Are you all excited for Eid this year? Well every woman is when it comes to clothes shopping, right? Many brands have launched their Eid Wear Collection and Klakari is one of them!

This article is about Eid Collection 2017 launched by Klakari few days ago and everyone is excited to see it in store this week. The Eid Collection will be available nationwide and you can shop online too via their e commerce website. 

Eid Collection by Klakari 2017


Klakari is another well known name  fashion brand of the industry. In Klakari Eid Wear Lawn Dresses 2017 For Women, they have shrewdly picked the stuff like yard, cotton, jamawar and chiffon. As far as hues and prints, the Eid series is venturing out in front of the desires that can be produced using a relatively new brand in the mold business that is under doing an extraordinary rivalry. However there is no fringe for inattentiveness and each fashioner is exploiting this thing.

Eid is a blissful event that provides all Muslims to celebrate their , In this excessively bustling time of the year,Klakari has offered significance to our blessed events with the goal that they turn into a wellspring of diversion and satisfaction for ourselves and we get revived from our every day frenzied schedule.


Blue Delight By Klakari

Blues are always popular among Festive times. Klakari brings you a perfect blue Eid Dress in just Rs.4950 . With some beautiful embroidery on the front and sleeves, the delightful Eid Collection print on the soft fabric is enhancing its beautiful characteristics. Its perfect for your evening party on Eid and you will surely look gorgeous in it! 

PKR 4,950

Pastel Chic by Klakari

Blues and Pastels- what a combination to wear on Eid 2017? If you are one of those who look for prints related to floral and pasley then this is your jora from Eid Collection 2017! This leafy print turquoise Lawn eid wear on this special occasion and make it more special by wearing this ravishing attire. The cost of the dress is just Rs.4,950/-

PKR 4,950

Pastel Pink by Klakari

Grab your favorite color from the website today : at just Rs. 4950/-. The digital printed shirt, sleeves and embroidered patti and dyed shalwar is perfect for this Summer Eid Wear this year. The look of your Eid has to flowery this time with the right color chosen from. You can look at more Klakari Collection at Klakari Eid Wear Lawn Dresses 2017 For Women . 

PKR 4,950

Black Beauty by Klakari

Black and White combination is speaking on its own and telling you the beauty of the attire. Black is a color without hue and the white glossy print on the neutral shade is just looking breathtaking. You can pair red shade on your lips to make this array more stylish. The price of the dress is only Rs.4,950.

PKR 4,950

Multi Spring by Klakari

Why not try some bold colors this Eid 2017? Shop online for Multi Spring Dress by Klakari at or sign up to their Facebook Page. Carry the bold colors in style this Eid . To shop more , check out the Bareeze New Embroidered Classics Eid Collection 2017 

PKR 4,950

Royal Affair by Klakari

Coral shows beauty, fragrance, purity and completeness. This peachy dress with yellow embroidered neckline and sleeves with print all over the shirt looks amazing. The embroidered borders on the edge of the straight pant makes it more trendy. The price of the apparel is Rs 4,950.

PKR 4,950

Eid Collection by Klakari 2017 Gallery

PKR 4,950


Multi Color Attire By Klakari For Eid 2017

Orange And Beige Embroidered Attire By Klakari For Eid

Always remember that the occasion of Eid ul Fitr isn’t about the dishes we make, or the gatherings we organize, clearly everything tallies except when it is about remaining in the group or really demonstrating your satisfaction towards some event, the very thing that matters is the manner by which do your cosmetics and hold yourself for that specific occurrence.

Women tend to get stressed when it comes to Eid shopping. We have felt your tension and that is why we are here to present Eid Collections to you so that you can pick and choose easily from your home. 


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