Why buy when you can do it yourself. Step to step diy party decoration methods are easy, attractive and colorful. It costs inexpensive and takes less time. These methods can be used for any type of party such as birthday and wedding celebrations, informal gathering and kids parties. Here are some of the methods given below:

1- A Backdrop From A Crepe Paper:

It can add a lot of colors to any party or celebrations. You may use one color or multiple colors for party decor. Backdrops are something you can do it your own. You need to buy crepe paper that is available easily and roll it twice. You can also replace crepe paper with tissue paper as it is inexpensive as well. Both can frame your dinning table or gift table.

crepe paper backdrop

2- Balloons Backdrop:

Take a number of different colored balloons and fill them with air. After then hang them on your back wall in the shape of rainbow. It attracts baby kids and can be used on birthday parties.

balloons backdrop

3- Candy Garland:

It is an easy method of Most Simple & Amazing DIY Party Decorations. You just need to take sweets, candies and cup cakes of various colors and brands. Place them in beautiful bowls, containers and baskets and put them on your gift or dinning table. It is mostly used for wedding ceremonies and birthday parties of kids.

candy garland

4- Colorful Circles:

Take a scrapbook paper and cut it into circles of different or same sizes. Remember, you have to take a colorful paper. Join these circles with a transparent thread and hand them on any wall of the house.

colorful circles

5- Photos Of Person:

Photos of birthday or wedding person are arranged in their age. This is a simple and inexpensive party decor idea!

photos of person

6- Paper Rosettes:

Make a paper rosettes of different colors and place them on your backdrop or dessert table as well.

diy paper rosettes

7- Honeycomb Table Runner:

You can make a honey comb table runner by taking colorful chart paper and paint it like a comb of honey bee with yellow and white color. Use this chart paper as a table runner especially in summer themed party or summer wedding ceremonies.

honeycomb table runner

8- Frozen Ice Cubes:

These can be made by adding a lemon, strawberries, petals of flowers and fruit of multiple colors in each ice pod of ice tray. Let them freeze for 15-20 minutes. Add these cubes in a jug or glasses with colorful herbs and fruit.

frozen ice cubes

9- DIY Engagement Party:

Take a few centerpiece bottles and paint them with golden spray paint. Mixing of gold metallic and gold glitter paint can give more captivating and appealing look. Fill these bottles with water or any drink and place them on the party table. Now, wrap a ribbon around these bottles.

diy centerpiece bottles

10- Mason Jar Idea:

Fill the bottom of the mason jars with salt and place a candle on the top of the bottles.

mason jars

11- DIY Cake Toppers:

Choose the letter you want to write and paint it with the color of your own choice. Take a bakers twine and use it as a adhesive agent to attach these letters. Tie them with a skewer and insert it into the cake.

diy cake toppers


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