Parties, weddings, functions, festivals and get-togethers are always an important part of a women’s life. Whenever, a party invitation rings on the door of women, they get over excited and straightway start planning the dress up. What will I wear? Which color to wear? Which type of dress I will wear? How to dress up myself with makeup and accessories? How will I look among others? All these questions came up to a women’s innocent mind. Just to look better, women can think and do anything. It’s a women’s natural instinct that let her think this way and which let her dress up to look unique and to catch the attraction of every other eye in the party.

When we come to the clothing, dressing culture and likes of Pakistan and India, we will find that both the countries have the same culture of dressing and clothing. The girls and women of both the countries dress modern yet decent. There is one concept of making formal and heavy dresses for the function like parties, weddings, festivals and get-togethers. They have made separate clothes for such events. Saree is among one of them. Few years back, only married ladies wore sarees on events, but nowadays unmarried girls also love to wear saree. Saree is the traditional and unique dress, so every other girl usually likes it. In India, ladies wear saree on daily routine but they have got formal wear sarees too for functions that are very different and unique from others.

Latest Fashion Best Party Wear Saree Designs for Pakistani & Indian Women

In Pakistan, saree is also carried on parties and functions, but only formally. Pakistani ladies don’t carry it on the daily basis because it is not cultural dress of Pakistan, women just bring it to parties as party wear saree. But when we talk about India, then their Indian sarees don’t need any introduction or definition because India is famous all over the world because of their saree tradition and casual too.This formal dress can be worn for any occasion, be it the wedding party or any other kind of function. Saree reflects the art skills of the designers who made it along with glimpse and depiction of Indian culture & traditions.

Talking about saree, we know that it is made of few types of cloth like silk, cotton, shafoon, jamawar, etc. Designers make party wear saree using all these stuff. Along with that, colors, colorful designs, embroidery with zari, dabka, laces and patchwork is also used. There are few types of party wear saree like Ban Arci Silk – it give a lush and vibrant look, Sambalpuri – lovely depiction of handcrafts, Kanchipuram – hand woven and most expensive, Chanderi – a beautiful mix of cotton and silk to give the flawless look and Pai Thani – a splendid combination of cotton, silk, golden threads to give you lush look. These are some of the very famous sarees of India, these types of party wear saree are also carried and loved by ladies all over the world. Above and below are the complete range of Pakistani and Indian designer party wear saree collection 2017, you can give it a look and choose the best one for you.

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