Excellent and clean teeth is a mark of good health and personal hygiene. It also makes your smile incredible. If your denticles are not as white as you want them, then you can try a few home remedies to make them clean and white. Therefore, here are few Natural Remedies For Teeth Whitening At Home.

People don’t like to speak with people who have yellow or dirty denticles. However, having yellow teeth is quite common these days, and everyone is looking for its solution. Having perfect white denticles makes your smile more beautiful and attractive.

These common homemade natural remedies for teeth whitening will cost nothing. However, home remedies are always a slow process, but it does not have any side effects. Hence, people must try home remedies first before going for expensive products or treatments with harmful effects.

beauty tips for teeth whitening

Basic and Important Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Yellow or dirty denticles make you look ugly or dirty. People, whose teeth are not clean, face much embarrassement in the public. Therefore, taking care of your teeth is essential. Moreover, if you do not take care of them, they eventually will start getting decay and damage.

A person can not eat food without denticles. If a person eats food with dirty denticles, it means he is also taking the germs with the food. Hence, cleaning and whitening of the tooth are vital. Once they start getting worse, you will have to seek proper treatment, which is very expensive nowadays.

home remedies for whitening teeth

List of Some Easy Tricks for Teeth Whitening at Home

Some people have naturally yellowish teeth color. However, it doesn’t seem fair to have a yellow color. Therefore, here is a list of some basic and easy tricks that everyone can follow easily at home to get rid of the yellow color tooth. Applying these products on your teeth will help you get your white denticles back soon.

  • Thoroughly Brushing Prevents from Yellow Teeth

Thoroughly brushing will help to remove a hard layer that accumulates on the surface of teeth. This hard layer called plaque not only removes enamel, which is a protective layer on denticles, but it also prevents them from whitening. Hence, regularly brushing and flossing will help to get rid of the plaque layer.

throughly brushing - home remedies for teeth whitening

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Helps to Get White Denticles

Hydrogen peroxide contains a bleaching agent which is helpful in the whitening of the denticles. The American Dental Federation also recommends it for its ultimate advantageous effects. Hence, you can apply it every day or alternate days.

how to apply hydrogen peroxide on teeth

hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening

  • Use of Baking Soda for Tooth Cleaning

Baking soda works as a natural toothpaste. However, you can easily make your toothpaste using two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and three teaspoons of baking soda. Mix them thoroughly and make a delicate consistent gel. Apply it on your teeth to avoid the foul smell and get a refreshing flavor.

use baking soda to teeth whitening

  • Eat Natural Foods to Avoid Yellow Denticles

Apple, celery, and carrots act as a toothbrush and help produce more saliva in your mouth, removing a plaque layer that gives the yellow color to teeth.

Eat more strawberries that contain malic acid, which is useful in lifting the stains formed on denticles. Consume hard cheese more, which helps to produce saliva in your mouth and then removes bacteria.

eat natural food for teeth whitening

eat natural food for white teeth

  • Apply Coconut Oil

Apart from the primary uses of coconut oil for the skin, it is also very advantageous for the denticles. Rinse your denticles with coconut oil is an oldest remedy that helps to give you a beautiful smile. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which prevents bacteria from staining teeth and removes the plaque layer.

apply coconut oil on teeth - natural remedies for teeth whitening

  • Use of Bananas Peel for Whitening Purpose

We consider banana peel as waste or trash. However, banana peel is an excellent teeth whitener and gives you a wonderful smile. They are inexpensive and do not contain acids and other abrasives that damage a plaque layer.

banana peel - natural home remedies for teeth whitening

  • Orange Peel is Good for Tooth Whitening

Similarly, Orange peel is also helpful in combating microorganisms found in your mouth that develop a foul smell. Orange peel helps to remove the yellow tinge accumulated on your teeth. Hence, it not only whitens the teeth but also helps in getting rid of the unpleasant smell.

orange peel - natural remedy for teeth whitening

orange peel

  • Apply Lemon on Teeth for Whitening

Lemon is the best solution for the yellow teeth problem. It contains Vitamin C and has bleaching properties that help you shake off your denticles’ yellow discoloration.

lemon on teeth

  • Salt Helps in Tooth Whitening

Salt is a fundamental cleansing agent used to remove stains on teeth and revive white color. Applying salt once in a day makes your denticles healthy and clean.

wash your teeth with salt - natural remedy for teeth whitening

Some Important Tips That Everyone Should Follow

Apart from all the above mentioned things, here are some things that people should avoid if they want to have white denticles. Some eatables and drinks are responsible for the yellowish denticles. Hence, people should avoid such eatables or should drink them in such ways that they do not harm the denticles. Have a look at some harmful things for teeth.

  • Smoking is Harmful to Teeth

Apart from other health issues that smoking causes, it is also harmful to your denticles. You can say that smoking also affects your beauty by ruining your white color of denticles and the smile’s beauty. Hence, if you want to have white denticles, say no to smoking.

say no to smoking

avoid smoking for teeth whitening

  • Avoid Excessive Drinking of Coffee

Coffee also has adverse effects on the denticles as it consists of caffeine in abundance that leads to the yellowing of tooth. Therefore, one must try to avoid excessive amount of coffee to have better results. Moreover, you do not have to stop drinking coffee; you can reduce the amount of coffee.

say no to coffee

  • Avoid Other Food Products That Stain Your Teeth

Subsequently, many other food products take away your smile beauty by ruining your teeth’ white color. Hence, it would help if you avoid such eatables. You can also modify the eating way of such a thing, not directly to attack the denticles.

For example, soft drinks are harmful to denticles, and these are responsible for tooth tanning. Hence, you can use a straw for drinking them to avoid the direct with denticles. Similarly, you can stop eating sweets by chewing them; you can swallow them.

avoid excessive cold drinks

Follow these natural remedies for teeth whitening at home for some weeks or months and see the difference. These remedies are a slow yet cost-free process that will not give any harmful effects. Hence, you can have your beauty of smile back without any expensive purchasing or treatment.


  1. Since I’ve changed my eating habits, I’ve noticed that my teeth have become whiter without having to do extra things, such as using whitening strips. I’ll have to try some of these other options out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for this great list! Banana peel is really a very safe natural supplement for whitening the yellowish teeth. The main advantages of a banana peel is that, it never damages your oral or gum and it is not having any kinds of serious side effects.

  3. Lemon and Salt are really a safe choice for getting back the perfect white teeth. Because, these both are having ability to remove yellowness from your teeth in a short time.


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