Latest New Year Nail Art Designs 2019

It is said that personality is a reflection of your inner self. Latest New Year Nail Art Designs 2019 is something which can make your personality look better and more stylish. Women take plenty of time and buy different services in maintaining their face and hairs; equal importance must also be given to nails’ shape and adornment because nails look quite prominent. I have shared some of the outstanding and quite easy nail art designs for women and girls 2019 here in this article and hoped that you will like these all.stylish butterfly nail art design

Stylish nail art for long nails having butterflies sticked at a distance will impart terrific, classy look to your hands for the party. You can also wear it at your friend’s party and slay others with the new and different look.golden nail art with shimmery look for hands

Hey girls! Don’t miss this elegant and simple nail art design for your festive occasion. Wear midi rings to add a little bit of more fancy look. You can paint your long nails with plane gold nail colour and can go for shimmery gold paint on any two.  nail art simple design for long nails

Whatever you wear choose it wisely. People will make inferences about your personality based on it. This baby pink and white dotted nail art design will surely make them form a positive image in mind. For this simply coat pink colour first and then repeat the same just till the quarter length of it. Let it dry and then apply a dotted pattern of white paint on the pink base and pink dots on white base already done.cartoon nail art designs for both hands

Hello Tomboys! 😉 If you like doing these kinds of experiments to your nails with outstanding nail art don’t forget to make these little angry birds. For this first of all make a uniform colour base and then give effects with particular black, red, white, orange and blue colours. This nail art style looks so pretty with jeans, tops and sneakers. camouflage nail art design

This camouflage print on nails is simply loved. If you want to show solidarity with Pakistani Armed Forces, apply this nail art on Defense day or Independence Day. Green, brown, off-white, grey and black colour nail paints are required for this lovely nails. Camouflage nail art is not just art, but there is a lot of passion and love of Pakistani girls with Armed Forces which will always be there in every situation.wonderful party floral nail art style

This shady pink nail art design wants a lot of care to be taken while doing it. You will need a sticker of the respective floral pattern which would stick on the first coat of nail paint meant for applying base, upon drying. Apply the colour which you want for floral per choice.luxurious nail art style

This luxurious shiny nail art design with motifs is just perfect to wear on weddings. Brides can also choose it without a second thought. Must try this embellished nail art for your next festive occasion.wonderful nail art for hands

The black colour is always meant for elegance whether it is in dress, any assortment or else. The combo of black nail paint with the golden shimmery look is just a right choice to make your hands look more nail art style for hands

Christmas is on its way. If you are looking for Christmas celebrations, don’t forget this soothing colour sky blue nail paint base with snowmen. I hope that this wonderful unique embellishment will surely make your day.elegant nail art design

There is no end to creativity. Apply this fabric print on your nails to give a different but entirely eye-catching look. All you need is four Nail colours and some paper strips for a neat look and applying lines on nails.minions nail art design for young girls

It is said that there is a child in every person regardless of his age. It is so true. If you are cartoon freak and want to do something exciting here is a good option for you. Apply these minion style nail art designs on your both hands and wear a colourful dress with it to compliment the overall look.moustache nail art design

With changing trends, youth wants to try something new and surprising. Using props in a photo booth is a common thing but applying such props on to nails seems different. So don’t be shy, put this straight simple moustache design on nails and wear it casually.

red lacquer with white chips nail art

Jingle bells are about to ring. Prepare yourself with red towards edges and shiny silver nail art towards roots of your nails. Dance with your friends on dancing floor and let everyone wonder about the beauty of your hands with blood red nail paint.

printed short nail art design

This beautiful mustard yellow with a combination of black nail paint informs about the arrival of spring. Adding colours to life will keep you fresh and lively. You can use square or circular motifs diagonally or in line following each other. You can also choose small delicate spherical beads.leopard print for short nail art

For this nail art design, you have to make the base with nude colour and then draw patches as on leopard’s skin. For patches use brown and black colour.ombre color nail art design

This ombre colour nail paint with black is looking super gorgeous. Wear beautifully beaded wing matching the colours and slay others by the look.floral nail art with motifs

If you are going to party design your nails with floral design. White colours flowers with soothing orange colour base and using beads of both colours will add the fancy look to it. For more prominent look add black outline and some glittery finishing.funky nail art design for hands

Try this wonderful floral print in any event or at Christmas party at your place. Combination of simple look with floral pattern will look so good and appeal to viewer’s eye.tree print on nails

This serene beach view coconut tree nail art design is unique in its look. Form two-colour base with the black representation of trees. It will give a view of the sunset.bridal nail art design for long nails

If you have super long nails must form a golden bow on red nail paint. This gorgeous nail art is quite easy which will not only save your time but also impart your handsome style.

I hope that you have enjoyed all these amazing nail art patterns. Carry everything you wear with some style, and it will make you more confident in your look. Girl enjoys doing such creative things and trying new nail art designs. Must try these patterns in your free time and enjoy your leisure. Have a good day!

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