Pakistani Mehndi Dresses 2019 For Wedding Brides

The wedding is bliss! It’s a life-changing event for a girl’s whole life. Here is the contemporary Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Dresses 2019 Collection for your wedding day. You no more have to worry about your styling of the big day. Mehndi, Barat and Walima function is a major pain for girls these days which can drain all the energy of Bride-to-be. Mehndi is the event of colours, beauty, dance, glamour, charm, flowers and fun. It holds the place in girls heart because it is the event of fun and love. Love blows in the air with the mesmerizing fragrance of rose and other flowers. Girls get them decorated with colourful dress and flower jewellery. Mehndi function makes a girl feel like a princess.

mehndi bridal in green mehndi dress

Latest Bridal Mehndi Dresses Designs 2019

BestStylo is offering a wide range of Best Bridal Mehndi Dresses 2019.  Mehndi is the memorable and momentous event in the whole wedding. This event adds up so much liveliness to a life of people. Usually, Pakistani people especially ladies infatuate to attend this function to eradicate their stress by watching the fun, dance, love all around, and they feel relaxed to smell the rose fragrance all over. The same happens with the bride; she senses the same.  As this event gathers so many memories for her, so she wants to look perfect. To look perfect on mehndi, the bride needs to choose the contemporary Bridal Mehndi Dresses for her. She can choose her to look from the Contemporary Bridal Mehndi Dresses showcased below. 

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yellow and green bridal mehndi dress

multicolor frock style bridal mehndi dress

green mehndi dress with sharara

Pakistani lehenga dress for mehndi brides

lehenga choli dress for mehndi brides

long shirt with lehenga bridal mehndi dress

Stylish Mehndi Dresses For Pakistani Brides

Bridal mehndi dress is always full of glamour. It’s the most glamorous attire among all the three wedding day attire. It is always the colourful dress, and the dress explains all the joy of the girl’s heart. Bridal mehndi dresses are all bright and lush full of stones, nageenas, embroidery, pearls, fancy buttons and other decor items. The best colour for bridal mehndi dresses is yellow which is the love of all the girls for mehndi. The other latest colours are green, pistachio green, orange, ferozi, purple, lime yellow, mustard and fawn. These are all lovely shades. If you want to choose something in frock style, check our collection of umbrella frocks.

You can make contrasts and combinations with different shades. The combination adds up the beauty of the dress and adds more profuse and delightful effect in the bride’s dress. These contrasts are pistachio green and orange, pistachio green and lime yellow, yellow and orange, orange and purple, plum and yellow. Then some other girls add up three to four colours like they make a shirt of one colour and get embroidered bridal dresses with golden or silver tilla. They make shalwar and dupatta of two separate shades. In this way, they get to design a unique dress for them and at the end dress look fabulous and make the girl look like a princess.

Multi Color Shirt with yellow Dupatta Mehndi Dress

Making a decision about what to choose and what to leave is always difficult. But let us make it easy for you. We try our best to make the best collection available for you to help you make your decision easy.

Let’s talk a little about the colour combination. Back in years, Yellow was the only colour bridals used to wear on mehndi. As mehndi is the event where Haldi and oil rasam is done so why not set their theme in yellow. But these days, there is no colour specification. Set your own theme. No matter its pink or blue, you want orange or green may be purple and gold you can wear any colour. Take a look at this beautifully made yellow lehenga with a combination of pink and a little green. It’s simply attractive. You can also check out our special collection of wedding bridal mehndi designs

Floral Pattern with Lemon Yellow Mehndi Dressess

Now take a look at this awe-inspiring mehndi dress with the combination of pink, brown and black and brownish orange top. This one would be the best choice for mehndi.

Orange choli with Beige and Pink Floral Lehenga

Yellow is the colour of the event so this one is the perfect choice for your day. Silver embroidery on yellow makes it more attractive.

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Short Shirt with Dark yellow Lehnga Mehndi Dresses

As we are talking about different colours, this vibrant blue and green shirt along with red lehenga and orange dupatta looks stunning.

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Navy blue Shirt with Dark orangish Lehenga

Another beautiful combination of Red, Green and Yellow with embroidery on it. Not too heavy not too light still complete the bride look.

green and yellow combo mehndi dress for brides

If you are thinking about making a full green dress, take a look at one of the famous celebrity couple. Atif and his wife rocked on their mehndi wearing green colour.

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Dark Green Choli with green Lehenga Mehndi Dresses

Elegant Multicolor Combos For Mehndi Dresses

Check out the following elegant contrasts for mehndi dresses. Now forget only yellow colour for your mehndi attire. You can have several colour combos of multi-colour contrast for your wedding day.

Dark Green with pinkish lehnga Mehndi Dresses

Lemon Yellow with Dark Blue Shirt Mehndi Dresses

Green Choli with Dark yellow Lehnga Mehndi dresses

Purplish Choli with Shocking Pink Lehnga Mehndi dresses

Multi Yellow Color Angrakha Mix Style Mehndi dresses

Yellow Long Shirt with Lehnga Mehndi Dresses

Long yellow Shirt with red floral lehnga Mehndi dresses

White Embroidered Shirt with Multi Color Lehnga

long frock style mehndi dress for brides

latest mehndi dress design for Pakistani brides

frock with lehenga style mehndi dress

knee length shirt with lehenga mehndi dress

choli with lehenga bridal mehndi dress

long style style fancy bridal mehndi dress

colorful mehndi dress for wedding bridals

flared frock colorful bridal mehndi dress

These designs are something really inspirational for all the brides who are in puzzle situation what to choose for their big day. So, these ones would definitely help you out to solve your problem. Grab any of above style and make your day magnificent. 🙂

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