Being up to date and stylish is the basic priority and ultimate choice of every woman of this modern age. Women usually opt such dresses that give the super classy look and stylish. Fashion is radically and incredibly changing day by day. Pakistani ladies are always keeping an eagle eye in the changing of fashion trends. Girls love to change their appearance as per latest trends and styles. Designers keep the latest trends and demands in view while designing new trends so we shouldn’t be worried about trends whatever they design they will keep all age groups in their consideration. Latest Trends Of Tulip Pants In Pakistan 2019 consist of chic bottoms which is proudly launched by the designers to impress the population of women.

Tulip Pants embroidered with off shoulder kurta

With the arrival of these pants, we cant say that Shalwar Kameez or Patiala shalwar kameez suits is out of the fashion. Numerous styles and designs have given the bottom a new look and whatever you wear with this either straight shirts, short frocks and waist-belt frocks it will look superb on you. Traditions and customs create a beautiful combination in Pakistani fashion so the effort of designing tulip pant is specially done for the ladies who love to wear cultural wears. The previous trend of simple shalwar is slowly fading away from Pakistani fashion industry but designers are introducing latest trends to revive this fashion.

The latest fashion has brought stylish pants like loose-fit pants, flappers, cigarette pants, ankle fit pants, stylish capris, party palazzos and last but not least, Tulip Pants. Also, you can make yourself look attractive and mind-blowing by pairing elegant tulip pants with any frock, short or long shirt, kurti or round-bottom shirt.

Trends Of Tulip Pants with motifs

Stylish Designer Dress With Tulip Pants

We are going to introduce you to the Latest Trend of Tulip Pants in Pakistan 2019 along with its Cutting TutorialTulip pants are usually a combination of light and elegant shades. Adorable, pretty and versatile features of tulip pants are making them trendy. Tulip Pants are a blend of perfection and modernity. One can go for embroidered tulip pants or can choose beads or pearls for the pant to pair it with fancy dresses. If you want to be a center of attention of the function then do check our collection of fancy dresses and pair your favorite attire today with these pants, Nobody can deny wearing the trendy Tulip pants for both formal and semi-formal use.

In this blog, we are going to let you know latest designs of tulip pants with cutting method because for ladies this one is the biggest problem to understand the stitching style so we are going to make this easier for you by showing some cutting patterns. Stay tuned to this blog and choose your favorite style today 🙂

Tulip Pants with simple and floral lawn kurta

New Designs Of Trendy Tulip Pants

The following collection exhibits some ready-made casual and fancy tulip pants that are comfortable to wear. You can explore bundle of awesome designs with embroidery and vivid shades below. The embroidery on tulip pants looks amazing. Party and casual wear dresses are mostly paired with tulip pants now. These pants can be made of any stuff and color of your choice. 

Tulip Pants with waist belt frock

Only the appearance of the attire is sufficient to come along one with the opinion of wearing this elegant pant. Ladies can carry the tulip pant by wearing stylish khussas that will add beauty to your attire. The curiosity for its cutting and designing is reaching the top so scroll down and get to know what else we have gathered for all the fashionistas 🙂

Tulip Pants with Kaftan Style Golden Shirt

Tulip Pants for Young Girls

Tulip Pants in White Cotton

Tulip Pants with Fancy Long Shirt

Tulip Pants with Designer Wear White Dress

Tulip Pants for Girls by Kayseria

Tulip Pants with Off white Loose Tunic

Tulip Pants with Knee Length Shirt

Tulip Pants Jamawar with Fancy Short Frock

Tulip Pants cut work with White Apparel

Tulip Pants Shirt with White Tulip Shalwar

Tulip Pants Purple Fancy Attire

Tulip Pants with Digital Shirt

Tulip Pants with Peach Embroidered Tunic

Tulip Pants with Embroidered Net Attire

Tulip Pants with Jacket Style Dress

Tulip Pants with Short Length Tunic Frock

Tulip Pants with Heavy embroidery peach dress

Tulip Pants with Printed blue dress

Tulip Pants with Green Jamawar short shirt

Tulip Pants with Blue casual wear dress

Tulip Pants with Short Shirt Tulip Pant Style with Short Kurti Tulip Pants with Yellow Dress Tulip Pants with Fancy Dress

How To Stitch: Tulip Pant/Shalwar Cutting Tutorial Step By Step

Let the latest trend of tulip pant reside in you for some time that you can cherish wearing it and you may change it when you want to. For this reason, here we are giving you easy method to cut your pant and stitch it to make it tulip pant because we want you to know all about the latest trends of Pakistani Fashion and to follow it. Follow the steps one by one and have a look on the images too. Let’s begin the tutorial with the first step. 🙂

STEP 1: Fold the Piece of Cloth

First of all, double fold the entire cloth from which you want to stitch your tulip pant. Overlap both the corners of the rectangle down to the bottom and make the difference of 2 inches. Measure and cut the piece of cloth according to your own measurement.

Step 1 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 2: Cut the Piece of Cloth further

The upper side of the cloth will be the top of the tulip pant and lower will serve as the bottom of the tulip pant.

Step 2 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 3: Cut the Front Pattern and Stitch it in Angle

Cut the front pattern of the cloth from the center on the central measured line. After cutting, stitch the side from this area. Repeat this step to both of the lengths of pant at an angle. 

Step 3 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 4: Give Shape to the Crotches

Add 5 inches to the waistline and make the shape of the angle lines in the ankle according to the following images. 

Step 4 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 5: Match the Cloth Pieces together

After flipping both pieces, stitch them on the side of the already cut back pattern. Match crotch areas and sides as shown in the image below.

Step 5 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 6: Do as Mentioned

Overlap the front piece after stitching it as shown in the figure.

Step 6 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 7: Stitch the Pant by adding Waist Elastic

Now both crotches is ready, you are just required to stitch both of them together with the help of a waistband of elastic.

Step 7 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 8: Done!

Your tulip pant is ready to wear. You can make it look like that of the picture by giving an invisible stitch to the front pieces as shown in the image.

Step 8 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

We hope that you have enjoyed having a look at the Latest Trends Of Tulip Pants In Pakistan 2019 and you also have learned the cutting tutorial to make one for yourself. Go get one for yourself and make sure you are worthy it too. 🙂

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