Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Step By Step


Smokey eyes makeup have always been in fashion. They look very charming especially in the night functions, but people carry this look even at the indoor functions of the daytime. Smokey eyes makeup is all about bold and prominent eyes. This smokey eye style is equally popular for all the occasions whether it is wedding or a party. So, here is the most inspiring and Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial With Step By Step Guide, through which you can create flawless Smokey makeup.

Step # 1: Start with a Primer

Smokey look for eyes with lines and smear definitely does not look good. The primer is more important for the smokey eyes makeup than all the others. So, start by applying primer on and around the eye area.


Step # 2: Use Concealer

Of course, you do not want to make your dark circles seem even more prominent with smokey eyes makeup. So, apply a good concealer to hide them properly. Apply it properly on the upper and the lower area of the eye using your fingers that will give you perfect blending in this sensitive area. Now, apply a small amount of powder compact to give it a finished style.


Step # 3: Apply Dark Shadow

After preparing the base for your eye, now apply a dark shade along the lash line to the outer corner of the eye and blend it. It is not necessary to always use black and brown to create a smokey look for eyes, you can play with colors in this makeup as well.


Step # 4: Blending & Smudging

The most important part of creating the perfect smokey look is proper blending. Use a smudging brush to do this work. It will help you to blend the shades properly, leaving no dark lines. You can also add a little bit of another color except the one that you had used before to get a finer blending and effect as well.


Step # 5: Apply a Liner

Now that you are done with the color application, add some eyeliner to your look. It is preferred to have a black liner either a creamy or the liquid one as per your comfort. You could likewise practice an eye pencil as a substitute. If you want to glamorize it a bit more, add another layer of shimmery eyeliner to it.


Step # 6: Use Some Highlighter

To get an even look that is not all dark, add a little bit of highlighter on the brow bone. It will enhance the beauty of your makeup.


Step # 7: Add Some Kajal

The lower side of your eye will not complement the upper area if left ignored. So, finish the look with some kajal or a colossal pencil for creating a full look.


Step # 8: Curl & Add Mascara

The ultimate stage is to coil your lashes by using a lash curler and then apply a thick coat of mascara so that your eyelashes long elongated and also suitable for this kind of heavy makeup.


So, these were the simple and easy steps to create a perfect smokey eyes makeup that could go with any dress and for any function.

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