New Nishat Linen Winter Pret Wear Collection 2023 With Prices


Winters are all about warm and dark colors complementing the feel of the cold weather. We wish to wrap ourselves in our warm browns, blues, and blacks. However, it’s not only the shades that keep us warm; the stuff and cozy fabrics also play a vital role. Let’s check out the new Nishat Linen winter pret wear collection 2023 with warm and comfortable stuff.

Nowadays, every brand will be lining up to give the customers a taste of what their latest collection has in store for them. This collection also creates and promotes healthy competition among the competitors in the market. So, no matter what season arrives, the top brands always come up with their best designs and fabrics. Nishat linen is one of those brands.

Nishat is one of the leading clothing brands in Pakistan that never dissatisfies its customers. This brand is famous because of its beautiful designs, color combinations, and soft fabric. However, apart from dresses, its product line also includes menswear, room decorations, accessories, and kidswear.

Rs 3,350

Latest Nishat Linen Winter Pret Wear Dresses With Prices

Shopping is one language that speaks to all. Fashions take a longer time to change or shift. However, trends change every season, and this season is no stranger to the newest trends in the market. Besides, this blog has good news for all those shopaholic women out there that Nistat has showcased its extraordinary, breathtaking, and latest collection.

The brand Nishat is famous for introducing innovative and trend-setting designs in Pakistan, and it would not be surprising if they were to go global. Besides, the internet, website, and online web store have made it possible for anyone to order their products from all over the world, adding a broader target market to their clientele.

New Arrivals of Nishat Linen Ready to Wear Shirts

This year’s winter collection is all about vibrant yet soothing shades and hues that go brilliantly well with the weather. It has made use of warmer fabrics like fine cotton, linen, and cambric in this line. Scroll down and see some of the fantastic prints by Nishat Linen’s latest winter collection for women.

  • Readymade Light Shaded shirts

Light shades always attract more people and help girls look innocent, decent, and elegant. However, if you want to look stunning yet casual, go for the lightly shaded shirts from the winter pret wear collection of Nishat. These beautiful shirts have fabulous digital prints with a perfect combination of colors. Moreover, their traditional Pakistani stitching styles of shirts attract more and more customers.

Rs 3,000
PKR 3,000
PKR 3,200
Rs 3,200
  • Bright Shaded Shirts for University Girls

Most of our winter wardrobe comprises dark hues because darker colors or dull ones are associated with a bit of warmth compared to other colors. Even in the markets, you will find most winter apparel of dark, warm shades. And since the arrival of winters in Pakistan, the latest collections for this icy cold weather flood the market with colorful and eye-catching outfits. Check out these dark shaded attires by Nishat.

PKR 3,200
Rs 3,000
Rs 3,000
PKR 3,000
  • Embroidered Tunics for Girls by Nishat

Are you confused about what to wear to any formal gathering? Here is the solution to your problem. Try any of these beautiful and eye-catching embroidered pret wears and attract all the people to the event you will attend. Nishat is very creative in making innovative and fabulous embroidery patterns with appropriate colors and prints. Girls love to wear stylish tunic dresses with trendy tulip pants.

Rs 3,400
PKR 3,600
PKR 4,200
Rs 3,800

Quick View for Nishat Ready to Wear 2-PC

One of the best things about designs by Nishat is that they are a brilliant mix of eastern and western clothing, having tradition and modernity going side by side. This innovative mixing allows them to attract a high customer size successfully. On the other hand, Nishat is still famous because of its sophisticated and elegant dresses that add ethnicity to the personality.

Nishat not only offers shirt pieces as ready to wears. Instead, it provides an affordable and attractive 2-piece collection. This collection includes either a shirt or a dupatta or a shirt with trousers. Dear young girls and women, please scroll down to enlighten yourself with the best dresses for winters that you will adore to have in your wardrobes.

  • Readymade Casual Wear Printed Shirts with Trousers

Nowadays, girls like to wear simple dresses with little or no embellishments. Besides, eye-catching prints and stylish designs always attract more girls. Nishat provides numerous styles of casual attire with no embroidery or other adornments for such girls. Perhaps, these readymade casual dresses look classy and are easy to carry.

Rs 4,450
PKR 4,450
PKR 4,450
Rs 3,900
  • Ready to Wear Printed Shirts with Embroidered Trousers

Every season comes with some innovative designs and trends that every girl adores to follow. This season, wearing a printed shirt with embroidered trousers is at the top of the trends, and every girl desperately wants to wear it. However, this brand, i.e., Nishat, has a great collection of 2-piece dresses with printed shirts and embroidered cigarette pants. Dear girls, grab your favorite one before it gets shared.

PKR 6,200
Rs 4,990
  • Formal Wear Nishat 2-Piece (Embroidered Shirts with Plain Trousers)

This season, Nishat Linen’s pret wear winter collection of 2-Piece brings to you all that you are looking for and definitely will find now in their latest collection. This collection comprises a bit of semi-formal 2-piece dresses mixed with a hint of casuals that are perfect for both party wear, evening functions, and even a few formal to semi-formal events depending upon the occasion itself and, of course, your style. Therefore, check out these formal wear or party wear shalwar kameez dresses with beautiful embroidery patterns.

Rs 5,200
PKR 6,200
PKR 6,500
Rs 4,900

Highlights of Nishat Linen Unstitched 3-PC Winter Collection

You may have come across the above pret wear, and now we are showcasing a few glimpses of the unstitched winter collection as well. Yep, this is true NL is all set to mesmerize you through stunning designs and color combinations. If you people haven’t tried out these designs, then what are you waiting for?

Ladies are heading over to outlets for grabbing the highest quality prints in town. Nishat linen has got the foothold not only in pret wear, but they have done best in the unstitched department as well. Check out the below designs and get ready to grab your favorite piece.

  • Decent and Traditional Unstitched 3-Piece Suits

Nishat not only provides readymade dresses, but it also offers an unstitched collection that includes traditional prints of 3-Piece suits. Pakistani ladies always prefer to wear a complete costume, consisting of a shirt, trousers, and a dupatta. Therefore, now girls don’t have to rush towards the low-quality brands because now Nishat is offering 3-piece suits that you can stitch according to the latest stitching styles and designs.

Rs 6,990
PKR 6,990
PKR 7,900
Rs 5,190
  • Amazing 2-Piece Collection Unstitched

Some ladies who can not afford expensive 3-Piece outfits mostly go for 2-piece dresses that include either a shirt with a dupatta or a kurta with trousers. Nowadays, Pakistani brands are having a keen interest in making 2-piece outfits. Just like warda fall-winter collection, Nishat linen winter pret wear collection also includes exquisite designs of 2-piece suits. Please take a look at it yourself.

Rs 3,550
PKR 2,190
PKR 2,190
Rs 3,350
  • Embroidered Shirts with Dyed Trousers for College and University Girls

Dear girls, if you are looking for delicately embroidered shirts having a perfect color combination with dyed trousers that never fades away, try the Nishat brand’s unstitched embroidered collection. I assure you that you will never regret spending on this brand. Wearing a nishat dress will help you slay uniquely.

Rs 3,350
PKR 3,350
PKR 3,350
Rs 3,350

Nishat has once again won its customers’ hearts by bringing something best of the best qualities and designs. The unique and innovative styles of Nishat have attracted women of all ages. We can see that Nishat has played well with the digital prints and have brought something classic and stylish. So, this winter, fill your wardrobe with these beautiful dresses by Nishat Linen winter pret wear collection. Happy Shopping.

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