for this Eid. So, make a plan with your family or buddies to shop right away and get your stuff at home before someone else gets the opportunity, as it is all in the market by now and people are going to grab it soon. Regardless of the fact that someone is reading this article here and is still wishing to probe out something more on the internet.

The best thing about Khaadi Lawn is, it has just furnished its outlets, both online and offline with all the catalog on display, all at once. You can find a diverse range of colors and stitched clothes at Khaadi that are a perfect show of a blend of trend and uniqueness. The embroidered cloths by Khaadi are another great deal for the women who look for something that has the taste of little embellishment.

There are two piece suits, three piece suits with embroidered shirts accompanied by Swarovski buttons, and then there are opulent four pieces Eid dresses that come with resembling silk patti to make your dress even more classy. All these collections are listed below, you can browse through each one of them to decide which one you are going to get for upcoming festive event.

Beige Color Eid Wear By Khaadi

The Beige brings out the sparkle in the pink while remaining understated and elegant. Paint your nails, and put light color on your lips to give you a little bright look.The worth of this apparel is PKR 5,200/-.

Beige Color Eid Wear By Khaadi 2017

Khaadi Black Printed Outfit

Well, you can wear black heels with this dress but you would have to wear accessories that pop because you will look plain. I think red would also do good but it might be a little hard to find accessories that embellish the color. The cost of this outfit is PKR 2,400/-. Also See, Asim Jofa Eid Dresses For Women 2017.

Black Printed Outfit By Khaadi For Eid 2017

Blue Color Dress By Khaadi

I just love this shade, known as turquoise or electric blue. Don’t you? Pair this attire with nude heels or sandals to make it light for summer season. The price of this dress is PKR 7,900/-.

Blue Color Dress By Khaadi For Eid 2017

Khaadi Embroidered Kurta With Pant

Women and young girls can wear these embroidered pants with their high heel shoes for looking more elegant and sophisticated. All embroidered pants are colorful and stylish. By wearing these embroidered pants, you will definitely look fashionable and gorgeous. The worth of this attire is PKR 4,500/-.

Embroidered Kurta With Pant By Khaadi For Eid 2017

Grey Pearl Embellished Outfit By Khaadi

If you are seeking out something for eid, look no further than this Grey Pearl Embellished Eid Attire. Women who want sophisticated look on this eid can surely pick this dress from nearby Khaadi Outlet. The price of this dress is PKR 7,900/-.See more, Nishat Linen Latest Eid Collection 2017.

Grey Pearl Embellished Eid Attire 2017 By Khaadi

Khaadi Eid Attire With Silk Dupatta

Beautiful and soft silk dupatta with printed flowers will add style and grace to any lawn dress. It will work perfectly as a smart work wear or to accentuate your look for any eid get together. The cost of this outfit is PKR 5,200/-.

Khaadi Eid Attire With Silk Dupatta For Eid 2017

Khaadi Green Eid Dress

This orange embroidered neckline on printed green and blue lawn shirt is exploding perfectly. It is adding color to the whole dress. Young girls can wear this dress on this Eid. The price of this dress is PKR 5,200/-.

Khaadi Green Eid Attire 2017

Khaadi White Embroidered Dress

White and blue embroidered shirt, printed sleeves, yellow edging on the neckline and sleeves. Printed yellow and Blue dupatta. Fashion lover girls can pick this dress for the upcoming eid as this attire will give them an elegant and trendy look. The worth of this dress is PKR 5,200/-.See more, Kayseria New Pure Spirit Eid Wear 2017.

Khaadi White Embroidered Dress For Eid 2017

Light Blue Eid Apparel

A soft pink shade will do nicely with this dress. Wear whatever you want, because i believe that inner beauty shines more and makes the overall appearance perfect. The price of this attire is PKR 7,900/-.

Light Blue Eid Apparel By Khaddi For Eid 2017

Loose Freestyle Kimono

Do you want loose apparel on this eid? Go for this comfortable and glamorous oversize kimono for a trendy look. This lightweight pullover looks great over jeans and cigarette pantsThe cost of this outfit is PKR 4,500/-.

Loose Freestyle Kimono By Khaadi For Eid 2017

Peach Embroidered Kurta

Whatever the festival or season is, Kurtis are all time favorite among girls. University and college going girls can wear this shirt with black, nude and white straight pants.The worth of this outfit is PKR 3,000/-.

Peach Embroidered Kurta With Dupatta By Khaadi For Eid 2017

Khaadi Peach Fully Embroidered Apparel

Its hard to carry the makeup for peach dress.If you have a fair-skinned complexion,peach is a good color for you. If you want to stay classy and natural on this Eid then go for light makeup rather than adding tons of color on your face. The price of this apparel is PKR 19,000/-.

Peach Fuuly Embroidered Apparel By Khaadi For Eid 2017

Khaadi Pink Embroidered Kurta

Pink is the undimmed tint of red and this eid dress in pink is sure to make you happy. A little hint of yellow embroidery and edging on the shirt is enhancing the prettiness of the whole apparel. The cost of this attire is PKR 3,900/-. See here, Sobia Nazir New Eid Collection 2017.  

Pink Embroidered Kurta By Khaadi For Eid 2017

Printed Lawn Attire By Khaadi

Khaadi Printed Lawn dresses are marvelous, stylish and beautiful. Young girls and women can wear this dress on this scorching summer season eid. The price of this attire is PKR 2,500/-.

Printed Lawn Attire By Khaadi For Eid 2017

Printed Lawn Outfit By Khaadi

This bright yellow, red and blue printing on the daaman of the shirt is just looking amazing. Although, this dress is very simple but as you all know that simple things are most valuable and only wise people appreciate them. The worth of this outfit is PKR 2,400/-.

Printed Lawn Outfit By Khaadi For Eid 2017

Khaadi Printed Silk Top

On this Eid, choose tops that have an interesting design detail. Take for example this blue silk top. It’s very airy and very interesting from the front and the back. All you need is to pair it with some trendy white or black jeans, straight pant and trouser and make your look stylish as well as cool. The cost of this top is PKR 4,000/-.

Printed Silk Top By Khaadi For Eid 2017

Khaadi Red Eid Dress

Red dresses are the most elegant and stylish dresses on their own. But the question that arises in the mind is that what color heels should i wear with this dress? A nude color, beige or natural color will also be a perfect match for a red dress. The worth of this apparel is PKR 2,500/-.

Red Eid Dress By Khaadi 2017

Round Neck Kurta By Khaadi

This multi color funky printed kurta can be carried by young and teen age girls. The price of this kurta is PKR 2,200/-. See more, Best Summer Eid Wear Kurti For Girls 2017.

Round Neck Kurta By Khaadi For Eid 2017

Sky Blue Eid Attire

This Shocking pink thread woven belt with white pearl tassel on the ends is just looking mind blowing. The cost of this attire is PKR 5,200/-.Be sure to visit your nearest Khaadi outlet and pick out your favorite dress from the versatile range of eid collection 2017.

Sky Blue Eid Dress By Khaadi 2017

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