New Styles of Top Designer Abayas and Gowns Collection 2023


Being Muslim, it is a religious responsibility of every girl or woman to carry abaya or gown. In the Islamic religion, the abaya is considered to be essential as to cover your body. I believe that if every Muslim girl and women wear abaya then no one can tease her, and she will feel safe and religiously pure. In Saudi Arabia and Arab countries, the abaya is considered as a part of their norm and it is one obligation for them.

No single or married girl or woman can leave her home in Arab countries and Saudi Arabia without wearing an abaya. It Is considered an obligatory part of their dressing and overall personality there. In Pakistan, wearing an abaya is not deemed to be an obligation still girls and ladies cover them up with hijab or other means. And then, there are women in Pakistan who also carry abaya in their daily routine.


With the passage of time, ladies all over the world have started liking and wearing abaya so much that now there is proper abayas and gowns collection in the market. Many famous designers have also launched a fashion line for abayas and gowns collection. With the emerging likeliness for abayas and gowns, the ladies who already wore it are now getting various designs.

They always wanted to get new styles from a market, but they were unable to get as fewer people wear it, so market demand was also little. But with the passage of time, ladies have started feeling the importance of these two items of clothing. Muslim girls now know the importance of covering the body. Especially in Pakistan, due to an adverse environment, covering of Muslim girls body has become necessary.


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Latest Abayas & Gowns Designs with Hijab Styles 2023

Abayas and gowns are first related to the Arabic culture, so in Pakistan, there are new fashion trends according to the trends followed in Arab countries. In Arabs, they are sensed as the long dress that covers all the body parts. Hijab is the clothing that only covers the head and hairs, but they are long ones, so they cover the whole body.

Abayas and gowns are now available in many fascinating styles in the market. You can get ready made too and you can get it stitched for you. When you get it stitched for you, you get the margin to add whatever design or piece of cloth you want to add.

By just looking at the abayas and gowns collection of our blog, you will get many designs and styles to get your abayas stitched. You can see the images to get an idea and then get it stitched in the style you feel comfortable. Nowadays fancy and multicolored abayas are also available. With the increasing demand and increased fashion trends, they are also getting modernized.

Now you can see that designers have added buttons and colorful motifs and embroideries in the new collection. By giving a look at these pictures, you will get to know about the attractive and innovative emerges in abayas and gowns designing. Modernizing the trend of Hijab and Abaya, artists have also made a fashion line to select from them. Choose the suitable one for you and cover yourself in a decent manner!!

Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-14 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-15 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-16 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-17 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-18 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-19 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-20 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-21 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-22 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-23 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-24 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-25 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-26 Designer-Abayas-and-Gowns-27

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