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The Ramzan is about to start, and eid is practically just a couple of days away, so it is time to buy some festive attires. We have hand-picked the best dresses from the latest Nishat Linen eid collection that has just been launched. Explore the collection and get yourself a pretty dress.

The month of Ramzan is full of blessings and happy events. The Chaand Raat is mostly the most awaited day for many women. Moreover, girls get their mehndi done before Eid on Chaand Raat and prefer to wear something fancy to welcome Eid wholeheartedly.

Nishat Linen is one of the most prevalent and famous brands in Pakistan. The prices of dresses are a bit high compared to other clothing brands, but the prices are worth the quality and material. So, let’s get started with a pool of options launched by the brand solely for Eid-ul-Fitr.



New Arrivals by Nishat Linen Eid Collection for Women | Eid-ul-Fitr

Pakistan’s premier textile house Nishat Mills Limited was established in 1951. Nishat Linen was born to cater to the demand for high-quality fabric at affordable prices while still maintaining a solid fashion ethos. The textile also offers the full range of in-house designed home stuff and bedding in export quality fabrics. Nishat boasts over 70 outlets in Pakistan in 26 cities and an international retail presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and the UK. Nishat Linen opened its first outlet in Lahore in 1992.

Since its inception, Nishat Linen has gone from strength to strength, boasting a wholesome range of product lines for the whole family within its brand. Creative Head Maheen Khan, a pioneer of the Pakistani luxury fashion industry, leads the design team with an exceptional understanding of the needs of the complete assortment of women in the country. Multiple new collections in various styles and textures are launched each season in line with classic and experimental themes that push fashion boundaries in the mass market.

PKR 8,900


1- Unstitched Festive Wear by Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen is a name of quality and style. The unstitched dresses are always beautiful with fine detailing and design. Eid is just around the corner. Teen girls and women start looking for eid dresses in the mid of Ramzan so that they can get their dresses stitched before eid. The majority of the women prefer unstitched attires so that they can design their dresses according to their fashion sense and body shape.

You can as many stitching ideas as you can to instruct your tailor about what kind of dress design you fancy. So, here we have a wide variety of 1 PC, 2 PC, and 3 PC unstitched festive wear suits for women of all ages. Also, explore the latest Bonanza Satrangi eid collection for more eid variety.

PKR 2,990
  • 2PC Shirt/Trouser & Shirt/Dupatta

Some women prefer to mix and match their suits with other trousers and dupattas. Nishat Linen has launched a shirt with dupatta and a shirt with trousers two-piece dresses in beautiful colors and designs. The dresses have golf foil prints and digital prints that look very pretty during the summer eid season. You can pair your favorite dupatta or trousers with these 2 PC dresses for a perfect eid look.

PKR 3,490
PKR 2,990
  • 3PC Suits in Nishat Linen Eid Collection

Women mostly go for full 3 PC suit to avoid the hassle of mixing and matching. The 3 PC suit with shirt, trousers an dupatta looks complete and graceful. The below green dress has a gold foil printed shirt with fine detailing. The Dupatta is in a dobby texture that complements the suit very well. The brown detailing in the flag green color is a very new combination. Furthermore, the magenta shirt with gold foil print on the front is paired beautifully with a dobby textured brown dupatta. The dupatta has a banarsi border which looks very elegant and festive.

  • 2 PC Luxury Stitched Dress with Dupatta

If you want to dress ethnic, then these luxury stitched 2 PC dresses are an exception. The dresses in this category are very feminine and have a festive vibe. The off-white base is enhanced with gold thread work and colorful patches are all over the dupatta. The combination of off-white and muted golden thread work is just mesmerizing. Pair some ethnic jewelry and garlands with these dresses to look purely festive girl.

PKR 9,900
PKR 10,500
  • 2 PC Shirt with Culotte

Loose-fitted long shirts with culotte is a new trend nowadays. You can see how summery and stylish it is looking. The collar on the baby pink shirt looks elegant and modern. It is a basic open front shirt with quarter half sleeves. You can style your hair in a ponytail with some choker to enhance the look. Furthermore, the white kurta and culotte with colorful thread work is a vision to behold. The combination brightens ups the whole personality. the silver detailing in the kurta is just the cherry on the top.

PKR 6,500
PKR 8,900
  • 3 PC Festive wear

Get this navy blue 3 PC festive wear dress which is paired with a delicate chiffon dupatta with digital print. The dress is very basic and simple but it is very wearable and suitable for housewives and working women. They can do their tasks and chores comfortably while looking beautiful at the same time. You can gift this dress to your mother or wife to make them feel special. Also, check out more dresses from the Asim Jofa eid collection.

PKR 9,900
PKR 9,900

3- Nishat Linen Ready to Wear Eid Collection

Ready-to-wear dresses are always the priority of teen girls and working women. The stitched dresses are always the go-to option for any event. So, the brand has launched many beautiful and trendy stitched designs for this Meethi Eid. Beat the heat in style with Nishat Linen Eid ul Fitr ready-to-wear festive dresses. The prints and design are one of a kind so let’s take a look below.

PKR 3,900
  • 1 PC Single Shirts with Colorful Prints

The single shirts in the catalog are very colorful and have a funky vibe to them. Teen girls can get these for eid event. Moreover, pair these shirts with jeans or Culotte to make the most of your eid days. The print is very unique and fun. Also, check out the Deepak Perwani eid collection for likewise variety.

PKR 3,200
PKR 3,200
  • 2 PC Festive Wear Suits

Stitched dresses are blessings for women, those who avoid the hassle of tailors and stitching costs. These 2 PC stitched dresses a very wearable in the summer season. In the day time you can easily carry these looking stunning at the same time. As eid is coming in the summer season then these attires are perfect for the event.

PKR 4,900
PKR 5,900

4- Freedom to Buy Eid Dresses

The freedom to buy eid dresses category has loose cloth for the shirt, trouser, and dupatta. The motive behind the freedom of buy category is to get as much fabric as you need for your dress. Regular unstitched dresses have limited fabric and standard length, these dresses provide a facility to women to get their dresses stitched in the style they want. You can see the vibes of the dresses below that are modifiable. You can get the fabric at a reasonable price of PKR 575 per meter. The overall standard suit will be assembled at the cost of PKR 4,000. This deal is very profitable and beneficial.

PKR 575/meter
  • 1 PC Single Shirt Piece

You can see the vibes of the below printed loose fabric single shirts. The floral print is very fresh and summery. You can pair these shirts with basic trousers in white or black color or you can wear jeans to complement the whole look.

PKR 575/meter
PKR 575/meter
  • 2 PC Grey Suit with White Detailing

This grey 2 PC dress with white detailing is perfect for eid brunch. The basic print is elegant yet modern. Style your hair in a sleek hairstyle and pair some hoops to build up a whole look. The color is very cool and pleasing to the eye on hot summer days. So, grab this outfit before the stock ends.

PKR 575/meter
PKR 575/meter
  • 3 PC Dresses Nishat Linen Eid Collection

The Nishat Linen always comes up with new designs and styles for its customers. Take a look at the beautiful dresses below with unique colors and designs. The dupatta is available in chiffon, lawn and jacquard fabric. For more eid dresses, check out Sana Safinaz eid collection.

PKR 575/meter
PKR 575/meter
  • 4 PC Freedom to buy Dresses

The freedom to buy category has solved many problems of women. You can buy as much fabric as you want and get your dresses stitched in different styles. The 4 PC variety comes with front, back, sleeves, trousers, and dupatta. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite design now.

PKR 575/meter
PKR 575/meter

5- Nishat Linen Bottoms & Dupatta

In the separates category, you can get basic trousers and dupattas to pair with your 2 PC dresses. You can experiment with mixing and matching the dress. The prices are reasonable according to the quality of the fabric. The dupattas are in chiffon, jacquard, and dobby texture.

PKR 2,900
PKR 2,990
Rs 3,990
Rs 3,990

So these were all the amazing dresses in the eid catalog by Nishat. This eid beath the heat in style with the Nishat Linen eid collection. The prices are reasonable regarding the quality of the fabric and overall design. Grab your favorite outfit now before the stock end. Let us know in the comments section below about your thoughts on this collection. Happy Eid!

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