Latest Winter Hijab Styles For Pakistani Girls 2023


Winters are approaching, and we need to keep ourselves warm and protected from the changing weather. Hijab is the best choice to wear in cold weather. It is also followed all over the world, mainly by Muslim women. The trend of wearing a scarf is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is essential to know the latest winter hijab styles for Pakistani girls.

Wearing scarf and abaya has become quite familiar from the past few years, not just to cover the head and body but also as a symbol of modernity. However, winter hijab styles 2020 can increase women’s beauty, especially young girls wearing a scarf.

Wearing a scarf can also make your personality more attractive and make you look different in the crowd with more confidence and pride. It also permits a sense of security and makes the girls feel more comfortable in public places.


Latest Winter Hijab Styles for Religious Pakistani Girls

Winters are coming, and there is a need to get warm clothes out. In cold weather, your dressing matters a lot. You not only have to keep yourself protected from chilly blowing winds but also have to look beautiful. However, A Muslim girl has the best choice to cover herself with a hijab. Wearing a hijab is also among the beautiful Islamic teachings. Although the origin of this beautiful wear-about is from Arabian culture and is liked by Eastern women, it is also practiced by women of various European countries.

Some Traditional Hijab Styles for Winter

In winters, the hijab also compliments their overall look and serves to keep safe from cold. Previously, there were just simple scarfs and dupattas for this purpose, but the concept has changed with time. Today, there are beautiful hijabs with motifs, beads, and floral patterns on them. They not only serve the purpose of covering the head but also make you look stylish and elegant. Thus, these religious wears are unique and make you look more beautiful with a touch of simplicity.

  • Simple and Decent Hijab Style

Usually, Pakistani women wear dupattas, scarfs, and stoles to cover their heads. Casually wearing these items is common, but it makes a difference when you carry it with style. Therefore, here are some simple but delicate hijaab styles for Pakistani outfits.

simple-and-decent-hijab-style-for-winters simple-and-delicate-winter-hijab-style

  • Decent Printed Hijab

Our creative young girls have adopted this attire in a variety of styles. They use top hijab styles with different combinations of colors with stylish printing designs, making them look simply gorgeous.


  • Arabic Style Multi-Layered Hijab

The concept of wearing Hijaabs was originated from Arab. However, some girls love the unique and slaying Arabic style design hijabs. Therefore, these multi-layered Arabic styles will look amazing when the girls carry them appropriately. Multicolored or matching scarf pins help get layers fixed. You can look gorgeous with a multi-layered hijab maintained beautifully.

Latest-arabic-style-hijab-for-winter arabic-style-multi-layered-hijab

  • Dazzling Hijab with Hijab Cap

Some girls feel difficulties in making hijab styles. However, some think its a time taking process to end up with an excellent looking hijaab. Besides, it is possible and easy to use different colored forehead fronts combined with hijab, also called under-scarf caps. They look amazing and give your face a proper look in less time. While utilizing these forehead fronts, the upper cloth scarf can be loosened and adjusted as required.

stylish-hijab-with-hijaab-cap decent-hijaab-with-hijab-cap

  • Elegant Dupatta Style Hijab

For everyday use, the simple dupatta style scarf is very comfortable to carry. This casual try will surely make your day. Those girls who want to try different styling can go for under-scarf caps. Wearing an under-scarf hat and then wearing a dupatta will enhance the grace of a girl.

latest-winter-dupatta-style-hijab dupatta-style-hijaab

Stylish and Trendy Hijab Styles for Girls

Nowadays, when wearing a scarf has become a trend for girls. There are many latest and smart styles generated to have a perfect and elegant look. Applying such designs help girls having their desired appearances. However, these styles were originated according to the requirements of girls. Girls who like to wear loose hijabs can go for high chin style, those who don’t want their hair to expose go for neck tight.


  • Cute Chin High Hijab

Chin high hijaab design is primarily for the girls with round faces. Girls with round faces mostly have a complex of having a round jaw that makes their faces look fat. However, this chin-high style helps them look smart by keeping a little space between the chin and scarf.



  • Innovative WaTurban Style Hijab

Turban is another name for comfort and elegance. This style gives a cap-like appearance and is very easy to carry. Although some people say this style is against Islam’s teaching, some girls who like to follow the trend wear it. This style allows girls to wear earrings along with the hijab.



  • Warm and Cozy Neck Tight Hijab Style

In winter, protecting the neck portion is essential. Therefore, this neck-tight style is the perfect one for the winter season. Girls who carry this style confidently can slay in this casual style. It keeps your body warm and gives a different style and grace.



Stylish Party Wear Hijabs

You can wear stylish hijab in various elegant ways, like designer gowns, maxis, frocks, tops, leather jackets, etc. The cloth used for winter hijabs must be warm, and mostly bright colors are preferred. They will provide you with extra warmth on the snowy cold day. Here are some party wear hijab styles that girls will love to carry.

partywear-hijab-with-naut stylish-chiffon-hijab-for-parties

  • Slaying Party-Wear Hijabs with Pins

You also have a choice to use different light weighed attention-grabbing brooches to pin the scarf at its right place. They are also easy to carry due to their lightweight.

partywear-hijab-pin latest-winter-party-wear-hijab-style-with-clip party-wear-hijab-styles-with-brooches

  • Slaying Party-Wear Hijabs with Matha Patti

If you are going to any wedding event, you can wear Matha Patti or tikka or even earrings with a scarf with little styling adjustment. It will always add a level of sophistication and glamour to your personality. Young Pakistani girls are also using headbands nowadays with their scarfs and hijabs on parties and even in daily routine get to gathers. Headbands always look so classy.

girl-wearing-matha-patti-on-scarf pretty-girls-wearing-hijab-on-parties

Ladies, do follow trendy hijab fashions in Pakistan and I hope you will enjoy practicing these in all the seasons including winters. They will not only keep you looking cute but also stay warm all season long. Enjoy the happy Winters with a happy mood and a gorgeous and warm look.

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