How to Apply Eye MakeUp Step by Step | Tips of Eye MakeUp is the best place where you can find most effective and ideal makeup tips which enhance your beauty. Eye makeup gives a glamorous and attractive look to your eyes. Without eye makeup your eyes seems completely dull  and small. Eye makeup shows how natural and stunning your appearance is. Once you will learn all the steps then applying makeup is not as much difficult as it seems to be. Remember your eyes are the most important part of your face which other people observe most. So , you people must firstly focus on your eyes to make them amazing or fascinating.

Steps & Tips of Eye makeup
Steps & Tips of Eye Makeup

How to Apply Eye MakeUp Step by Step | Tips of Eye MakeUp

Here is how to apply eye shadow in just few easy and simple steps.


  • Get prepared your Eyes with Concealer: First of all apply little amount of concealer around your eyes. Concealer can be used to cover-up dark circles. Put two or three dots of concealer around your eyes where the skin seems to be darkest. Then massage or rub it smoothly with your finger pores until the dark circles completely disappears.
  • Apply Eye Base/Primer on your Eyelids:  Apply gradually eye primer on your eyelids. The purpose of eye primer is that it keeps makeup in place for many hours and enables eye shadow colors start looking more bright and attractive.
  • Apply Eye Shadow:  Before anything else select your eye shadow colors according to your taste. It looks awesome to make use of three well toned shadow and then expand from lids to brow. First begin with a light eye shadow that probably fits or suits your lid. Then spread the color throughout your lid and up to your brow bone. After that apply mid-tone color on the lower lid by using a soft eye shadow brush. Start from the inner corner of the eye and spread around to the outer edge. And then at the end add the darkest color on the crease of eye (curve of your eye socket) by using angle eye shadow brush. Merge all colors well.
  • Apply Eyeliner smoothly: Apply eyeliner on to the top of the eyelash line. Begin the process from outside the eye and draw to the center of the eyelash. Then again start drawing from the inner eye to the midpoint combining the two lines. For smoky eyes, dab a brush in a dark eye shadow and apply it on upper and lower eyelids. Do the same procedure for both eyes.
  • Beautify your Eyes with a Highlighter: This phase includes only the inside portion of an eye. Now apply gold or silver highlighter on to the inner corner of your eye from top to bottom by using fluffy eye shadow brush. Do this method by moving the brush all over the eye area in a rounded motion. This will help make eyes “Rock and Roll”.
  • Highlight your Eyebrow bone: Hold the same highlighter and sprinkle it on your brow bone, focusing on your mid-brow externally and blend with your finger tips.
  • Curl your Eyelashes: With the help of eyelash curler you can easily curl your lashes. First, Drag the switch on the curler to start it. Then move the curler all over your lashes and provide them a light press. Be careful, don’t press your skin. Do the same method for both eyes.
  • Apply Mascara on to your Lashes: Now finally after curling lashes, apply mascara on it. First, push the tips of  lashes with your mascara wand. Then put the mascara towards your lashes and move the brush in upward direction, providing them a little bit thickness. Perform the same process on both eyes.
    That’s all you have done to make your eyes beautiful and attractive.

Latest Nail Art Designs 2013-2014

Nail art is one of the best and most desirable kind of art which is very in and funky now a days. It is very interesting and creative work. It is simply decoration of nails with different designs such as drawing pictures of  flowers , stones, cartoons etc with different color schemes. Applying different nail designs will enhance the beauty of your hands. You can also apply different designs on your nails according to your dress color or any occasion or event. Every girl wants to be look perfect which makes her attractive and gives her glamorous look.

There are variety of different and beautiful nail art designs available in market or online shopping stores from where you can buy or order them easily in accordance to your selection or taste. There are number of unique styles comes in market almost every year which makes women mad for it. Red nail paint is very in now a days which gives you sexy and hot touch and it also attracts other people most.

Lets have a look on these stunning and amazing nail designs which will surely make you crazy and loved by you. You can easily apply any one of these designs corresponding to your choice or favorite color.


Acne is a skin problem that attacks many people all over the world. Now a days acne is a major problem among every teenager either girl or a boy. However it is very shameful for those people who suffer. So, the question is how to get rid of acne? It could be simply cured by using 100% natural products that are definitely available at your home. Here I am going to share best home remedies for acne treatment. If you are suffering from acne problem then I personally suggest you people to follow these simple home remedies to get rid of acne.

Best Home Remedies For Acne


  • Make a mixture of  jaiphal (nutmeg) with pure milk (unboiled) and apply this paste on infected areas. Wash it well after two hours. Pimples fade away without causing any spot.
  • One of the best treatment of acne is lemon juice. First of all smoothly moisten the affected places with warm water. Then make cotton ball,dip it in lemon juice and apply it on suffering areas. Leave it overnight on your face and wash it well with warm water in the morning. Remember always use fresh lemon juice.
  • Mint juice is also a good home remedy to cure acne.  Apply mint juice on disturbed areas and leave it for whole night to reduce pimples.
  • Oranges are not just beneficial for health but you can also use orange peels as a treatment for acne too. Smash the peels and then add several drops of water in it. Mix it well to make a paste. After that apply this paste on your pimples and leave it for 20 minutes. When it becomes dry wash it off.
  • Make a mixture of turmeric powder with neem leaves and apply it on your pimples. Leave it for almost half an hour and then wash it.
  • Make a paste of methi leaves and apply it your face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it. Do the same procedure every night.
  • Make a mixture of rose water & lime juice with equal amount.  Then apply this on infected areas and after 15 minutes wash it off.
  • Tomato pulp is another best home remedy to reduce pimples.  Apply tomato pulp on your face and leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it well.
  • Take several drops of rose water and mix it well with sandalwood.  Now apply this mixture on your face and wash it off after 20 minutes.

Summer Casual & Party Wear Shoes Trends for Women

The footwear of spring 2014 for women are especially made for party and casual wear which are cool and stylish and according to current fashion. This collection mainly consists of pointed shoes with high heels which are very common in new. A wide variety of unique styles and designs of shoes are manufactured for women along with various colors and decor that you can easily wear along with your matching dresses. These decors vary from multicolored embellishment, fancy and ribbon work. Check out these amazing and eye-catching designs of Summer Casual & Party Wear Shoes Trends for Women 2014 that will surely attract you people.

Mixed Media






Oversized Buckles


Wooden Inserts


Lady T-Straps


Lace Shoes


Woven Leather

Latest Spring Summer Footwear Trends for Men

Men’s trendy footwear of new season 2014 are fully defined with typical or basic fashion trends which are stylish and comfortable. The collection of these shoes are according to current fashion in Pakistan. There is a wide range of different designs and colors of men’s footwear that are available in this summer season. The new summer provides shoes manufactured in high quality fabrics and in unique style. Collection of new amazing and stunning men’s footwear include classic models like sporty, with laces, with smooth sole and heel are in fashion. There is a huge variety of men’s sneakers, gym-shoes and sports shoes with exclusive designs, a vast range of textiles, colors and styles which are suitable for all men. Men’s shoes of new season are made from pure leather and high quality products.




These boots are comfortable, graceful, soft and shiny. Contrast models along with iron coating of various colors are yet in fashion. When making these classic models, manufacturers used a huge variety of colors like black, white, hot red, all shades of blue, gray, green and all light and bright colors which are in during the summer season. Colored chunks along with gradient color schemes are yet in fashion. Check prints with different shades are very specific in the spring summer 2014. The wide variety of Gym-shoes and Sneakers provide the complete list of eye-catching prints. The designing of Latest Spring Summer Footwear Trends for Men are categorized by the combination of different colors and styles. 




Latest Ankle Boots Trends Spring-Summer Collection 2013 for Women

Unique, graceful and comfortable are the three things that illustrate the Latest Ankle Boots Trends Spring Summer Collection 2013 for Women with exclusive style. In this Summer, the collections of new cool and stylish ankle boots include lovely and amazing models like vintage, sport max and advance classic designs, high heels, square heels and triangular shaped designs. Manufacturers used high quality products and different shades when making these classic models.




All these models are made from pure leather with unique designs and shapes are still applicable. Some of these models are strap based means they have strap among the paws (toes). Trendy and classy boots of spring summer could be made of genuine leather and top quality colored and printed fabrics and are fluffy and comfortable. They are available in different color schemes and contrasts like white, black, wine red, blue, skin, yellow, lemon and all bright colors which are still in fashion.



Outfitters Spring Summer Collection for Young Boys and Girls

Outfitters is a very popular clothing brand in Pakistan. Its a well-known fashion place where you people can easily find complete clothing range of whole family. In their store, you will find advance fashion trend and stylish and beautiful outfits of all men, women and kids. They provide top quality fashion clothing and fashion accessories at reasonable prices which you people can easily afford and buy.


Outfitters has released recently dazzling and amazing latest summer collection 2014 with eye-catching and attractive colors. In this collection, T-shirts, shirts, jeans, shorts, skirts, kurti and tights are included which are offered by Outfitters. All the dresses are well-designed and graceful with high quality fabrics. The fashion lovers will be very excited to see this wide range of elegant collection. Girls and boys check out this lovely and stunning Outfitters Spring Summer Collection for Young Boys and Girls.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Outfit 5

Outfit 7

Ethnic by Outfitters Spring-Summer Monochrome Collection for Women

Outfitters is one of the top rated fashion home where you people can find Asian dresses for teenage or young girls. Ethnic by outfitters is another wonderful and stunning collection has released recently in 2011 which is women clothing brand consists of pure black and white prints collection which is called monochrome collection. Its is one of the best and well-known brand of clothes which attracts women since 3 years. 

This beautiful collection consists of classy and stylish long shirts and frocks with tights. All this assortment is the combination of black and white contrast with lovely prints embellish with little bit embroidery because black and white is the biggest trend in this summer. This collection has launched for casual wear but you people can also wear them in your parties and functions. These dresses are absolutely best and perfect for all those young girls who wanna look smart and pretty and up to date her according to latest fashion trend because these dresses are stitched on the basis of today’s current fashion.

This amazing selection by outfitters will definitely attract you people. Lets have a look at this elegant and eye-catching Ethnic by Outfitters Spring Summer Monochrome Collection for Women 2014.

style no.2

style no.3

style-no 4



Xevor Latest Jewellery Collection for Women 2013-14

Xevor is the best brand providing beautiful and stylish jewelery for women which includes formal,  casual and wedding collection. It was launched 2 or 3 years back. This year they had introduced one of the best bridal jewelery. Due to its trendy and amazing jewelery, this brand is now well-liked and famous in the country. It’s totally handmade and gold plated. They are as beautiful as real gold sets. Xevor released new designs of jewelery on regular basis which attracts and catches the eyes of many people which includes necklaces, rings and earrings etc are made up of precious metal and different colorful stones. Some of the sets also include maang tika, bindi, jhumar and bangles.

All this selection is according to current fashion and made for different occasions like parties, weddings etc. As gold prices are extremely high these days, So I personally recommend Xevor jewelery is best for those people who have very tight budge and can’t afford to buy real gold sets because their prices are cheaper than gold. 
Here I am going to share some latest designs which you people definitely love. Let’s have a look on this outstanding Xevor Latest Jewelery Collection for Women 2013-14.