This year’s La Reine Latest Abaya Designs Collection 2019 will wonderfully delight you. From wonderfully simple black ones to the fascinating ones with classy color combinations, you will find just about every style and design you need now a days to look absolutely amazing wherever you go.

The trend of abayas and Hijabs have grown so rapidly and so tremendously that even thousands of non-Muslims around the world have started wearing these as a fashion statement if not more. Fashion is all about freedom of expression. It is how one can choose to express their personality and nature in terms of clothes, shoes and accessories; your unique personal style. There is just something very comforting and graceful about wearing these particular type of dresses.

When asked about how abayas make women feel, so many of them said that it made them feel liberated and free, that it allowed them to feel so much more comfortable and safe. And how awesome would it be if we could combine that with fashion to let ourselves enjoy the beauty of dressing? There are thousands and thousands of designs and styles gone in the making of this garment.

As we all mostly see, the base color used in abayas is the bold and beautiful ‘black’. And while black can look absolutely thrilling, the colors used in this are not limited to just black. Now you have millions of marvelous color combinations that you can incorporate with black or you can even leave the black out and go for an entirely different color if that suits your personal style.

La Reine New Abaya Designs for Women 2019

There are so many fabulous possibilities when you enter the fascinating world of abayas. La Reine is one brand that has always been very keen to offer women the kind of abayas that are fashionable yet modest. They have taken it upon themselves to redefine the conventional and traditional abayas into a dress that you would enjoy wearing because it is chic, it is stylish and it is unique!

La Reine pays a lot of attention and puts in a lot of work to ensure that the designs they create fit well into the international world of fashion while respecting and preserving the essence of the Arab Women’s identity and modesty.

La Reine designs its collection specifically to be worn beautifully on a wide variety of occasions. They strive to provide a lavish collection for wedding ceremonies and formal functions, a casual yet classy range for get-together evening parties and a chic collection for trendsetters who want to show a taste of their own unique individuality and stylish personality.

There are fantastic mix of vibrant and royal colors like dark blue, dull peachy gold, classy pink, purple, beige, gray and so many more. You will also find abayas with self-printed fabrics in silk along with net and chiffon. And the best part is that you can get your hands on these magnificent designs because they cater to the international market. So, Hurry up!! Just go ahead and try these beauties on!

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