Nike requires no introduction. It is known worldwide as one of the very best in the field of manufacturing, designing, developing, marketing and selling sports apparel, sports equipment, services, accessories and most importantly and most popularly sports footwear. Its an American multinational company that is one of the largest suppliers and sellers of athletic and sports shoes, clothes and equipment. This label found its way into the industry in mid 60s, with its name inspired by the goddess of victory. Their slogan is “Just Do It “, which encourages and empowers its customer to just simple go on and do it! No second thoughts, no second guessing, no excuses, just do it!

One of the interesting thing about this brand is that it markets its products through its own brand name and label to reinforce the originality along with other subsidiaries. The labels include Nike Pro, Air Jordon, Foamposite, Nike+, Nike Dunk, Nike Skateboarding, Nike Golf and Air Force. The subsidiaries of this brand includes Brand Jordan, Converse and Hurley International. They not only manufactures equipment and sportswear but it also has numerous retail stores by the name of Nike-town. You will see the association of many high profile celebrities from all over the world with Nike in its endorsements and sponsorship. They specialize in producing a wide range of sportswear products, their first production being track running shoes which then extended to the production of shoes, cleats, shorts, jerseys, base-layers etc along with a wide variety of all kinds of sports related products.

Latest Footwears For Women By Nike 2015

Talking of shoes, Nike Air Max, Air Huarache, Nike 6.0, Nike SB, Nike NYX, Air Zoom Yorker and Air Jordan XX3 are a few of the brilliant shoe lines manufactured by this label. Along with the sale of a huge assortment of sports products, they have a very clear and diverse categorization not only limited to the production of apparel but also shoes with almost all kinds of sports for men, women and even children. They have made a big name when it comes to the young and youthful pop culture of today and urban clothing. Along with big time celebrity associations, this label also recently produced Nike+ products with Apple Inc, that has proven to be revolutionary in the field of sports gadgets technology. These products are used to monitors the performance of runners with the help of a wireless radio device that gauges and generates useful and valuable statistics.

This brand has done some amazing work in the field of womenswear which has both been highly encouraging and empowering. This years new additions have proven to be expectantly amazing and just what a women needs to stay fit and look good comfortably. New Exclusive Collection Of Nike Shoes For Women 2015  will give you an idea about what this brand has in store for you this year. There is a huge range of different types of shoes suited for different types of activities and different types of sports. You also have the option of selecting across many colors that available with each product. And you can also add a little bit of yourself by customizing these shoes. What more could a woman want? Lets take a glance at this exclusive assortment introduced by Nike and get inspired!!

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