Stylish party wear cocktail dresses and gowns 2019

Yayy!! I am happy to know that cocktail dresses are again in fashion now, although I know that they have never gone out of trend. Now there is a new collection and new designs of stylish party wear cocktail dresses and gowns 2019. The cocktail dress that is noted as cocktail gowns is the party wear dresses for women. The woman wears this type of dress at cocktail parties and other formal or semi-formal occasions.The primary definition of this sort of dressing says that this is a long dress that touches the ankle. But with the time as fashion expands, designers bring up new trends in this genre with other lengths too.

Are you looking for best party wear? we have something unique and appealing attire for evening parties. Yes, these designs would give you stand out appearance. These classy and elegant gowns are chosen according to the party theme. Get the best designer outfit for parties. These days you will see majority designers have launched numerous collection of party gowns. So get ready for opting the best one for any kind of celebration.

Glamorous Cocktail Gowns for Evening Parties

Its true trend has been changing and women are opting latest gown dresses for evening parties. Fashion doesn’t mean to opt everything, you have to choose the dress according to a style that suits you. Get the stylish and glamorous cocktail gowns for any occasion. These attires are available in different stuff like chiffon, cambric dresses, silk, net and georgette outfits. Best Stylo is offering stylish party wear cocktail dresses and gowns 2019. Keep on choosing these outfits to increase the ritzy appearance among several ones. 

Black party wear cocktail dresses and gown baby Pink party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Pink short frock party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Pink short frock party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Aqua party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Long Black party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Electric Blue party wear cocktail dresses and gowns navy blue party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Long Black party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Beige party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Red party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Grey party wear cocktail dresses and gowns White party wear cocktail dresses and gowns

Cocktail Dress Length

  • Tea length

The other ranges in which this beautiful dress comes up are tea length and ballerina length. When you get this appealing attire, and the length of the dress goes 2 inches above the ankle, then this is tea length party wear the cocktail dress.

Gray tea length cocktail dress

  • Ballerina length

If the length of the attire touches ankle, then this is ballerina length that is also noted as the evening gown.

Black Cocktail party Dress

With the modernization now party wear cocktail dresses also come in the short radius. They look very smart and glam. A short range can be till the knees or some girls also make it above the knees. Above the knee, the dress is acceptable in developed and modernized countries, but it is not acceptable in Pakistan. For the sake of mere look, I have attached few designs of above the knee or till knee dresses just for you to get an idea of that look too.

Grey Chiffon long gown party wear

In Pakistan, girls carry this drape in full-length size. At full length, it gives somewhat look like maxi and gown too. This attire is also called gown because it more or less seems like a dress or maxi; difference only comes when you look at its shape. The shape of an outfit is tight from the upper part, and in baggy shape from the lower side. Its sewing technique and flawless look make the outfit look awesome and as well as the girls who wear it looks like the diva.

For Pakistani girls, the designer comes up with the collection of full-length gown look, half-length gown look, round shape and narrow round shape look. All these are available in long length style which makes it easy for Pakistani girls to carry it.

Long length cast:

This attire gives a smart and comfortable choice when you love to wear such outfit. You will feel comfortable when you will wear long length. It gives the modernity look to you for all type of event.

Long Pink cocktail gown

Half-measures cast:

It is the most effective one for the women having slightly shorter heights. You can stitch it in the way that you make half-length from the front and medium length from the back. It assures you that this shape will let you look smarter and give you eye-catching looks. You can make the fully embroidered front of the shirt with the plain back. We have seen that in so many wedding brides love to have this style for their big day.

White half measure cocktail gown

Round shape cast:

This frame is the awesome one; I assure that any girl will look stunner and smart while wearing this frame attire. The round shape will give your outfit extra round umbrella shape that only looks stunning.

Black round shape cocktail party gown

Just to elaborate you more on this outfit we have separated them into categories so you can choose the best one for you. We have gathered the latest collection of party wear cocktail dresses and gowns for you. Now give a look at this collection and choose the one that you think suits you well.

beige party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Red party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Long Grey party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Aqua Blue party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Dark Blue party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Black Long party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Green party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Dark Green party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Beige party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Blue party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Arctic party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Sea Green party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Electric Purple party wear cocktail dresses and gowns Orange party wear cocktail dresses and gowns
White Tail party wear cocktail dresses and gowns

These are the glamorous designs of cocktail gowns that have all kind of elements that would give you standout appearance. Dresses are so adorable and fusion of amazing colours that look best on you. Don’t forget to try out these plush designs for any occasion. It’s up to you either you choose emboridered one or plain one it will enhance your magnificent appearance among the hundred ones at different parties.

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Latest Matha Patti Designs for ladies 2019

There is no full stop to ladies fashion. You will see thousands of varieties of their jewellery, makeup, outfits, and shoes. Yes, this is true it is not easy to figure out a wide range of accessories but there is something which needs our attention too. We are going to discuss Matha Patti today. Best Stylo has brought latest Matha Patti designs for all the fashionista who wants glamorous appearance in every function. This is not easy to get a standout appearance without the exact knowledge and if you have no idea about Matha Patti designs then have a look at below designs. Check out the Latest Matha Patti Designs for ladies 2019

White Matha Patti design

Matha Patti- Eastern look for Ladies

Eastern Weddings are incomplete without these Math Patti. Yes, this is true, Matha Patti is the part of bridals jewellery. We have gathered Latest Matha Patti Designs for ladies 2019 If you ever get a chance to visit jewellery market then you will get to know how much wide variety is available to give your traditional bridal look. Matha Patti is the originated from Pathan Culture their ladies love to wear on daily base. Brides use to wear Gold and young girls and teenagers prefer to have artificial on mehndi functions.

Gold Matha Patti design

You will see several bridals are wearing these pieces to give a graceful touch to their personalities. In past years it was famous to some extent but nowadays it has lost somewhere in Pakistan. Pakistani brides are rarely having these but I have seen this accessory widely being used with Indian cultural dresses. Although we have same culture and values we have still lost this fashion somewhere. Matha Patti Design is emerging again with a boom and several girls want to have these with all parties and functions dresses. If you see Indian bridals they are opting these ones for the latest trend. Special designers are paying attention these days to latest Matha Patti designs

Green Matha Patti design

Pathani Matha Patti design

Matha Patti Designs Material


This accessory is available in a different material. Matha Patti designs are available in following materials

  • Silver
  • Gold white plating
  • Diamonds

It will give brides a crown feeling. If you want to have latest designs then go and have at look fashion markets. For latest global designs have a look different internet mediums. You will be amazed to see these ravishing styles and how designers are putting their best to grab attention. Whether bride of Mehndi or Barat function use to wear unique and elegant designs of Matha Patti and these are available in the market to give you a splendid appearance.  Several ranges of designs are being offered by different designers at affordable prices.

Jhumar Matha Patti design

These pieces are unique and elegant which are grabbing attention. Bride with smoky eye-makeup on Mehndi will make her stunning appearance. Have you ever notice that? How beautiful she is special in floral style Matha Patti. Well, that one is a style for all the brides. Mehndi brides love to choose silver and floral headpieces according to the theme of their dresses. Barat Brides use to opt Gold material Matha Patti on the wedding day. Wedding makeup will give Barat glamorous appearance with Matha Patti.

Diamond and Gold Matha Patti designs are being offered at high prices due to material cost. If you are deciding to have this for your wedding then make sure you have properly planned its cost. It’s up to women what type of design would be perfect? If they are going to attend a wedding in their family then choose unique and elegant designs of headpieces.

Teenagers use to wear party wear frocks and Lehngas in parties or wedding functions. You may have seen their startling appearance among of several ones. Lavish attires with high heels and these Matha Patti designs are giving a pure eastern look to you. Choose your favourite designer go and select your design and wait how beautifully they will design these for your big day. Having a glamorous appearance is everyone’s desire and it’s up to you how will you do justice with that.

Latest Matha Patti designs 2019

Mehndi Matha Patti design

White Pearls Matha Patti design

Elegant Matha Patti design for Barat

Stunning Matha Patti design for barat

Indian Matha Patti design

Beautiful Matha Patti design for barat

check out these beautiful designs that are all set to give you appealing look and if you haven’t get your favourite design then grab this urgent through designers or purchase from the market. They will have a complete range of all type of designs. Whether you are a bride or teenage girls and getting ready for any occasion like the wedding of your friend or sister these spectacular designs are the optimal choice for all the ladies. Get these urgent and make your personality splendid 🙂

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Khaadi New Winter Collection 2019 With Prices

Khaadi first started operating in the late 90’s, 1998 to be exact and it was first launched in Karachi. The product portfolio that they offered to their customers included loose fabric that was actually made from hand-woven fabrics, kurtas, trouser pants, suits etc. This brand was founded with the vision of reviving the classic and ancient craft of the hand-loom and for bringing back the traditional medium of clothing with a contemporary side to it.

Khaadi New Winter Collection 2019 With Prices is full of exciting designs that have intricate embroidery and beautiful embellishments on it. They have gone for bright colours but you can also see colours like beige, light pink and mint green. The label name ‘Khaadi’ was actually inspired by its literal meaning i.e. hand-woven. And since the first day, they started production and till this date, they have stayed true to their name and their promise to keep alive and once again popularize the olden and golden art of handwoven fabrics.

They are masters of creating the perfect fusion of east and west in their exceptional line of clothing and accomplish all this using hand-woven fabrics on their exquisite select products. When it comes to the lines produced and provided by Khaadi, the whole thing works in categories of various concepts. These concepts define different sections of the products that Khaadi has to offer to its clientele. These initially included Pret (Ready-to-Wear), Unstitched (Fabric) and Man (Eastern Wear). However, over the past years, these concepts have evolved and expanded to meet the requirements and growing demands of people.

You can also watch here the designer collection of Pakistani Party Wear Winter Dresses and Latest Stitching Styles Of Pakistani Dresses.

Khaadi Fall Winter Dresses Collection With Prices

Khaadi became producing new lines; Khaas (featuring exclusive and limited-edition pieces), Kids (for 2-12 years old), Accessories (jewellery, stoles and handbags) and Home (featuring furniture, bedding and bath items). These new concepts turned out to be a new found success for Khaadi and people started loving each one of their products even more. And moving forward at the speed of light, Khaadi made the decision to expand internationally in 2010 by venturing into the United Arab Emirates, first in Dubai and later in Abu Dhabi. Then, three years later in 2013, they opened their stores in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and London, England. Since their aggressive expansion strategy proved to be highly profitable for them, they went on opening several retail stores in smaller cities of Pakistan.

Khaadi launched their online store in Pakistan for new doors of possibilities for both them and their customers and allow them to take their business to a whole new level. They have decided to launch their website in various other countries as well and they will continue to do so, this year and the years to come.

Just like every season and every occasion, this time this label has launched Khaadi latest winter dresses for women that is packed with loads of exciting new clothes. Khaadi makes sure that even in such cold weather, we look our stunningly best. Ranging from a wide spectrum of colours, this collection portrays the latest designs delivered on the latest trends. Khaadi cambric collection for winters consists of three-piece high-quality suits with dupattas and trousers priced between 2k to 6k. Take a look for yourself below!!

This timeless combination of black and white looks magnificent in winters. It has embroidery on the border of the shirt. The shawl has beautiful colours in it for a ravishing look.

Black and white dress by khaadi winter collection
PKR 6,800/-

Lighten up your look with this stunning dress by Khaadi. Its alluring design, beautiful colours and intricate patterns are eye-catching. You can pair it up with straight trousers.

Green khaddar dress by khaadi winter collection
RS 6,800/-

Add a pop of colour and joy to your wardrobe with this blue floral designed shirt.  You can pair it up with bell bottom pants or even straight trousers.

Blue floral printed dress by khaadi for winters
PKR 1,900/-

This dress has beautiful prints on it making it a perfect formal wear. Style this shirt with a boat neck and an A-line short shirt to make it look more graceful. You can wear it with bell bottom pants.

Beige dress by khaadi for winter
PKR 2,000/-

This dress speaks for itself. With miniature designs and floral patterns inspired by the antique gardens, this dress is a must have this winter.

Black Linen dress for winter by khaadi
PKR 2,000/-

This floaty and flouncy designed grey suit looks absolutely flawless. This high neck designed shirt with threaded extensions on the border looks flattering from every angle.

Grey suit by khaadi for winters
RS 2,300/-

Blue printed dress by Khaadi is a perfect casual wear for girls who go to university or working women. Its colours are all eye soothing and it looks really elegant because of its designing.

Blue printed dress by khaadi for winter
PKR 2,300/-

Grab the attention of everyone in any party with this long A-line shirt of angrakha style. Its pastel colours and miniature floral patterns are complimenting each other making this dress flawless.

Mint Green dress by khaadi for winter
PKR 2,300/-

This classic yet trendy dress by Khaadi is perfect for casual days where we all want to keep it simple yet stylish. You can pair it up with straight trousers.

Beautiful dress for winter wear by khaadi
RS 2,300/-

Look good, Feel good in this long A-line yellow khaddar dress. It has bright floral patterns on it making it extremely breathtaking.

Khaddar yellow dress by khaadi winter collection
RS 2,300/-

This Baggy styled dress by Khaadi looks chic and cheery. There is embroidery on the neck and is further embellished with buttons. Pair it up with straight trousers.

Flouncy blue dress by khaadi for winter
RS 2,500/-

This dress has intricate embroidery on the neck and looks heavenly with the beautiful print on the background of the shirt. Style it up with either bell bottom pants or tulip pants.

Embroidered dress by khaadi for winter
RS 2,300/-

This magnificent and eye soothing mint dress looks perfect for any formal occasion. Style it as A-line short frock and pair it with either shalwar or straight trousers. See more shalwar kameez dresses here.

Embroidered Mint dress by khaadi for winter
RS 2,500/-

Look totally flawless in this bright coloured dress by Khaadi. It has geometrical patterns on it and embroidery on the neck. Dupatta has huge floral motifs on it making it very beautiful.

Jazzy printed dress by khaadi for winter
RS 3,000/-

This dress has intricate embroidery on the neck making it look ravishing. You can either style it in the long shirt or short shirt depending on your own style statement.

Blues shaded dress for winter by khaadi
RS 3,000/-

Feel fresh this winter in this bright pink dress by Khaadi. It has block printed shirt which has beautiful embellishments on it. You can wear it with straight trousers.

Bright pink dress by khaadi for winter
RS 4,900/-

Steal the show with this yellow embroidered shirt. It has intricate embroidery all over it giving it a very regal look. You can wear it on any party occasions.

Yellow Embroidered dress by khaadi for winter
RS 6,600/-

Look chic style with this jazzy and colourful dress by Khaadi. It has bright coloured embroidery on the neck which is very jaw-dropping. Its dupatta has huge floral patterns on it.

Colorful dress by khaadi for winter
RS 3,200/-

Khaadi Winter Pret Wear

Khaadi brand is not only for unstitched or luxury wear, they keep on introducing different pret wear of every season as you saw in summer collections. They are back with winters pret because we know there is no match for their fabric quality and designs. College-going girls and working females love to have these designs for their casual wear. If you are also looking for casual pret then khaadi is here with ravishing designs. You wouldn’t see such amazing designs anywhere from any other brand so do try winter pret wear which is containing short frocks and embroidered kurta in all sizes.A wide range of colours available to mesmerize you through spectacular designs. Check out the below design

Grey Embroidered kurta by Khaadi
Grey Embroidered kurta – PKR 2,800/-
Blue Printed Kurta by Khaadi
Blue Printed Kurta – PKR 2,000/-
Orange Embroidered Kurta by Khaadi
Orange Embroidered Kurta – PKR 3,500/-
Ferozi Embroidered Kurta by Khaadi
Ferozi Embroidered Kurta – PKR 3,000/-
White Embroidered Kurta by Khaadi
White Embroidered Kurta – PKR 3,400/-
Blue Embroidered Kurta by Khaadi
Blue Embroidered Kurta – PKR 3,200/-
Yellow Embroidered Kurta by Khaadi
Yellow Embroidered Kurta – PKR 3,200/-
Blue Embroidered Kurta by khaadi
Blue Embroidered Kurta – PKR 3,200/-
Pink Embroidered Kurta by Khaadi
Pink Embroidered Kurta – PKR 3,200/-
Blue Embroidered Kurta by Khaadi
Grey Embroidered Kurta – 3,200/-
Brown Embroidered Kurta By Khaadi
Brown Embroidered Kurta – PKR 3,200/-
Black Embroidered Kurta by Khaadi
Black Embroidered Kurta – PKR 3,900/-

This winter, give your styling sense a new direction with beautiful and exclusive designs by Khaadi. Khaadi has once again made it to the hearts of people by launching a collection that is innovative in designs, beautiful in styling and best in terms of quality. So, ladies, hurry up and visit your nearest store to grab some of the amazing dresses at reasonable prices.

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Latest Bridal Shower Dresses For Pakistani Brides 2019

Best Stylo is offering latest bridal shower dresses for Pakistani brides 2019. A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. This custom originated in the 1890s and is today most common in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This custom grew out of the old dowry practices when a poor family can’t afford much and provide a dowry to their daughter. So, in this situation, friends of a woman gather at a place and bring gifts for her that compensate for dowry and then lady can marry a person of choice. Usually, men are not allowed in such functions as they are female centered.

Bridal Shower Collection

Nowadays, trends have changed. Girls take a bridal shower as a festive occasion full of lavish and fancy dresses, food, decorations, and gifts. With wedding season, this western concept of the bridal shower also has taken attention of the middle and elite class. Socialization has led to more competition and more fascination towards this function.

Every bride desires and looks forward to being thrown a festive bridal shower but it’s not very easy because bridal shower needs a lot of planning and preparations. You have to keep an eye on every requirement and all preparations need to be up to the mark. At this time, your presence of mind is the only thing which will make you feel comfortable as well as confident. Look here the remarkable range of top designer wedding dresses for all those lovely girls who are going to be the bride soon.

Pakistani Bridal Wedding Shower Dresses Ideas and Designs 2019

Bridal shower is incomplete without latest bridal shower dresses for Pakistani brides 2019. It is very important to know about what to wear on bridal shower party. You must dress up exactly according to the function requirements and the environment. Selection of dress is an important task not only for bride-to-be but also for the guests invited to bridal shower celebrations. You can opt for off-the-shoulder dresses or others having crop top lehengas and skirts for a bridal shower. Such western dresses with assorted styles look so stylish but you can look classier with our traditional accustomed dresses. The traditional Pakistani frocks are much festive to wear on such occasions as they have perfect embellishment of western cuts with eastern ones.

Bridesmaid Bridal shower collection

Glamorous themes look fabulous on bridal shower occasion. Different contrasting colour patterns can be followed by addition of shimmery look in all assortments including dresses and background. For a bride-to-be, white looks beautiful as it is a symbolic gesture to tell others about the bride. This will happen only if no one else wears white.

After the dress, the makeover and hairdo also matter a lot. Go for a light and smooth makeup with a light gold or pink shimmer on eyelids. Apply kajal with eyeliner if it suits you. You also have an option to apply silver shimmery eyeshadow towards the inner side of eyes. It will make eyes look broader than normal because it outlines the whole look. You can watch here the step by step tutorial of how to make eyes look bigger with makeup.

White Bridal Shower outfit

Pair your dress with simple and elegant accessories like waist belt, pendant, earrings, hand rings, and bracelet etc. to bring out personality. Keep one thing in mind that not to put on many things because going with fewer things will make it easy to carry and it is well known saying that simplicity is supreme excellence. Add curls to hairs or keep them straight in place with the help of a beautifully simple white pearl pin.

If you are planning a bridal shower for your sister, friend or a cousin, there are plenty of themes which can be incorporated into the perfect function. Add different music games and other interesting activities. Don’t forget yourself in all these preparations. Your dress must also stand outstanding in the whole function.  For colour selection, seasonal variations must be considered. With winters, dazzling and bright colours look cute. In winters, choose long maxi and gown style dresses for bridal wear because they will not only keep you warm but also adore you with a modest look. 

Shocking Pink outfit for Bridal shower collection

Your dress gives an insight of your personality so you must keep it on point especially among relatives. The dresses with waist belt look so special and make you look elegant and smart. Go for some funky prints like polka dots, lining, floral patterns and strip designs. Decent combination of hues can make you look terrific. Select decent bows and laces with the dress because they look so classy with the even simple dress.

For a bride, you can select a sash to make her look prominent in the crowd. White flower band for bridal shower looks so beautiful on the head and also adds style to the hairdo. The new trend of the crown for bride-to-be adds a perfect royal look to the bride and also makes her feel special. Scroll down and watch the new dress up ideas for a bridal shower. I hope you will love this wedding collection and find it interesting too. 🙂

Happy Bride to be Bridal Shower Collection

Bridesmaid BridalShower collection

baby pink silk maxi with upper body and wide bottom

black bridal shower wear saree with golden work

embellished bridal shower tail dress paired with capri

floor length gown style dress with embellished cape

light shirt with cutwork paires with straight trouser

long bridal shower gown style frock having simple net gown

off-the-shoulder floor length frock with waist belt

off-white and black straight silk trouser and shirt

pink floor length bridal shower dress

pink sarree with off-white floral embroidery

pink top paired with white skirt and black leggings

royal gown with heavy layering at bottom

short sleeves top paired with pink trouser

bridal shower crop top paired with floral skirt

long white net layered bridal shower frock

light pink bridal shower saree with cropped blouse

Ladies! Let us know your thoughts and views regarding these amazing bridal shower dresses 2019.  For wedding shower decorations, there is no need to spend much money, in fact, you can transform many extra items in a home in different decoration props. Enjoy the function 🙂

Have A Look At More Collections Below:

Zainab Chottani Latest Winter Silk Collection 2019 Party Dresses

Zainab Chottani is a very talented Pakistani fashion designer whose work we have seen over the past decade in many fashion shows. She has proved her metal in the fashion industry by launching a variety of collections like bridal collections, pret wear, lawn collection and formal wears. This winter, she has launched amazing and totally breathtaking collection by the name of Zainab Chottani latest winter silk collection 2019.

In this beautiful collection, we can see that she has gone for pure silk including beautiful and adorable prints and designs on it perfect for any party occasion. The colours we can see in this collection are mainly Plum, Grey, Shades of Blue and Rose Pink. But other than that, there are pastel colours also has been used accompanying the stunning designs. Zainab Chottani has proved that she provides the best of the best when it comes to quality and designs.

Her signature style usually revolves around the creation of designer bridal wear dresses and she has further ventured into categories that include pret and haute couture. And so, she has become a well-renowned fashion designer in Pakistan, best known for her work in bridal couture that has not only been featured in fashion shows in Pakistan but also in countries like USA, Dubai and England.

Though initially, she started her fashion label under the name of Zainab Sajid back in 1999, she, later on, changed it to Zainab Chottani. This change seems to have agreed with her since she went on to become a tough competitor in the fashion market. Her trademark styles are traditional which have been highly inspired by the Mughal Era in the Sub Continent. The colour palettes and needlework embroidery in her creations reflect a touch of something regal and royal. Even the cuts, tailoring and styles are inspired by ethnicity and culture.

Zainab Chottani Party Dresses 2019 Silk Collection For Winters

Each new season, Pakistani fashion designers and brands try to bring you something new and interesting. They put a lot of effort into creating something unique and striking for their customers in each of their collections. This winter, Zainab Chottani decided to bring something innovative and unique to her customers and release a collection that will serve as a warm treat in the cool weather. Zainab Chottani latest winter silk collection 2019 was launched through a successful and powerful collaboration between style and innovation. It was also a fresh change for Zainab Chottani to do something other than designer bridal wear and this partnership seemed like the perfect combination to kick it off and get on with it. You really would not want to miss this one.

This specific collection comprises of dresses that are just perfect when it comes to semi-formal wear and party wear this winter! This line is also best suited for women with a taste of fashion and young girls who just have to stay stylish and catch on with the changing trends each season. This dynamic duo has made use of some very dynamic and exciting colours like purple, royal blue, grey, green, yellow and pink etc.

These three-piece casual dresses are available in all outlets and you can style them up according to your own fashion sense along with embroidered and printed shirts, sleeves and borders and a woollen shawl/printed dupatta and dyed shalwar to go with it. Priced at PKR 8,950/-, these dresses are available for sale in stores nationwide. Let’s have a look at these amazing masterpieces.

Enthralling Tales by zainab chottani silk collection for winter
PKR 8,950/-
Blue and Rust silk party wear by zainab chottani
RS 8,950/-
Yellow and Grey dress for party wear by zainab chottani's silk collection
PKR 8,950/-
Mauve silk dress for party wear by zainab chottani
RS 8,950/-
Short silk shirt with tulip pants by zainab chottani's silk collection
RS 8,950/-
Vintage Ambrosia from silk collection by zainab chottani for party wear
RS 8,950/-
Chrysanthemum for party wear by zainab chottani's silk winter collection
PKR 8,950/-
Colonial Jardion by zainab chottani silk collection
PKR 8,950/-
Oriental Bliss from silk winter collection by zainab chottani
RS 8,950/-
Purple dress by zainab chottani from silk winter collection
RS 8,950/-
Blue and grey silk dress for parties by zainab chottani
PKR 8,950/-
Embroidered silk dress by zainab chottani for winter parties
RS 8,950/-
Pastel hues by zainab chottani for winter
PKR 8,950/-
Short Silk shirt with flared pants by zainab chottani for winter
PKR 8,950/-
Floral silk dress for party wear by zainab chottani
RS 8,950/-
Blue Colonial jarden by zainab chottani for fall
RS 8,950/-

Zainab Chottani new winter party wear silk dresses has already gained a lot of appreciation because of its beautiful and breathtaking designs which are infused with rich and exotic colours creating eye soothing and attractive dresses. Such kind of dresses is best for party occasions in winter. We can see that the trousers of these dresses are also embellished with either intricate embroidery or some net laces and pearls. The use of embellishments like beads, pearls and tassels are much prominent on the sleeves and on the border of the shirt making it look really stylish and elegant.

We can see the diversity in these designs is so much evidence that you can pair these shirts with either flared pants or bell bottom trousers or even tulip pants according to your own fashion statement. In all the styles, everything will look spic and span because the ensemble of exotic colours and heavenly designs can never go wrong together. You can even style your shirts in different styles like either knee-length or short A-line shirts or long shirts. These dresses look best with high heels. You can wear different accessories to glam your look for a party.

Zainab Chottani Luxury Pret collection

You may have gone through numerous lines of Zainab chottani brand but like every year they have introduced newest range for luxury pret collection. If you haven’t tried out yet then this winter season you must try such amazing and incredible designs. The high-quality fabric has been used in these amazing designs. Perfect colours are mesmerizing all ladies, Luxury Pret Collection is being offered at affordable prices so anyone can afford these stunning prints for any occasion. Check out Following

Burgundy Fiesta Luxury Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Burgundy Fiesta – PKR. 49,500/-
Rose Gold And Silver Luxury Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Rose Gold And Silver – PKR. 45,000/-
Navy Blue & Pink Luxury Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Navy Blue & Pink – PKR. 38,000/-
Salmon Pink & Beige Luxury Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Salmon Pink & Beige – PKR 42,000/-
Greige & Pink Luxury Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Greige & Pink – PKR 47,500/-
Aqua & Teal Luxury Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Aqua & Teal – PKR 35,500/-

Zainab Chottani Casual Pret Wear Collection

what to wear casually is the biggest dilemma of every working lady or college going girls. Zainab chottani, a leading brand is showcasing top-quality casual wear this year too. Get the best-designed pret wear for your casual wear.  If you people are looking for incredible designs along with beautiful colours then Zainab chottani is one of that brand who is considering your all needs and launching latest pret wear that will fascinate you. Catch glimpse of following designs and have them in your wardrobe.

Berry Glow Casual Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Berry Glow – PKR 19,500/-
Ink Blue Giardino Casual Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Ink Blue Giardino – PKR 19,500/-
Ivory Gardenia Casual Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Ivory Gardenia – PKR 19,500/-
Champagne Blush Casual Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Champagne Blush – PKR 19,500/-
Metallic Flair Casual Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Metallic Flair – PKR 19,500/-
Midnight Sparkle Casual Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Midnight Sparkle – PKR 19,500/-
Pink Nouveau Casual Pret Collection by Zainab Chottani
Pink Nouveau – PKR 19,500/-

Ladies, grab the attention of everyone in any party by just going for one of these stunning and adorable dresses. Once you will shop at Zainab Chottani, you will never regret because when it comes to quality of the fabric and latest designing, then Zainab Chottani is the first name that pops up in any fashionista’s mind. Happy Shopping!! 🙂

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Latest Bridal Walima Dresses 2019 In Pakistan

BestStylo is exhibiting latest designs of Pakistani walima dresses 2019 for all the brides to make sure they will look exquisite and elegant which would add detail to their Reception event. The wedding is a memorable occasion that comes just immediately in each one’s life. Pakistani weddings include three functions of marriage, one of them is walima. Each young lady is as much cognizant about bridal walima dress as about Mehndi and Barat dresses.

For walima, masters of Pakistani and Indian fashion brought the breathtaking collection of lehenga with an overwhelming long shirt and substantial dupatta and a long shirt with sharara and dupatta. Some intensely worked on pashwas or an Anarkali dress with Churidar Pajama and vast dupatta. The considerable work done on these dresses incorporates zari, dabka, globule work, weaving, string work, stones, sequin, Kundan, cut dana and some more.

grey and purple shaded bridal walima dress

Today, we are taking you to the fashion journey of bridal walima dresses in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. We brought here new designs of elegant bridal walima dresses 2019 for Asian weddings. These dresses are from the most famous Pakistani fashion designers like Maria B, HSY, Fahad Hussayn, Deepak Perwani, Zainab Chottani, Jannat Nazir and many more. Fashion designers bring some amazing collection of bridal walima dresses. Here is some superb collection by those all designers.

pakistani walima dresses grey and blue

lehenga with choli bridal walima dress

Beige Floral Lehnga Walima Collection

Sea Green lehnga with Long Shirt Walima Collection

gown style walima dresses for wedding

long anarkali frock style walima dress

Classic Designs for Walima Dresses 

Pakistani marriage walima dresses collection 2018 comprises of delicate, appealing and satisfying hues. The Pakistani young ladies need to wear something other than what’s expected and something changed then the brilliant shading lehenga of the wedding day. The planners of Pakistan think about the requests of ladies, and they have presented the light, creamy and fair hues in the walima dress 2019. Pink, parrot, light blue, light green, off-white, grey, purple, peach and so forth are the best colours for walima dresses. These all walima dresses collections are designed by the best and the topmost Pakistani and Indian Fashion designers.

As per the latest dress designs for walima dresses 2019, there ought to be a similarity or coordinating of shades of the dresses of both lady and prep. Differentiate or the blend of diverse hues can likewise be seen nowadays like the woman is wearing pink and husband to be is wearing dark or white. And if a lady wears red, then prepare is wearing skin hues or dark shading. In Pakistani wedding, walima dresses gathering 2019, new design patterns and shading plans of marriage walima dresses have presented which will pull later on ladies with their charms. See more bride and groom wedding dresses here.

Orange and Grey Combo walima Collection

Dark Embroidered Grey Frock Walima Collection

Beige Navy Blue Fusion Walima Collection

light shaded wedding bridal walima dresses

Choices are countless. There are diverse styles and plans of Pakistani Bridal Walima Dresses. Walima dresses for spouses in Pakistan are outlined in distinctive hues. Red is the most widely recognized shading that is utilizing for the marriage dresses of Barat occasion. However, nowadays spouses likewise wear numerous different shades separated from red on the Barat occasion. For Barat, for the most part, dim and splendid hues are utilized and for walima, spouses lean toward light tones.

The mixed bag of hues is employed for walima dresses which incorporate dark, peach, pink, purple, skin, yellow Furthermore white and so forth. Peach is the most event shading of this current year for walima dresses among ladies; however dark is likewise exceptionally requesting among spouses nowadays.

In back years, ladies like bright shades of walima dresses e.g. maroon, red, dim blue, green, silver and so forth. But now in the present day, age patterns are changing and individuals pretend western society to wear light shading dresses like greyish, light blue, light green, brilliant and numerous others. These bright hues are most appropriate today time capacities and ideal for a summer season. However, for night functions or in the winter season, you can likewise pick dim tones for your wedding dress. See here latest mehndi dresses for wedding brides.

bridal long gown style walima dresses

long shirt with lehenga walima dresses

Open Shirt Style Walima Dress Collection

Short Shirt With Multi Color Lehnga Walima Collection

long frock style bridal walima dresses

long shirt with lehenga bridal dresses

Long Frock With Lehnga Walima Dress Collection

Stunning Walima Sarees Collection For Bridals

Walima/reception is not limited to long frocks, short shirts with lehengas or long shirts with lehengas. Now the trend has been changed people are preferring sarees too for their special day. BestStylo brings Latest Dress Designs For Walima/ Reception 2019 including sarees too. You will definitely love these designs for sure and if you are not in a mood to have frocks styles with churidars, then you can have sarees.

Let me clear one thing here saree is somehow being considered a tradition of India but now Pakistani designers have launched the Pakistani tradition with a fusion of Indian texture to please you by staying in Pakistani customs. Several Designers have changed their approach to walima and they are designing high-quality fabric sarees for your reception. You can see more Pakistani sarees Collection  here. 🙂

Pink with Golden Border Sarees Walima Collection

Black and Beige Georgette and Net Saree Walima Collection

Pink and off white Georgette Saree walima Collection

These are some traditional designs which will definitely leave you to spellbound through frocks and sarees collection for your big day. Choose any design from above and make your day spectacular through stunning personality. 😉

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EGO New Winter Collection 2019 Ready To Wear Dresses With Price

The brand EGO was launched in December 2006 and has since gained a lot of popularity on the fashion front in Pakistan. It is one of the brands that became renowned really quickly and became a top contender in the fashion race countrywide. One of the ways that allow labels to quickly and effectively reach their target audience namely the young men and women is through social media advertising.

EGO new winter collection 2019 ready to wear dresses has already gained a lot of attention because of this fast service. In their winter collection, we can see some of the best of the best designs which are innovative and full of fun. EGO has made use of this very strategy and has been able to spread the word about their company on a large scale through social media. It not only facilitates the provision of information regarding their label but also details about each dress from every one of their collections. They also have a functional website to facilitate the purchase of dresses and other accessories through their online web-store and e-catalogues.

Roar Jumpsuit by Ego
Roar Jumpsuit

They mainly specialize in providing ready to wear women’s clothing. Their dresses are the perfect attire to carry off on casual occasions and for party wear purposes. Their range of products encapsulates all kinds of Kurtas, Tunics, Tops, Churidars, Trouser Pants, Wraps, Handbags and other fashion accessories. Over the past 8 years, its popularity seems to be only growing. It has become one of the favourite options for not only women but also girls who run out of choice to wear every day casually or for parties and the like.

Black Pirouette by Ego

EGO showcases the latest of trends in women’s clothing. Their line of clothing is extended to the provision of very chic and fashionable casual wear, stunning party wear and also a bit of semi-formal wear. They have not yet ventured into full-fledged formal wear or the clothing that is worn on ceremonies like weddings etc. Do Check also Latest Winter Party Dresses and Latest Designer Winter Dresses for Pakistani girls.

EGO Fall Winter Shirts Latest Designs For Girls 

The underlying inspiration of creations by EGO is derived from bold and dramatic yet sophisticated juxtaposition of colours, prints, patterns, styles and embroidery. All the Pakistani dresses they offer are available in 4 convenient sizes ranging from extra small to large. The thing about the fitting of their clothing is that it is tailored to perfection. All the stitches are sewn exactly where they belong. When you try on any one of the dresses, you will feel like it was crafted and tailored just for you, that is how well they fit. They also have a size chart available on their website to assist their customers when it comes to selecting the right size for the items they have shopped.

The materials used in the fabrics and even the embellishments and embroidery are high quality and worthy of the prices they charge. Most of the shirts are in one single colour apart from the printed ones and they look absolutely graceful and sophisticated when contrasted with just the right design of embroidery and needlework. With the arrival of winter season, this brand has launched a collection to cater to the current fashion needs while providing the comfort of warm clothing. You will find the latest styles and cuts paired with lovely embroidery which is just perfect for casual to semi-formal occasions in EGO new winter collection 2019 Ready To Wear Dresses With Prices. Let’s have a look!!

Give your fashion sense a new direction in this versatile and unique dress by EGO that has printed panels and intricate embroidery on the neck.

Trendy Winter wear by Ego
PKR 2,951/-

Ever heard of “simple is a new grace”? Well, if not, then here is an epitome of this saying. Keeping it all simple yet trendy, this beautiful amalgam of soft colours looks totally breathtaking.

Stylish short shirt by ego for winters
PKR 2,250/-

Blue and White never go out of style. Wear this stylish and stunning shirt for any occasion be it any casual day out with friends or an informal family gathering. You can pair it up with ripped jeans to look more comfy and casual.

Blue Chic styled winter wear by ego
RS 2,450/-

This dress has a beautiful combination of yellow, blue and brown making it stand out in this collection. You can wear it with bell bottom pants on any formal occasion.

Yellow shirt by Ego for winter
PKR 2,450/-

Grab the attention of everyone in this red dress by EGO. It has patterns and designs that are inspired by vintage and ancient times. You can wear it with black straight trousers.

Deep Red Kurta by ego for winter
RS 2,450/-

Wear your perfect style in this floral yellow dress. You can pair it up with shalwar to make it more comfy looking. See here Latest Shalwar Kameez Designs for Women

Floral Yellow dress by Ego for winter
RS 2,650/-

Whether it is summer or winter, the demand for pastel hues never fades out. This sophisticated floral dress looks really ravishing and is a must have this winter.

Pastel colored dress by ego for fall
RS 2,650/-

Find your perfect style in the sea green dress. It is an epitome of grace and elegance. You can wear it for any occasion from casual days to any formal gathering.

Sea Green Elegant dress by ego for winter
PKR 2,650/-

Light up your look in this pastel coloured dress that has floral patterns on the neck. Its styling is simple but it looks flattering from every angle. You can wear it on any casual days where you want to keep it all simple and trendy.

Peach shaded dress by ego for fall
RS 2,650/-

This colourful and jazzy A-line shirt frock is an epitome of fun and joyous winter wear. You can wear it with either black trouser or even jeans depending on where you are heading to. See here Latest Pakistani Fashion Short Frocks

Jazzy A line shirt by ego for winter wear
RS 2,750/-

Look good, Feel good in this dress. It has beautiful and stylish patterns on it and you can wear it on any casual days.

Blue Shaded dress for winter by ego
PKR 2,750/-

Wear your style in this flouncy and floaty shirt by EGO. It had beautiful designing of nature on it and you can wear it with straight trousers.

Trendy winter wear by ego
PKR 2,850/-

This dress is perfect for any formal meeting or a formal gathering at your workplace. It has beautiful geometrical patterns on it with adorable shades of peach.

Peach shaded dress by Ego for winter
PKR 2,951/-

Tired of all those fancy embellishments? Give yourself a break and look comfortable in this plum shirt by EGO. You can wear it with ripped jeans and white sneakers to look all chic and classy.

Plum Chic styled shirt for winter by ego
RS 2,951/-

Dress to impress with this boho styled shirt by EGO. It looks simple yet stylish and modern. You can wear it with jeans and pull out the comfy look.

Boho styked shirt for girl by ego winter collection
RS 2,951/-

Wear this timeless combination of black and white this winter and look radiant. You can wear it with straight trousers or bell bottom trousers.

Black and White shirt by ego for fall
RS 2,951/-

Look all traditional in this beautiful shirt by EGO that has embroidery on the neck. On the border of the shirt, we can see adorable designing.

Traditional styled shirt by ego for winter
RS 3,250/-

Quick View on Ego New Arrivals 2019

You may have come across various designs of Ego pret, But in this section, we have brought a quick view of latest arrivals. Check out the below designs and do your winter shopping this year from Ego. They are offering best designs which are hard to find from somewhere else. So get ready Ladies for marvellous designs

Flawless Maroon by Ego
Flawless Maroon
Wave after wave by Ego
Wave after wave
Soulful by Ego
Fancy Polka by Ego
Fancy Polka
Humming Bird by Ego
Humming Bird
Damsel by Ego
Glow by Ego
Tusk By Ego

Ego Best Lowers Collection

All these ready-to-wear shirts are incomplete with perfect bottoms. I can bet that you wouldn’t find these incredible and best design trousers and tights anywhere. Low-quality bottoms would ruin your whole outfit. Ego is not having shirts only, now you can get your desired trouser as well. From shalwar, straight pants, button pants to loop pants, everything is available. Each Color is available in bottoms and it would fit best with Ego shirts. With the arrival of winter collection, special bottoms have been designed as well. Affordable prices would be another jackpot for ladies after grabbing inexpensive shirts. Grab your favourite one and give yourself stunning appearance in all winters.

Polka Dot pants By Ego
Polka Dot pants
Zip It pants by Ego
Zip It pants
Tie Up Pants by Ego
Tie Up Pants
Button Pants by Ego
Button Pants
Black Straight pant by Ego
Black Straight Pant
Shalwar by Ego

EGO has once again surprised us with their classy, simple yet modern styled shirts and dresses. They have something special for everyone out there. Their innovative and unique styles have already gained a lot of appreciation and attention. People from all over the country are rushing to their nearest outlet to pick some of the best of the best dresses from this collection.

EGO surely knows how to take care of their customers from outside Pakistan. They have launched their web-store so that people abroad can avail this opportunity as well. Ladies, don’t miss a chance to grab your favourite masterpieces from this winter collection 2019 by EGO.

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Nishat Linen New Pret Wear Winter Collection 2019 With Prices

Usually, winters are all about warm and dark colours complementing the feel of the cold weather. We wish to be wrapped in our warm browns, blues and blacks. Most of our winter wardrobe comprises of dark hues because darker colours or dull ones are associated with a bit of warmth in comparison with other colours. So even in the markets, you will find most winter apparel to be of dark, warm shades. And since the arrival of winters in Pakistan and many other parts of the world, the latest collections for this icy cold weather are flooding the market which has resulted in tons of competition for old, established brands as well as new entrants.

Every brand out there will be lining up to give the customers a taste of what their latest collection has in store for them. This also creates and promotes a healthy competition among the competitors in the market, especially when each brand is trying their best to introduce the latest trends in competitively high-quality fabrics and materials. So, whether its the arrival of winter season or any of the remaining three, the fashion and textile market get filled with the newest trends for women, men and kids which makes it extremely exciting for all shopaholics out of which a winning majority is undoubted of women no matter what age and ethnicity.

Nishat Linen Ready To Wear Winter Dresses 2018 With Prices

Shopping is one language that speaks to all. Fashions take a longer time to change or shift while trends change every other season and this season is no stranger to the newest trends in the market. And a good news for all those shopaholic women out there starts with the brand itself, the famous Nishat. This season, Nishat Linen new pret wear winter collection 2019 brings to you all that you are looking for and definitely will find now in their latest collection. This collection comprises of a bit of semi-formal wear mixed with a hint of casuals that are perfect for both party wear, evening functions and even a few formal to semi-formal events depending upon the occasion itself and of course, your personal style.

The brand Nishat is famous for introducing innovative and trend-setting designs in Pakistan and it would not be surprising if they were to go global. Though, the internet, their website and their online web store has made it possible for anyone to order their products from all over the world which also adds a larger target market to their clientele. And one of the best things about designs by Nishat is that they are a clever mix of eastern and western clothing, having tradition and modernity going side by side. This allows them to successfully attract a high customer size.

Latest Arrivals of Nishat Linen Collection

This year’s winter collection is all about vibrant yet soothing shades and hues that go brilliantly well with the weather. It has made use of warmer fabrics like fine cotton, linen and cambric in this line. Scroll down and see some of the amazing prints by Nishat Linen latest winter collection for women!!

Look chic and stylish with this denim styled shirt by Nishat. You can wear it with straight jeans or bell bottom jeans on casual days if you are heading towards your workplace or your university.

Denim styled shirt by Nishat pret wear winter collection
PKR 1,900/-

This adorable shirt has intricate embroidery on the neck with light Grey colour which is adding a lot of life and colour to the digital printed background. It looks best when worn with bell bottom trousers or flared pants.

Beautiful dress by nishat pret wear winter collection
PKR 2,350/-

Brighten up your winters with this colourful shirt. It has vintage styled digital designs on it making it all girly and fun to wear. You can wear it on casual days with either jeans or trousers.

Colorful shirt by nishat for winter wear pret collection
RS 2,350/-

This colourful and comfy shirt by Nishat is perfect for days where you want to keep it all simple yet graceful. It has intricate designs on it making it totally adorable.

Bright Pink shirt for fall by nishat pret collection
Rs 2,350/-

Dressing in winters has never been this exciting. Look all funky and colourful in this digital printed pret wear by Nishat. You can pair it up with black flared pants.

Funky shirt by nishat for fall pret collection
PKR 2,450/-

This trendy and stunning floral shirt is a must have this winter. You can pair it up with either jeans or white trousers. The bright floral designs are eye-catching making it perfect for any hangout with family or friends.

Floral Pret wear for winter by nishat
RS 2,500/-

Give your fashion sense a new direction with this classic and trendy shirt. The minimalist and pastel-coloured patterns are attractive. You can wear it with straight pants.

Blue shirt by nishat pret wear collection for fall
PKR 2,500/-

This pastel coloured digital pret wear by Nishat looks stylish. You can wear it on occasions like formal gatherings or parties. This look does not require much effort. Just grab this beautiful piece by Nishat and pair it up with straight white trousers and you are ready to go.

Digital Pret wear for fall by nishat
RS 2,500/-

This timeless combination of black and white looks best in winter. Whether you are going out with your friends or you have an important meeting at your workplace, you can wear this shirt with black bell bottom pants and rock this look.

Stunning digital pret wear by nishat for winters
RS 2,500/-

Tired of same boring colours all day every day? Bring a pop of colour to your wardrobe with this beautiful shirt. Bright and deep red roses are complementing the black background. You can wear it with black bell bottom trousers.

Classic roses pret wear for fall by nishat
PKR 2,700/-

Look good, Feel good in this digitally printed shirt by Nishat. Its pastel colours and floral patterns look really attractive. You can wear it when going out with friends.

Pastel hues shirt by nishat pret wear for fall
RS 2,750/-

This short A-line shirt looks flattering from every angle. It has geometrical designs all over it with floral embroidery making it really elegant and sophisticated.

A line shirt by nishat pret wear for winter
RS 2,800/-

Whether it’s summers or winters, Red never goes out of fashion. This red coloured shirt looks totally breathtaking. It has beautiful and charming designs on the border. You can wear it with rust straight trousers or tights.

red pret wear by nishat for fall
PKR 2,900/-

Light up your look in this beautiful shirt by Nishat that has an amalgam of colours in it. The polka dots paired with huge floral patterns looks heavenly and is a must have this winter.

Jazzy black pret wear by nishat for fall
RS 2,900/-

Confused on what to wear in any formal gathering? Here is the solution to your problem. This white coloured shirt can never go wrong. With its antique and vintage prints on the border, this pret wear can be your saviour.

Classic White pret wear for winters by nishat
PKR 3,200/-

This beautiful and eye soothing fresh lime coloured pret has huge motifs on it making it all perfect to wear on casual days.

Fresh lime pret wear by nishat for winter
PKR 2,350/-

This bright pink shirt is both comfortable and stylish. The bright lime coloured border on the hem and neck is adding a pop of colour to it. You can wear it with straight trousers.

Stunning pret wear by nishat for fall
PKR 2,350/-

Find your perfect style with this white pret wear that has bold and huge designs on it making it perfect to wear when you are hanging out with your friends. Pair it up with skin bell bottom pants.

Bold printed pret wear by nishat for winter
PKR 2,900/-

Quick View for Nishat Ready to wear

Yellow Digital Printed Stitched Crepe Shirt by Nishat Pret wear
Yellow Digital Printed Stitched Crepe Shirt – PKR 2,400/-
Orange Embroidered Stitched Karandi Shirt by Nishat Pret wear
Orange Embroidered Stitched Karandi Shirt – PKR 2,500/-
Black Embroidered Stitched Karandi Shirt by Nishat Pret wear
Black Embroidered Stitched Karandi Shirt – PKR 3,200/-
Black Embroidered Stitched Sateen Shirt by Nishat Pret wear
Black Embroidered Stitched Sateen Shirt – PKR 3,200/-
 Blue Embroidered Stitched Crepe Shirt by Nishat Pret wear
Blue Embroidered Stitched Crepe Shirt – PKR 2,500
 Blue Embroidered Stitched Sateen Shirt by Nishat Pret wear
Blue Embroidered Stitched Sateen Shirt – PKR 2,750
Brown Digital Printed Stitched Silk Shirt by Nishat Pret wear
Brown Digital Printed Stitched Silk Shirt – PKR 4,900/-
Blue Embroidered Stitched Crepe Shirt by Nishat Pret wear
Blue Embroidered Stitched Crepe Shirt – PKR 2,900/-

Nishat Linen Unstitched Winter Collection

You may have come across above pret wear and now we are showcasing few glimpse of unstitched winter collection as well. Yep, this is true NL is all set to mesmerize you through stunning designs and colour combinations. If you people haven’t tried out these designs then what are you waiting for? Ladies are heading over to outlets for grabbing highest quality prints in town. Nishat linen has got the foothold not only in pret wear but they have done best in the unstitched department as well. Check out the below designs and get ready to grab your favourite piece 🙂

Viscose Jacquard - Blue Embroidered by Nishat Linen
Viscose Jacquard – Blue Embroidered – PKR 2,950
Beige Printed by Nishat Linen
Viscose Jacquard – Pink Printed – PKR 2,650
Beige Printed by Nishat Linen
Beige Printed – PKR 2,650
Linen - Black Printed by Nishat Linen
Linen – Black Printed – PKR 2,650/-
Pashmina - Blue Printed by Nishat Linen
Pashmina – Blue Printed 3PC PKR 5,500/-
Pashmina - Maroon Printed by Nishat Linen
Pashmina – Maroon Printed PKR 5,500/-
Linen - Brown Printed by Nishat Linen
Linen – Brown Printed – PKR 2,650/-
Red Printed by Nishat Linen
Red Printed – PKR 2,650

Nishat Linen has once again won the heart of their customers by bringing something best of the best in terms of quality and designs. Their unique and innovative designs have attracted women of all ages. We can see they have played well with the digital prints and have brought something classic and stylish. So, this winter, fill your wardrobe with these beautiful dresses by Nishat Linen pret wear winter collection 2019. Happy Shopping!! 🙂

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New Barat Dresses For Brides 2019

The wedding is the most crucial day of every girl’s life, an event that entirely changes everything for a girl. Check out our New Barat dresses for Brides 2019 which would be great inspiration for all the brides. A girl waits for her big day from her early teens she starts thinking and dreaming about her perfect wedding day. Starting from the event decoration to her big day dress, she keeps on dreaming about. Every single girl dreams and plans for her perfect wedding day. Every wedding in Pakistan abides by few functions like dholki, mayun, mehndi, barat, walima, and maklava. Among all these functions, the most important function of a girl is barat. Many sentiments of the girl are attached to this occasion as she has to leave her home on barat day.

Golden Dress for barat

Barat is the main day, girls mostly invest their time and energy in the planning of Barat dress, jewellery, and whole styling.Numerous brands in the market give the best attire for this special day. They include HSY(Hassan Sheheryar Yasin), Asim Jofa, Deepak Parwani, Fahad Hussayn, Maria.B, Bunto Kazmi, Zara Shahjahan, Nomi Ansari, Umar Saeed, Sana Safinaz Faraz Manan and Mehdi etc. All these designers have got a right place in Pakistan fashion industry, and they are getting famous day by day because of outstanding dresses they made.

These days designers are displaying their creation on different channels. Hum Tv Bridal Couture week is a big platform where Latest Bridal is displayed every year for a complete week. If you want to see this year latest dresses from famous designers, then you can view Adnan, Yasmin Zaman, Rizwan Ahmed, HSY and Naushad Imdad who displayed their stunning work in Hum Bridal Couture Week which will be definitely surprised you. We are having Updated Collection of the latest designer as well which will mesmerize you and urge you to choose these dresses for your big day.

Long Kurta with Lehnga Brdial Dresses

Short Shirt with Lehnga Bridal Dresses

Bridal Barat Dresses For Asian Weddings 2019

There are numerous ways you can style your whole look. lehnga with long or short length shirt. According to latest fashion trends, many girls now wear maxi style wedding dresses too. All the designers out there introduces new dresses after some time. All the artists make their Barat dresses collection by keeping in mind the fact that every girl has her choice, and every girl fits in a different type of Barat dress. I here explain the viewpoint of one of the very famous Barat dress designer called Maria.B. The designer designs her wedding dresses collection by keeping in mind the fact that different girls belong to different families and have different choices, so she makes such Barat attire that compliments each girl.

bridal dress 2017

Now I will come to the point of selection of colours and combinations for Barat dress. Before selecting the design of Barat attire, the first thing that a girl chooses is the colour of the wedding attire. Some girls decide colour according to what they dream off, other girls decide Barat dress colour according to their Stylish jewellery and some girls choose the colour of Barat dress according to their complexion. All these facts matter a lot while choosing a wedding dress. So, the first thing to think about is the colour of apparel. The colors that are found in the latest Barat dresses are dark purple, royal blue, ink blue, shocking pink, dark green, turquoise and light blue. The everlasting and best Barat dress colour are red. Red colour never goes out of fashion and compliments every girl.

After the colour of dress when you go to choose for the design of the wedding dress, then you can select from all the pictures displayed in our post. Best Stylo is bringing New Barat Dresses For Brides 2019.

Another thing that you can do is that you can go to the workers in this field, you can show any design you like, and they will make that Barat dress design for you. There are some designers whose wedding attire rates are not economical for the girls of the middle family. So, they can go for this option. We have gathered many apparel pictures and latest designs of Barat dresses for wedding brides 2019, you can select from them and make yourself look stunner on your big day.

Green Open Shirt With red Lehnga Bridal Dresses

Purplish Lehnga With Tea Pink Shirt Barat Dresses

Grey Heavy Embroidery Open Shirt along Lehnga Barat Dresses

Orange Choli with Red Lehnga Barat Dresses

Beige Lehnga with Red short Shirt Barat Dresses

Beige Red Fusion Choli Lehnga barat Dresses

Ethnic- Red Combos of Lehngas

A bride must look elegant when it’s the biggest day of her life. These following red dresses will give you a stunning look. why not pick one of these? and made your day stunning

Floral red Lehnga With choli Barat Dresses

Teapink with red Combo Barat Dressess

Red Blood Choli Lehnga Baraat Dresses

Glorious Gray Combos for Barat Dresses

Now the trend is not evolving around different shades of Red colours. You will see several Glorious Gray Combos as well. Enormous designers are preferring these colours rather than Red. You also can have these attires.

Grey and White Fusion Barat Dresses

Floral Grey Lehnga Barat Dresses

Grey Mahrani Lucknow Style Baraat Dresses

These are some ethnic and lavish style designs to make your day special. Have these dress ideas for your big day and don’t forget to give you a stunning and exquisite look. These designs are the inspiration for all brides-to-be 😉

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Latest Attractive Fancy Bangles Collection of 2019

Do you have a craze for bangles? Being a female, I don’t think so there would be anyone who doesn’t like bangles. Isn’t this? Yes, Bangles are an essential part of any function whether you see Mehndi, Barat and Walima function or Eid days are incomplete without having females who didn’t wear bracelets. Especial bangles stalls have been arranged for girls on Eid. You can’t imagine any function without bangles. Best Stylo knows how much bangles are famous, so we are offering Latest Attractive Fancy Bangles Collection of 2019. Stick to this blog we have an eye-catching and elegant collection of bangles for you which you can have at any function.


Grey Fancy bangles Design

Multicolor bangles Design of 2019

Best Stylo has brought a Latest Attractive Fancy Bangles Collection of 2019 which you never want to miss them on any eve. Multicolor bangles always give a lush feeling whether you just wear or casual. Do you know you can have these bangles with lawn design? Doesn’t matter you are going to college or office you can have them casually as well. So have a look at below designs that will leave you to spellbound

White Fancy bangles Design

  • Check these multicolour bangles that will look stunning in your hands. You can see red, yellow, white and green bangles are beautifully paired up with each other. These one are ideal for a casual look; this will look perfect.

CasualFancy bangles Design

  • These grey multicolour bangles with red and green beads would look best with fancy dresses especially if you wear grey and electric blue type colours. This set of bangles is beautifully paired with wristlets. Among grey bangles, there are electric blue bangles as well to give a unique look.

Multi-color Fancy bangles Design

  • Beautiful set of red and golden bangles are in elegant paired and all set to give you glamorous look on any function. Golden wristlets have a white floral intricate design just to give your attire an elegant and desi touch. You can have these combinations with either Red or golden combination. Wear these bangles with Zainab Hasan Chantilly De Lace Fancy Collection

Bridal Fancy bangles Design

  • Do you love red bangles? The red colour is the top choice for every girl. These are ideal for brides. If you are a bride to then have this set of bangle for your particular day. Such white and red contrasts are really in for baraat brides

Fancy bangles Design for barat brides

  • Yellow colour looks fabulous either you wear the dress with yellow colour or have bangles. It would give you elegance touch. Check the below set of bangles which are elegantly paired with purple, yellow and ferozi This would give you stylish look with nail art design as well.

Fancy bangles Design for mehndi outfit

  • Have you ever heard about choora? This one has a special place in Indian terms where brides have to wear this. The red and white colour of bangle set is available in different styles and beautifully paired with white wristlets and group of 4-5 bangles in each layer. These one would look best for Pakistani Party and Wedding Wear Gown Dresses

Fancy bangles Designs for wedding brides

  • Green looks so fresh, especially in summers. You can’t imagine having not this colour in summer either an outfit, dress, and jewellery. You would have this colour so why shouldn’t you have green colour paired with beige colour bangles? See how charmingly they are matched in the set. Try out this set with Embroidered Bridal Wear Dresses By Saira Rizwan

Green Fancy bangles Design

  • Check out the purple color bangles with intricate wristlets will give you attractive appearance. You can see multi-colour black, white and goldish bangles also available in the set. Have these bangles with Maria B New Fancy Eid Collection 

Purple Fancy bangles Design

  • Set of bangles in below picture looks stunning in multi-shades. You can have these bangles with latest frock collection or depends on you to have this on mehndi function. Wristlets are prettily paired with pink and light blue colour of bangles to enhance your appearance on any eve 😉

Multi color Fancy bangles Design

  • This set is ideal for especially reception dresses because soft colours are ideal for such function. Grey wristlets are beautifully paired with light blue colour bangles. Have these bangles with Latest Peacock Mehndi Design and trust me you would have beautiful hands. 

Blue Fancy bangles Design

  • Dark blue colour with a white set of karhas is looking stunning in the picture. You can have this set with the contrast of blue and white colour dress. It would be optimal choice with fancy frocks and shirts specially designed for wedding ever

Electric Fancy Bangle Design

These above bangles would look spectacular in your hands. You can have these bangles on any eve. You will get these either from the Indian market or Pakistani market. Bangles have an essential importance in the Asian region. Girls and females love to have these bangles on any function. You may several designer bangles as well and I think this one is different from diamond and gold jewellery. Have these bangles with full elegance it would give you glamorous appeal.

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