Here I am back with another exciting article on the latest valentine’s day nail art designs. If you are a fashion geek, try these nail art designs in the month of love, February, and make your partner wonder about your beauty. Start trying from simple ones and then go for intricate designs.

If you want to turn out your Valentine’s day outstanding, then the art has to be perfect as it can be, practice it well before. Use proper brushes for outlining with colors according to your liking and choice.

For such intricate nail arts, you have to prepare beforehand and collect all the necessary tools so that you can get ready on time without smudging your nail paint all over the place. You can also use nail art equipment that is readily available in the market and on online stores.

valentines day nails

Pretty Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs for Lovely Women

Valentine’s day is a day when we all celebrate love for each other. Many people describe or present their heartfelt feelings to their loved ones, and many people celebrate this day to refresh their love life. For celebrating love, women always worry over their appearence, whether it is dress or makeup.

Do not forget to have a french manicure and apply cute valentine’s day nail art to impress your lover on your date night. So, here we have all the pretty designs you can try on this special day.

hearts on the edges

  • Heartbeat Streamlines

For showing love to your partner, draw heartbeat streamlines on black and pink painted nails. You can create different textures and effects by using glitters and shiner. The glitter nail paint will shine brightly in your candlelit dinner, and it will make you appear more dazzling.

valentines day nails with heartbeat

  • Eiffel Tower Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Enjoy your Valentine’s day by detailing your nails with Eiffel tower print. Use a combination of colors for base coating like white, grey, and black. These cute little tower prints on hands will look so cool. Must try it with a fine point gel brush. It will help in detailing and creating a neat look of nails.

valentines day nails with effil tower

  • Abstract Brick Design

This brick design is looking so perfect for drawing on Valentine’s day. Firstly, you have to form a black base coat with white stripping for brick outlining and then, you can also use an art stamp to draw a heart with red paint. Finish it by scrapping off excess polish from around and apply shiner for a smooth final coat.

valentines day nails with brick

  • For Square-shaped Nails

For square-shaped nails apply a heart pattern along the width that will make your hands look more beautiful. Keep some nails with a simple coat and some with a dotted pattern with a heart mixed with a rough leopard style in yellow and orange. Do check out the easy nail art designs for beginners to learn more about designs.

valentines day nail design

  • Pink Hearts

This art with hearts is looking so elegant. It will also not take much time if you try it this Valentine’s day. For this, push your cuticles up off the nail plate before doing your nails. This will help get your polish on the whole nail and prevent the polish from pulling off the nail there. After that form, a base coat and then use heart-shaped stamping plates or strips and scrap it towards the base in line.

valentine day nail art designs

  • White Parallel Pattern

Make diagonal patterns on nails with contrasting colors. This red color nail paint will look so cool to carry with dresses of almost every color.  Wear your clothing with style and add a fancier look to your nail art, looking so beautiful. White with red color is looking soothing to the eyes, and simple unfilled lips attract the viewer.

Here is the best choice for you if you don’t want to go for only red color. Put white coat followed by pick irregular dotted design outlined with black boundary. This design may resemble the leopard style. You can also go for red polka dots to keep it more simple and easy.

valentine day nail designs

  • Nail art with Stickers

If you don’t have much time for this, buy nail art stickers, readily available in the market. Such stickers can be purchased from the market at very reasonable rates and are much easy to carry. Girls are ready to hold your nail stamping machines in your hands and try these mini white heart design. Prepare red color base coat then upon drying, transfer heart art design on nails. These small hearts look so appealing to the eyes.

valentines day nails with stickers

  • Round Filled Nails

For this love, nail art design makes sure your nails are all cut and filed into the same shape before applying polish. Always start with the more challenging to get the right form, and then use the smoother fine grain to buff and smooth your nail edges. Add the small heart beads on nails for a lovely look.

valentine day nail art design

  • Pink Nails with Beads for Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Most of the girls like using a red color on Valentine’s day but this pink color has something special in it. For festive preparations, adore your long nails with pink nail paint and stick some mini beads for a luxurious look. Get inspired by this beautiful nail art design. Red hearts add a cute effect on nails. Try them with other colors also.

valentine day nail art

  • Acrylic nails with hearts

Acrylic nails with hearts for Valentine’s day is a new and different concept. This unique feature will make your choice customized one among others, in the crowd. Must try this straight, simple, and pretty nail design. Almond-shaped nail shape can be transformed like this. Pretty simple but elegant, and quite a different idea will fascinate your partner much with your creativity.

red hearts nail art

  • Polka dots with Red Heart

Polka dots with heart is a wow combo. Disney themed nail art is the right choice for Valentine’s day celebrations, and you can also arrange other things with continuity of this nail art design. This peaceful and luxurious design is a must for Valentine’s day preparations.

valentine day nail art

More Designs for Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Red is the color of love, so its addition is necessary with other varieties. Try these cute designs on your nails and enjoy the feeling of being in love.

Pull off your rack with nail paints and must play with all colors to make various combinations with elegant and sober Valentine’s day designs. Enjoy dancing with your loved ones at full swing and waving your hands with beautiful Valentine’s day nail art at the party. I hope that you would like and will try these designs shown in images after buying all the necessary items and nail paints.


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