In the recent years, the need for more excellence and refinement in the field of contemporary Pakistani clothing has been satisfied by the continual additions and entry of various fashion brands. These names can only hope and aspire to be become a well renowned name in the Pakistan textile and fashion industry. And one of those big names definitely is Needle Impressions. This iconic brand is the designer and creator of embroidered and printed fabric. Most of the lines launched by them fall under the category of casual to semi-casual clothing. However, they have an impressive party wear line that fits perfectly for more formal events if you’re willing to carry yourself without being over the top or overdone.

This label promises its customers to create and deliver the trendiest, most stylish and elegant designs crafted with high quality fabrics & materials. And this is one promise that they fulfill every time at the launch of their latest collection that its dear customers are eagerly waiting for. And the collection to look out for this season is Needle Impressions Casual Wear Winter Dresses For Women 2014-2015. Since we all must have seen that Needle impressions offers us a vast variety of interestingly stunning clothes each season, all their designs are well thought out and are a celebration of various colors and tones, this is one of the reasons it has reached the peak that it is at now, catering to the demands of thousands of people not only in Pakistan but also world wide thanks to the benefits of technologies and convenience of online shopping stores of various brands.

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Needle Impressions Latest Winter Collection 2014-2015

Needle Impressions not only launches its latest collections each season, it also introduces new ranges of clothing for many different special occasions. And everything that they produce is perfectly aligned and well timed with the latest trends in the market. You will see a proof of that in this year’s casual wear winter assortment as well. Keeping in mind the current fashion statements, this collection consists of long as well as knee-length shirts and these are in various beautiful colors and prints. Most of the prints in this collection is inspired by the floral beauty of nature and so you will find loads of vibrant flowers in different patterns on the shirts.

To keep the entire look elegant, all of the shirts are shown to be paired up with plain straight trousers that are also trending in the market these days along with plain tights as well in matching colors or just black or white. The beautiful and intricate embroidery of these floral designs will make you fall in love with these pieces of clothing. Sewed with perfection in lively and vibrant hues like red, green, blue, pink, brown, orange, black and white among many others are adorned on mostly plain backgrounds which are either white or colored. And this is what makes this collection graceful and ravishing at the same time! Have a peak at these lovely dresses and tell us how you like them!

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