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Mausummery Ready to Wear Winter Collection 2016 |

Mausummery Cambric Ready to Wear Winter Collection 2018

Let’s Talk about something new and unique. Are you looking for something elegant & mesmerizing? then you need to have a brand Like Mausummery who is getting a foothold in the market by all grace. In this fashion blog, we will talk about the Mausummery brand, and we will show you Mausummery cambric ready to wear winter collection 2018 here. Mausummery is one of the leading and successful clothing brands in Pakistan. It has been 15 years, the brand came into the market and have shown the progress in short time span.

The brand is touching the heights day by day because of its lush, colourful and elegant designs and available at the affordable price range. They started their business by pulling out lawn fashion line, but since three years, they are also launching their fall collection too. This brand is one of the oldest and most prestigious lawn brands in the country. The brand has got success because of the passion and hard work of few members of the same family. The family owned the business have made it grow significantly over the years, and now this is the prominent brand over the globe. Mausummery copes up all the fashion trends by providing unique styles with different textures and prints to millions of customers every single season.

Mausummery Cambric Ready to Wear Winter Collection for Women


Mausummery Stunning Ready to Wear Winter Collection 2018

Mausummery just recently launched their autumn winter collection. They have revealed readily to wear dresses with printed and embroidered shirts. The Mausummery winter clothes are fantabulously incredible, and the styling is also lavish. The owner of the brand is so obsessed with the love of flowers, so there are always floral effects in their assortment. The fall collection is also embellished with the floral thread work and printed contoured impressions which make Mausummery’s prints niche.

They have given titles to the prints in their autumn winter collection. The names are like Digifusion, Orchid, Monoprint, Ornate, Cobalt, Linna, Orchard, Goldsmith, Pink Charge, Rose Garland, Electric Boho, Morocon Poetry, Afternoon Delight etc. The idea of giving names to the prints is a unique concept dressing. Mausummery did so, and they did it so well as all the names are so captivating which attracts customer and appeals them to buy dresses. These are all very colourful, joyful and lively prints. I can bet that no one can resist buying Mausummery’s winter prints, as they are so remarkable and catchy. Digifusion, orchid, monoprint, cobalt, etc. all these have digital printing on them. Digital printing is very expensive, but Mausummery is offering their digital print pret dresses at very economical rates. All these prints are in the same price range which is PKR Rs 2950. If the dress is only printed, then you can buy them in a minimum range of PKR Rs 3000. If they are embroidered, then their prices last till PKR Rs 6000. But I tell you Mausummery’s prints worth these prices, Take a look at Cambric Ready to Wear winter collection of 2017

Rose garland Mausummery Cambric Collection

Rose Garland

Morrocon-poetry Mausummery Cambric Collection


Afternoon-delight Mausummery Cambric Collection


Electric Boho-PKR 3,250

Electric Boho

Pink Charge Mausummery Cambric Collection

Pink Charge

Dappled Mausummery Cambric Collection


Rubic Mausummery Cambric Collection


Divinity Mausummery Cambric Collection


 Sienna Mausummery Cambric Collection


Cobalt Mausummery Cambric Collection


Orchard Mausummery Cambric Collection


Ornate Mausummery Cambric Collection


Monoprint Mausummery Cambric Collection


Orchid Mausummery Cambric Collection


Digifusion Mausummery Cambric Collection


Goldmist Mausummery Cambric Collection


Linna Mausummery Cambric Collection


Mausummery Ready-to-Wear Formals

Mausummery has a wide range of formals as well that you can wear for the different occasion, office meetings, get-togethers and much more. The brand has paid attention, especially to colours and designs because these two elements are the main aspect of any formal. Mausummery’s formals are cotton net and jacquard, you will get various designs of silk too in the collection. Various colours are being offered in this line including aqua, beige, black, blue, pink and peach. Each colour has emerged the dress so gracefully. You can get the embellished and hand embellished both variety design here. These formats are not that much expensive like other brands are charging in the name of formals. You will get these at affordable prices. Do you know Mausummery is known for launching all different lines for all occasions? Mausummery is one of the leading brands who use to launch their festive collection early in the market. Also, take a look at Nishat Linen Luxury Formal Collection New Arrivals

QUEEN OF VERSAILLES Mausummery Formals


Morning Glory Mausummery Formals


SCARLET SAGE Mausummery Formals


NIGHT GLORY-Mausummery Formals


MOON FLOWER Mausummery Formals


GUL MOTI Mausummery Formals


LAVENDER Mausummery Formals


These are the latest collection of formals and Cambric ready to wear just to make your winters and formal gatherings outstanding. If you haven’t thought to buy these then don’t need to worry you have chosen the right brand that is being opted by several ones. Mausummery is getting recognition at international level and huge community is appraising these latest and ravishing designs.

Grab your favourite piece and get ready to give yourself a standout appearance. The best thing about this apparel brand is, they don’t compromise cost over quality. They offer the same for what they are claiming in their marketing campaigns so you will get the same. Choose your outfits now and make your winters fabulous 🙂

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