Art of hand nail is a technique which is getting very popular since the past few years. If you know how to create different looks with this art, you can simply play with wide range of colors to give new style to your hand nail every day. There are special brushes that are available in the market and also the embellishing accessories. You can easily purchase them and use them in a creative way to make your hand look beautiful. If you want to know how to do a beautiful art at your home using a really simple technique, then you definitely need to read this. Here you will find Ombre Nail Art Tutorial With Detailed Steps & Pictures that can really make your nails look stunning. This technique is especially useful in case you are wearing a dress with contrast colors.

Things Required For Ombre Nail Art:

It is a very simple art of ombre form that can be done using:

  • Two paints of different colors
  • A toothpick
  • A makeup sponge
  • Remover
  • A topcoat
  • Brush to be used with nail polish remover

Ombre Nail Art Tools


Step # 1: Apply Your Favorite Color

In the first step of ombre nail art, apply one color of polish on your nails. If you are using a dark and light combination of two polishes, use the light one in the first step and let it dry completely.



Step # 2: Add Small Quantity Of Colors

Now on a plain surface, add a small quantity of both colors close to each other. Try to not mix them.



Step # 3: Mix the two Shades

Now use a toothpick and mix the two colors on the area where they meet. If you want slight gradient then mix the colors in smaller quantity otherwise you can mix them together completely with the toothpick creating some swirls.



Step # 4: Tap Sponge On Mixed Shades

Now use the sponge and tap it slightly on the mixed colors.



Step # 5: Tap Sponge On Your Nails

Then use that sponge on your hand nails and slightly press it on them until an Ombre effect of your choice is created. Instead of rubbing it on the nails, simply tap it in up and down direction. Do not repeat the taping unless the first layer is dried. Otherwise, you may not be able to get the desired effects on your hand nails and it would all get smudged.



Step # 6: Apply the Topcoat

Now to create a smooth surface of the same place, apply the topcoat as many times as required. Using the sponge can make the surface of the hand nail polish quite rough, so, most of the times you may need more than one top coat to level it out.


Step # 7: Remove Extra Nail Paint

The rest of the nail paint on the skin around the nail can be removed by using remover with the help of a plain brush.




And as simple as that, your Ombre nail art is completed. You can even use more than two colors but that requires a lot of time as well as skills to do that. You can also use glitter colors to have shiny and shimmery hand nail effects.




You can use any color of your choice and according to your outfit, then simply follow these steps you can even add some glitter and shimmer at your nails.


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