Summer heat has hit Pakistan and every woman is seen wearing lawn jora everywhere. Well yeah , that’s the biggest sign of Summers in Pakistan! If you haven’t prepared for the Summer, then you are late but never-mind. Lets see what can you do to catch up for New Summer Nail Art Designs Nail Color Trends 2017 easily.

From Lawn Joras to more refreshing drinks that keep us hydrated throughout, Summer is also about fashion! To meet the craziness of lawn fights nationwide, nail art must be looked around too!  The nail art of summer is much different from that of winter season. It is important to keep in mind the current season while designing and decorating your nails. Here are mentioned the New Summer Nail Art Designs & Nail Color Trends 2017 for all Pakistani girls out there.

  • French Manicure

One of the most favorite nail art that we all love! Yes , French Manicure is simple yet elegant of all that makes your hands look neat and beautiful more than any other type. To make a French manicure, first a pink color base is applied which is followed by a white paint to the ends of nails. At the end, transparent shiny nail paint is applied to completely cover the nail. This is the simplest and quickest way of decorating your nails. The application of nail paint matters a lot in the beauty of your nails, so you must be careful while applying them.

  • Shooting Stars

Apart from naked tones of French Manicure, “Shooting Stars” is the most trendy and latest design for summer season in 2017. It is a unique addition to the nail art world. You can carry it for late night parties or some formal functions that would complement your dress and makeup overall. The Shooting Star nail manicure is inspired by beautiful night sky.Thus, stars are added to nails. A dark colored paint, mostly black is applied and followed by addition of small stars to the nails. This makes a beautiful galaxy pattern which is perfect for late night parties and events such as New Year’s Eve.

  • Red Sparkle

Another type for summer season is the “Red Sparkling” art. The name clearly indicates that it  sparkles in red color. Red color is the hottest color for summer season and most of the summer dresses are of red color. So, these dresses can be complemented with red sparkling nail art. Various patterns can be used to add sparkle. Covering nails completely with red shimmer is most common pattern. However, red shimmer can also be added in the form of stripes over the deep red color paint.

  • Bling

Bling nail art was quite famous back  in 2015 but it has been in the trend again in 2017 Summer too.  For this type of design, many things are to be used together in a mixed form. This is also called the “Studded” nail art as it uses some studs and beads. It combines nail paint with silver or gold rhinestones and glitter in a mixed pattern. Small rhinestones of golden and silver color are used to completely cover the nail. In the same way, glitter of gold and silver color are also used to cover the nail. A light base color can also be used before applying the stones and glitter.

  • Golden Dots

Polka Dots have always been in!  In Nail Art trends for Summer 2017, “Gold Dots” is the most funky and shiny type of art in which a dark color paint is applied as base color followed by the application of golden color small dots.

Trendy Summer Nail Art Designs & Colors 2017

If you are a nail art design lover then you will surely love whats trending these days in nail art. Scroll down and enjoy the nail art designs for Summer 2017. Happy Nail Art to you!



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