In a Muslim country, covering the body is not only a norm or culture but it is the one important decision for girls. Covering the head or body is not an obligation but being faithful Muslim girl, you must have shame and guts to cover up your head and body. In most of the Islamic countries especially like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Dubai girls and women consider it the obligation for them. Abaya has to be most important clothing for Muslim lady to cover her body. The covering body factor is entirely compensated by the use of abaya as it is the best way.

Where a girl or woman cover up her body with the abaya, she came under the shadow of goods, and she get safe from evil. Abaya helps her to keep her body covered in the relaxed way as it is comfortable clothing. There is another major point that abaya has become a fashion in Arab countries now, the reason being women are not allowed to go out without covering the body. So, the abaya is a dress code in Saudi Arabia and Dubai too. Since abayas have become a part of the dress so it is considered proper dress. Girls and ladies now spend good money to get their abaya stitched or get it ready made. There are numerous designers out there who have now started making whole fashion line of abayas.

New Designs of Stylish Multicolored Fancy Lace Abaya Collection

We have always seen that the elegance and decency of this dress code came when it is black color. But gone are the times when this dressing is only seen in black color. With the advancement of fashion and fashion industry, abayas are also getting modernized day by day. Now there is a trend of fancy multicolored abayas, so this year, many designers have showcased their latest collection of multicolored fancy lace abaya designs 2019. The UAE abaya designers like EFFA, Sweety abaya, Al-Motahajiba, Dar Al Hazar, Dar Al Malika, Slouchy’z and Velvet abayas are very famous for making fashion line for this dressing. They have designed fancy lace abayas for the modern girls.

It is usually seen that girls get fed up by covering their body with the same color daily. So, for their comfort, there is now the good range of fancy lace abaya designs. As they have to wear it whole day long so, they also want some variation in their dress. They want some colorful scarf with it or they want any fancy addition like lace, buttons, stones and pearls on their dress. In Pakistan now a trend is started, ladies also get their abayas stitched. As shown in the pictures above and below you can see that you can make your abaya yourself. You just need to get a nice colored stuff for you along with some silk patches and lace pieces. You can give that to your tailor, and he will make one beautiful outfit for you. Keeping in mind the weather of your country, decide the comfortable stuff. You can use various colors like shown in the pictures. Moreover, I feel that as this dress is to demonstrate simplicity so doesn’t use too sharp colors and at the end wear what suits you and make you feel comfortable.

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