New Men Summer Eid Kurta Collection 2023 By Cambridge


Eid is for all! Whilst it is generally assumed that only women are excited about Eid shopping, this is only half the truth! Men love shopping, particularly on festive occasions like Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. With Ramadan just around the corner, everyone has already started to make plans for Eid as well.  Eid is all about visiting places, friends, family and even your worthy corporate contacts. So, to do well with this, let us go and figure out the best match to wear at New Men Summer Eid Kurta Collection 2023 By Cambridge.

Eid is all about planning ahead of time. After all, it is actually all the planning and preparing that is the most fun part of it all! Everyone looks for some different thing that matches their personality. Some are in search of cool stuff, others probe for decent and elegant apparels. Even months ahead of this religious and cultural celebration, you can see the markets flooded with people shopping and buying the best clothing.

Cambrigde Kurtas 2023 for Men

Cambridge Kurtas opens the door to their new Eid Collection 2017 with an amazing collection of Summer Kurtas. The best part about these Kurtas for men is that they are ideal for formal, semi-formal and casual wear as well. As the brand excels in combining the tradition and grace together, men tend to grab and go for its collections. It does not only provide a rage of trendy yet unique apparels for formal wears but also caters the wide variety for corporate wears, as well.

There are several designers and brands that have designed the best range of Eid collection for men and women! One such brand that stands out for its attractive and high quality merchandise is Cambridge. The new men summer Eid kurta collection 2017 by Cambridge is a worthy investment for everyone who wishes to look like no one else on the special event, this is probably the best choice you to make. Furthermore, high quality is ensured with this top notch brand. Quality is definitely a major attraction for the customers and builds brand loyalty among them as well. Having said this, it is the human instinct to go for something that makes them stand out in the crowd and this is what Cambridge aims for this season. It is attracting customers from all over the region.

Cambridge Eid Dress 2023 For Men With Prices

Talking about the age group that can avail the brand grace, Cambridge Kurtas are not just confined to the men of middle age but also caters other age groups as well. Cambridge Kurtas excel not only in the apparent styles they provide but also match the international standardsas far as quality is concerned. Cambridge strives to deliver a quality product that increases the customer trust and makes them feel that they have something that exceeds their expectations. Keeping the seasonal and occasional fashion trends in mind, this brand plays with colors ad different cuts. Special attention has been given to the detailing of each kurta.

The whole idea of the new men summer Eid kurta collection 2023 by Cambridge to create a fashion line for men that is classy, modern and represents culture as well. After all, the one thing that cannot be overlook is culture and traditions of Pakistan. Thus, if you are looking for something that not only makes you feel graceful among the crowd but also very confident about the way you look, Cambridge Kurtas is the brand to opt for this season. Eid is the biggest festive celebration of the year for Pakistanis. So sit back, take a breath, probe into choices that we have brought for you and make the best choice! Let’s have a glance at the latest men kurta and shalwar kameez designs 2023 by Cambridge this year.

  • Brown Color Kurta for Men – Eid Wear 2023

This brown kurta comes with a half ban collar that instantly strikes! It looks stylish and classy. The brown embroidery on the neckline and on the edges of the sleeves make the kurta look even more elegant. This kurta retails at PKR Rs 2,195/-.


  • Menswear Brown Neckline Kurta – Eid Collection 2023

Cambridge takes care of their young customers. The embroidery on the neckline looks modish. Young boys can easily carry this kurta on Eid 2017 by pairing it with white or brown shalwar. They can also wear this dress on the Wedding and Mehndi of their siblings and loved ones too. If you want to get overview of more wedding dresses, see Pakistani Wedding Dresses for Men 2017. The cost of the kurta is Rs 2,795/-.


  • Charcoal Black Kurta For Eid By Cambridge – Eid 2023

Black attracts the both gender. Men love black in particular and it is a color that looks great with all skin tones! This black kurta by Cambridge is one of the highlights of their Eid collection 2017. The red embroidery on the ban collar with copper buttons are making the kurta even more fashionable. The cost of the kurta is Rs 2,795/-.


  • Classic Cotton Men Suit By Cambridge 2023

White color shows purity, simplicity and completeness. This Classic Cotton is suitable for both boys and men. If boys want to give it a stylish look, they can wear black or maroon waist coat with the attire. The price of this classic suit is Rs 5,995/-.


  • Cotton Eid Wear Kurta By Cambridge 2023

As Eid 2017 is coming in the scorching summer, this kurta is the perfect match for this season because it’s light in color and in stuff too. Men and Boys can easily carry this kurta with white cotton shalwar. The cost of the shirt is Rs 3,295/-.


  • King Collar Men Wear Dress By Cambridge

This simple yet sophisticated black shalwar kameez looks more elegant on this eid. You can wear it with Black sandals and chappals. The price of the suit is Rs 3,495/-.


  • Cotton Rangoli Kurta 2023 By Cambridge

The use of color tones selected by Cambridge designers are perfect for this weather. This light color kurta is easy to wear and is available in any size you want. The worth of the kurta is Rs 2,695/-.


  • Men Crown Kurta By Cambridge 2023

This dark blue kurta with silver zip on the neckline looks amazing. The maroon piping on the edges of the shoulder and collar making this shirt more stylish. The price of this kurta is Rs 2,795/-.


  • Doria Kurta For Eid 2023 By Cambridge

The unique design and diverse fabric gives you a lot of choice to make your Eid graceful. Make your Eid elegant by wearing skin embroidered kurta. The price of the kurta is Rs 2,695/-.


  • Fawn Kameez Shalwar By Cambridge 2023

This light color suit will attract both boys and men on this eid 2023. The Cambridge assures you to give pure fabric that would never fade for the whole life. The cost of the attire is Rs 3,995/-.


  • Green Color Kurta By Cambridge – Eid 2023

The green kurta is simple yet trendy. The zigzag thread lines on the sleeves looks unique. Young boys can wear this kurta on Mehndi of their loved ones. The worth of the kurta is Rs 3,695/-. Fore more shimmery stuff, check  Mens Wedding Wear Sherwani Design 2023.


  • Cambridge Dark Blue Men Eid Kurta 2023

This applique work on the neckline is dual colored, blue and white and it stands out on the dark blue background. The cuffs are adorned with grey piping cloth to present style. The worth of the kurta is Rs 2,195/-.


  • Cambridge Light Pink-Peach Kurta – Eid 2023

Long gone are days when pink was only meant for girls. Guys are now rocmking the color amazingly as well. Cambridge has embraced the new trend and designed this pink-peach embroidered kurta for boys. The price of the men eid wear is Rs 2,165/-.


  • Turquoise Kurta By Cambridge – Eid 2023

This sea green kurta with black embroidery on the neckline and sleeves looks eye-catching.The best thing about this turquoise kurta is that is looks suitable for all age groups. The cost of the kurta is Rs 2,165/-.


  • White Cotton Suit By Cambridge For Eid 2023

White color is the epitome of grace and class. You can wear this collared white elegant attire with black cuff links and black sandal or Peshawari chappal. This look is definitely going to slay on Eid day 2017! The worth of the suit is Rs 4,195/-.


Cambridge is definitely the fashion choice to make this year for men! With Eid coming up soon, it is best not to waste your time exploring other options because Cambridge Eid Collection for men is slaying this year in 2023.

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