Latest Bridal Makeup Trends in 2023 for Pakistani Brides


The wedding day is essential in every bride’s life. The majority of brides used to start this struggle a few months ago to plan pre-wedding dresses. BestStylo has brought some glimpses of the latest bridal makeup trends in 2021 for Pakistani brides.

What kind of look brides should have and much more things are jotted down earlier by the brides. Everyone wants to look extraordinarily perfect on their wedding day. To get an everlasting charm, numerous traditional remedies are tried.

Do you know the bride looks beautiful in her original look rather than excessive layers of makeup? No one wants to have such layers, so most girls don’t rely on their makeup artists and scour the internet to find their makeup inspirations.


Beautiful Bridal Makeup Trends By Famous Pakistani Salons

If you are looking for a gorgeous appearance. You may have come across numerous makeup artists who will try to satisfy you through their superior tactics. Being a bride, you need to prefer your original skin with a soft and glowing appearance. It is a wish of every young girl to look at her best on this special day.


  • Makeup by Depilex

Well, you might have heard about Depilex, which is famous for a stunning makeovers. Thirty-five years of excellence is the name of beautiful creativity. Brides love to have their wedding makeup done from this largest beauty institute. If you have not tried out yet, then what you are waiting for? Go and give a try for a standout appearance.



  • Alle’ Nora Signature Salon

Alle’ Nora’s signature salon has high-quality experts around the world for party wear makeup. They will give you a stunning appearance on your big day. Check out the below traditional looks of brides. This appearance would leave you spellbound, and it will be a significant change in your personality as well.



  • Bridal Makeup Trends by Kashee’s Salon

Kashee’s has become a big brand these days. The best thing about this salon is that they give you a spectacular appearance and groom you from head to toe. It’s up to you what type of makeup you want but does not forget to try their salon’s signature looks. Well-trained staff and high-quality equipment are proof of the salon’s excellence. Check out Kashee’s latest looks of brides. This makeup style by Kashee’s compliment barat dress very well.

kashee-makeup-trends bridal-makeup-trends-by-kashee

  • Madeeha’s Bridal Studio

Are you looking for real trendy makeup? Then don’t waste time and head towards Madeeha’s because they have everything that you want. Perfect look by staying in the style statements of your originality. Have you seen brides in this studio?

If not, check the below ones you would get to know why this studio is excelling rapidly. The main reason is only the bride’s glam appearance with a variety of makeup tactics. Have a look at some of the trendy brides of this salon. Click to see the Pakistani bridal makeup tutorial with steps.

makeup-trends-by-madeehas madeehas-bridal-makeup

5 Useful Makeup Tips for Stunning Look

Before taking a look at trendy bridal makeup styles, we have collected some of the wedding bridal makeup tips and tricks that will help you have a stunning look. So, forget such types of scary makeups that are hard to recognize by the bride itself. These are some very simple ways to make your makeup last longer.


1- Smoother Skin

Well, everyone wants to have smoother skin on the wedding day. So, make sure a heavily pigmented cream foundation should be used with a powder foundation to make your skin softer. Check it out our list of top 10 best liquid foundations.

If you are going to select a foundation, then make sure it should be the same as your skin type. For combination skin, the water-based foundation would be ideal. For perfect foundation knowledge, check how to apply foundation base makeup perfectly.


2- Application of Setting Powder

If you do not want to have an oily face, then apply a setting powder on the whole neck area, ears, and chest. The setting powder mattifies the face, and the foundation stays intact and cracks free.

Choose a perfect translucent powder for your skin type, and you will be astonished by the results for sure. Take the compact powder with you to touch up the makeup where ever you want.


3- Application of Concealer

Concealer shade should be similar to the foundation and mix well before applying. Hide eye circles through the perfect application of concealer. Blending is a critical factor in the nose and downward strokes. To have the best concealer for your makeup kit, check it out our top 10 best concealers.


4- Perfect Eye Shape

Make sure a small brush is used to blend a medium tone color from below the side arch in a semi-circle motion to give your brows a perfect shape. Your whole eye makeup would be wasted if your brows wouldn’t be in excellent condition, so that this trick will help you to some extent. Our natural tips to get long and thick eyelashes at home would help you out with thick lashes before your wedding day.


5- Opt Easily Blendable Lip Liner

It is suggested to use such lip liner that easily blends with lipstick to give you a lustrous look, and it will look perfect in photographs. Thin and small lips would provide a rich look with soft pastel lipstick and fuller lips can use dark shades.


Bridal Makeup Trends for Mehndi, Barat, Walima

These are some of the glimpses of Pakistan’s best Makeup artist. Their goal is to put their best to make your day perfect by giving you a glamorous look. Apart from that, you have come across several makeup looks. You need to get inspiration from these ideas so that you can get the best makeup for your big day.

bridal-makeup-for-mehndi bridal-makeup-for-walima bridal-barat-day-makeup bridal-makeup bridal-walima-makeup

So, that was all about the most recent bridal makeup trends for all the ambitious Pakistani brides. Try these fantastic salons by famous makeup artists for your wedding get up, and you will not be disappointed for sure. You can also try to get ready at home by following our five essential tips. I hope you will appreciate our efforts and let us know in the comments section below.

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