Most Useful Unwanted Facial Hair Removal Tips & Tricks

The major problems faced by girls always are the appearance of unwanted and undesired hair on their bodies. These hairs are most irritating when they are on face and make the face look very untidy. Every girl wants to get rid of these unwanted hairs from her face in easy and simple ways. However, getting rid of facial hairs is not as easy as one might think of it. Some experts and beauticians have however outlined many simple ways of getting rid of facial hair.

Simple Unwanted Facial Hair Removal Tips & Tricks

Following are mentioned some of the common and Most Useful Unwanted Facial Hair Removal Tips & Tricks  for girls.

Tip # 1:  The most common way of removing facial hair is Threading. It is a very common practice among girls all over the world. It is in fact the most ancient way of removing hairs from face especially for shaping of eyebrows and removing hairs from upper lips by using a thread. The effects of threading last for about 6 weeks and can be more or less than this varying from girl to girl. This method is generally inexpensive, quicker as well as uses no products or chemicals that are harmful to skin. The best thing about this method is that you can do it at your home without spending money and without harming your skin.



Tip # 2:  The second common way of removing facial hairs is the use of Wax or Waxing. This treatment also lasts for about 6 weeks and varies according to girl’s skin and hair growth. This treatment is being used worldwide at parlors and saloons and home kits are also being sold to be used at home. Waxing causes exfoliation of the skin which leads to burns or scabs and extreme redness of the skin. Thus, waxing should be done carefully and not much frequently.



Tip # 3:  Some Coil Removers are also being available in the markets that are used to effectively remove the hairs from their roots so it is effective way. It is preferred over tweezing as hair can be removed collectively by these coil removers instead of removing them one by one, which is more painful.

removing facial hair by coil
Coil String


Tip # 4:  Another way is the method of Electrolysis in which the unwanted facial hair can be removed permanently by using a beam of electric current. Moreover, no hair or skin colors are required in this treatment unlike the laser mode of hair removal which makes it an effective and easy treatment.



Some Home Remedies For Removing Facial Hair

There are few other home remedies and tips that can be used for faster and easier hair removal without the harmful effects of chemicals and treatments on skin. These home remedies use natural ingredients.

  • Haldi or turmeric is a very efficient and beneficial natural ingredient used commonly for facial hair removal. Turmeric lightens the complexion of skin along with curbing the hair growth.
  • Another natural ingredient in this regard is the gram flour known as besan which also has the same properties.
  • Furthermore, applying egg mask and sugar mix also helps in getting rid of the unwanted hair from face in homemade tips and tricks.

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