Latest Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles 2023 with Floral Jewelry Trends


Mehndi is one of the eves in the bride’s life when her new journey is about to start, and this one would be a celebration of bachelorhood. In this blog, Beststylo would let you know the latest Pakistani bridal mehndi hairstyles for the occasion.

Well, every Asian function, whether Indian or Pakistani, is incomplete without mehndi function where family members and friends are gathered for the festival. Dance and music are the souls of the process. You can see the preparation of ladies and girls with unique henna designs and bangles. They are all set to grab the attention of everyone.

Well, here we will discuss the primary concentration of the mehndi function, which is none other than the bride. So, among dresses and other things, suitable hairstyles are also very important to complete the whole look.


Beautiful Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles with Jewelry

Are you going to be a bride recently? Then do not worry about your whole look because here we will guide you about new and trendy hairstyles for mehndi night. Whether you have floral or jewelry, you can look as good as you can imagine. For these hairstyles, you have to take care of your long or short hairs, so that your hairs can manage all the burden and styling.

BestStylo is all set to let you know stunning bridal hairstyles 2020 for your big day. Try out these, and we can assure you that you will look different and prettiest as you should be. Let’s follow some trendy hairstyles for the mehndi function in this blog.


  • Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles with Matha Patti

Want to have some cute look for your mehndi function? It might be some new experiment for you, but you should try this as well. You can have light curls with the Headpiece which is also known as Matha Patti, and you can make a puff over the matha Patti for some height, which will look very attractive in pictures. It would be perfect for you. Just try out and let us know how was your experience? Grab Indian lehenga choli dresses to make your wedding superb.



  •  Floral Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles

Floral jewelry is very much in trend these days. Whether you see a print of the most modern mehndi dresses or shoe styles, you will see flowers everywhere. If we talk about hairstyles, see the below picture where loose curls and back braiding hairstyles have been beautifully done. The heights are beautifully adjusted with loose curls on the sides. You can wear a headpiece of any type or not, it totally depends on you.


  •  Stylish Fish Braid with Small Beads

Do you love hair beads? If yes, then do you know you can have them on your fish braid with the beautifully embellished beads of your own choice as it is shown in the below picture. The bride has done a fish braid in her beautiful black hair on the yellow and green embroidered dress. She is looking gorgeous for sure as well. Do not forget to try out our Pakistani bridal makeup on your mehndi night.

bridal-mehndi-hairstyles-for-women bridal-mehndi-hairstyles-with-beads

  • Open Hairs with Jhoomar

If you want to open your hair on your Mehendi day, you can have curls with jhoomar. Such jewelry gives the best look to the hairstyle. It is up to you whether you have long or short hair. As you can see in the below picture, the bride has an open hairstyle with the only jhoomar on the side. This pretty style will look astonishing with gown dresses.

hairstyle-for-mehndi-brides bridal-mehndi-hairstyles

  • Floral Gajra Around the Bubble Braid

Want to have a royal look on mehndi? Well, who does not want to have a royal touch like a queen on her day, as you can see in the below picture? The bride can wear a two-legged Sharara dress with loose hair braid to give a glamorous look to her entire face. If you have hair more extensive hair than the shoulder, it would be perfect in black hair and will enhance your whole attire with your mehndi dress and makeup. Also, take a look at the best bridal wedding hairstyles for more suggestions.

long-braid-with-flowers royal-mehndi-look

  • Loose Curls with Mang Tikka

If you want to try something new in your whole look then you can have light curls in your loose hair. Add floral tikka and put the hairs on both sides in braids. It will look very appealing to you, as you can see in the below picture. It would provide you a unique and elegant look as compared to the usual brides on their Mehendi functions. Do not forget to check out our wide range of wedding mehndi designs.

BRIDAL-MEHENDI loose-curls-with-mang-tikka

  • Long Braid with Gajra

If you have long hairs, it would be best to have long hair braids, and you can have gajras or flowers in your braid to enhance the look. As you can see in the below pictures, you will also love this for sure, like me. Have some more braided hairstyle ideas here.

special-bridal-mehndi-hairstyles long-braid-with-gajra

  • Loose Hairstyles for Mehndi Brides

Have some loose hairs and adjust white jewelry pieces in your hair if you like to have flowers in your hairs in a headpiece style. It is all about giving you a gorgeous look for your Mehendi eve. Have a look at the below image. This one will be a great experience because it is an elegant style if you do not want to have too much heaviness for being a mehndi bride.

Bridal-Mehendi-hairstyle-with-flowers bridal-mehndi-hairstyles-with-floral-matha-patti

Suggested Bridal Mehendi Hairstyles for All Brides-to-be

Here we have all the latest Pakistani bridal hairstyles with floral and imitation jewelry. You can easily get an idea about how to utilize your accessories in your hairs for Mehendi day hairstyle.

Beautiful-hairstyle-for-mehndi Bridal-Mehendi-hairstyle-with-jhoomar matha-patti-style-bridal-mehndi-hairstyle Bridal-Mehendi-hairstyle-floral-jewelry matha-patti-style

These are some elegant and stylish Pakistani bridal mehndi hairstyles for all the brides to be for their mehndi function. It is up to you what type of mehndi dress you are wearing and what kind of makeup you are having? It would be best to consider those hairstyles that are perfect as per your personality or whichever you can easily carry. Have fun, and look different on your big day.

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