Latest Wedding Nose Ring Styles 2023 that are Loved by Eastern Brides


Nose rings, studs, and pins are similar terminologies of nose piercing. This fashion accessory is quite common in Asian regions, especially in India, and Pakistan. The traditional eastern brides are considered incomplete without this fancy accessory. Here we have a wide range of wedding nose ring styles that are loved by eastern brides for their big day.

The bridal nose ring is part of Asian culture and customs. You will have several varieties of nose ring designs available in the market. Do you know this is not for brides only? Nowadays, several studs and rings are providing inspiration to all the girls. You can wear a pin or ring in a daily routine as well.

Brides always want to add a new touch in their personality and wish to be a style icon on their wedding day. In this blog, you will get to know the adaptation of rings in different ways and styles. You will also see the latest designs for nose piercing here as well. Check out below the contemporary designs of bridal wear Nath.


Historical Point of View of Wedding Nose Ring and Piercing

Well, let’s have a quick review of the history of the nose ring. You must be thinking when was this all started? Let me tell you here the history of nose piercing goes centuries back, and it belongs to several ancient civilizations. Apart from the Indian and Pakistani culture, this was a significant part of Africa and Middle Eastern countries.

American culture used to have these as a style statement, and if we talk about Pakistan and Indian culture, you will get to know it is an important symbol for brides on their wedding day. Apart from studded chain rings, girls use simple studs for enhancing their appealing look. Take a look at different types of nose piercing:

  • High Nostril
  • Septum
  • Nasallang
  • Vertical Tip
  • Septril


  • Bridal Hoops with Chains for Brides

As I mentioned earlier, nose rings or Nath is an essential accessory for Eastern brides. You can not imagine brides without this. Nowadays, brides have lots of options to choose the nose ring as per desire. Some brides want a large nose ring that is studded with long-chain passing through the ear.

The majority opt for simple Indian Maharashtra style and much more. Yes, this is true. The latest designs have made the lives easier for brides. Elaborated vintage style Nath adds a dramatic look in bridal dress. The piercing is not really necessary nowadays. You can wear false rings with any piercing. It is a painless method nowadays for young girls.

nose-hoops-for-brides hoops-for-brides nose-rings-for-wedding

  • Embellished Wedding Nose Ring for Eastern Brides

You can have round shape nose ring with or without a studded chain. Several rings are available with colored stones. Have you ever looked at multiple layered chains along with rings? It is pretty much new and exciting for contemporary brides. If you have not tried this for a glamorous bridal look, do not waste your time and have this for your big day.

These will give a contemporary look to brides. They can have these elegant designs. Gold and diamond Nath is available by several brands to get your big day’s favorite piece. Best Stylo is showcasing the latest contemporary bridal dress designs with pretty jewelry of all the future brides in gold, platinum, sterling silver, titanium, etc.

Indian-wedding-nose-rings Indian-Bridal-Nose-ring embellished-nose-ring

  • Nose Rings in Bollywood Style

You may have seen several Bollywood films where all functions and dance numbers are incomplete without this. Have you seen Jodha Akbar and Baji Rao Mastani? Where Aishwarya Rai, Deepika, and Priyanka are carrying nose rings in an elegant style. Although they are exhibiting their traditional culture but here, mostly Indian bridal makeup looks are exceptionally inspired by these fashionistas.

Check out the below pictures to get motivation for your big day. It doesn’t matter you belong to Indian or Pakistani culture people are giving equal importance to this accessory on both sides. let’s have a look at how our favorite actresses look-alike with nose rings.

bollywood-style-nose-ring aishwariya-rai-nose-ring

  • Dramatic Wedding  Nose Ring for Girls

Here we have some big and dramatic nose rings for the bride to be. Brides can wear these kinds of jewelry in destination or theme weddings. The nose ring is enhanced with beads and stones and it is very big, but it still looks very traditional and beautiful.

These Naths can be custom made by the jeweler in matching with your whole bridal jewelry set. There is one big drawback of these nose accessories that you can not wear them anywhere else except your wedding. Also, check out wedding rings here.

dramatic-nose-ring dramatic-nose-ring-style nose-nath-for-wedding

  • Simple and Modest Wedding Nose Ring

Usually, young girls do not wear such types of large hoops or nose pins. Those are especially for young brides. Designers have introduced small studs and round-shaped tiny pieces. Different cute and classy studs look beautiful on them. These studs are of varying shapes, including heart, flower, and much more. You can take a look at the below designs.

If you are a college or office going girl, do not think you can not have vintage Naths except your wedding day. You can try out these in your everyday routine to enhance your appearance and providing another interesting look at yourself. Keep yourself groomed and updated with these marvelous designs. Also, check out bridal jhumka designs to pair it with your nath.

simple-nose-pins simple-and-modest-nose-ring simple-wedding-nose-ring

Suggested Looks for Eastern Brides with Beautiful Wedding Nose Ring Designs

Different sizes of Naths will increase your beauty, and it will create a signature look of your personality. Apart from bridal Matha Patti, earrings, Jhumar, tikkas, fancy bridal bangles, and other things, but Naths have a special place in the heart of the bride. Take a look below at the suggested looks for eastern brides with beautiful wedding nose rings in different shapes and colors for your big day:

nath-designs-for-women Wedding-nose-rings nose-rings-for-brides bridal-looks-with-nath-1 bridal-looks-with-nath bridal-nose-nath

Check out these fantastic beautiful designs of wedding nose ring styles and grab your favorite piece for your traditional Asian wedding day. Pretty studs and long round hoops with studded chains provide you a classy look whether you opt whatever type of material. You will look superb and beautiful with these traditional Asian accessories on your wedding day. Let us know in the comment section below about your suggestions regarding this article.

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