If we talk about the Pakistani groom, various designers have showcased their pret lines specifically for grooms. So, keep your fingers crossed and check out what we collected for the latest formal suit designs for the groom.

There is nothing unusual in it if you see any groom around you thinking about their fashion apparel for the wedding day. As women, all men are much conscious about their appearance. In this blog, we are going to show the latest trends in the current wedding season.

The wedding day is assumed for the center of attention only for ladies, but men are interested in their appearance these days. You might have no idea, but choosing a wedding dress for men is challenging, although numerous men think it’s easy to focus on the latest designs.

Latest Wedding Formal Suit Designs By Famous Pakistani Brands

If we glance at the international market, you would see various top-notch designers like Armani, John Varvatos, Brioni, and much more have showcased their designs for the groom. Pakistani designers are not less than any international designer because they are skilled and know how to glam up the Pakistani groom with their stunning dress collections.

Best stylo has brought the Latest collection of formal suit design for groom. There are the following list of Pakistani designers, and Clothing lines are excelling in the market for formal suits

  • HSY
  • Amir Adnan
  • EdenRobe
  • Charcoal
  • Royal Tag
  • Uniworth

Now we are going to take a brief look at every designer’s effort for the groom. If you haven’t decided on your wedding day attire yet, don’t waste time. Select the perfect one from the above list and make yourself a center of attention with your better half.

  • HSY Formal Suits

HSY is one of the renowned brands that has showcased its collection for both groom and bride. You won’t believe how spectacular color combinations of these formal suits are, and that will leave everyone spellbound when you will adorn yourself. You can check out the ethnicity in other HSY collections. 

  • Amir Adnan Formal Suit Designs

Amir Adnan is a leading designer of Pakistan who transforms menswear with traditional designs. He is one of those designers who gave an iconic look to men. Trust me, and your wedding will be remembered for a long if you have made up your mind to wear Amir Adnan. No other brand has the potential to make you the center of attention.

  • EdenRobe Formal Suits

When it comes to edenrobe, there is always aesthetic kurta, and waistcoat designs would come to your mind. Have you ever tried their traditional suit designs? They are wow. You won’t imagine they have all the features to give all the grooms a splendid look at their wedding.

  • Charcoal Formal Suit Designs

Charcoal is one of Pakistan’s leading brands that offer appealing formal suit designs that would spruce up your wedding look. Their legal suit range is so affordable, and they have an extensive range of casual clothing line, shirt, trousers and much more only for men.

  • Royal Tag for Groom

No other brand can compete with royal tag swag. Everyone looking for their wedding dress always demands something unique and memorable, and who one is better than the royal tag? You won’t get such high-quality formal suits anywhere else. They have textured slim fit and straight cases of all types. Get yourself noticed in your wedding by royal tag lavish formal suits.

  • Uniworth Wedding Suits

This one is the excelling brand of Pakistan, the number one choice of every Pakistani groom. Apart from wedding collection, they have launched a detailed men’s clothing line, including casual, formal, and all types of winter and summer collections. Uniworth has smartly combined the traditional and modern fusion for their dressing.

10 Main Things to Keep in Mind While Picking your Wedding Suit

In this section, we have gathered a few tips that should be considered by every groom while selecting their wedding dresses. What to think and what to avoid? These aspects would help you in getting the center of attention among gatherings. Check it out.

  1. You will get numerous variety of designs and colors, especially for weddings.
  2. If your wedding is in the summer season, then it is suggested, choose to mix up patterns for boosting personality.
  3. Make sure whatever you will choose should fit your personality.
  4. There are three types of fit, which are regular, slim, and tailored. The regular fit is ideal for those who have a more massive build, and slim is appropriate for those grooms who have a slender physique.
  5. Tailored suits are more streamlined than a regular fit.
  6. The fabric should be of high quality because we will spend a significant amount on our attires.
  7. For winter weddings, wool, worsted, and wool-blended suits are perfect, and for summer linen suits will keep you chill. Moreover, you can opt for cotton and polyester fabrics.
  8. Don’t forget to accessorize yourself because this is important to complete your appearance.
  9. Differently styled cufflinks, the patterned tie will look best against the dark suit.
  10. In summer, you can choose a bright silk tie that will look perfect on you.

These are the top classic formal suits for men who want something different from their wedding than traditional designs. Don’t forget to check out these brands working with great effort to give you people a stunning look at your wedding. Check out these formal suits, and don’t forget to provide us with your feedback in below comment section.


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