Resham Ghar is also one of the most admired apparel brands in Pakistan. It is serving to the fashion lovers for many years, and on this Eid, they have come with the craziest eid collection of printed dresses. Popping up in 1992, they have emerged in the market with so many designs, and trend-setting wears for females of all age groups.

Likewise, we see Resham Ghar throwing a fresh and unique attire this season, which has created a buzz in the market and has rightly targeted the fashion-wearing women in Pakistan. When it comes to the special occasions, there always appears a great concern about looking all elegant yet different. In addition, yes, women are more concerned about the uniqueness of their appearance, for this, the fashion industry keeps on launching brands to cater new tastes and interests of the customers.

Like all other brands, Resham Ghar New Printed Eid Lawn Collection 2017 for women has sprung up with lots of colorful variety of dresses. With the arrival of Ramadan, everyone is just rushing to prepare for it and for making the occasion of Eid a memorable day and a day to rejoice and share happiness with their family, friends, and community. Therefore, everything counts in making this event special including the apparels we wear.

Resham Ghar has nicely combined the taste from women belonging to different age group, culture, and background by delivering decency enriched with Summer colors and the suitable stuff in their latest Eid collection 2017.

Resham Ghar New Printed Eid Lawn Collection 2017 With Price

Resham Ghar Latest Eid Wear Lawn Collection 2017 has arrived in all the stores and waiting for the buyers to come and take them home to celebrate this auspicious Eid. No matter, if the customers mention it or not, they are always considered about something that is not so much common in the market and promises them a true value in return to the money spent for the particular purchase.

Therefore, for any brand to be the top priority of the customers, it needs to have the elements like affordability, quality, uniqueness, variety and something that is in line with the trends, as well. The brands retain its position when it comes to the combination of colors, designs, elegance and the choice of stuff in the eid collection. Not only this, but the Resham Ghar new collection is available in outstanding value accompanied with new trends and themes especially when it comes to special occasions.

This Eid, Resham Ghar is again to cater the most of the expectations from its customers by providing them new designs of Pakistani dresses with lovely colors, stuff, quality, value, and stitching patterns. Women are on the verge of finding an exciting collection at Resham Ghar, and this is going to be an amazing experience visiting their outlet online and offline to sort out the unique collection of dresses for you to wear on Eid.

Alluring digital lawn collection of Resham Ghar

Choose the best dress of Resham Ghar Eid collection and make your chances high for being appraised because of the right outfit and your attractive looks. And may the women are going to ping and ask you about your dress because of good combination, and you would probably feel glad sharing the brand name that would have given you a beautiful Eid outfits for the event. So, without any delay and before it gets out in the market, go and grab your outfit for Eid. Let’s take a glimpse on the Resham Ghar Latest Summer Collection For Eid 2017 below.

  • Turquoise Ready To Wear Lawn Shirt 

Make your Eid refreshing by wearing this ready to wear printed shirt. Young girls can pick this simple yet gorgeous red neckline attire on the coming event. It is a perfect combination of floral embroidered digital patterns, which gives a subtle charm and soft look to your appearance. The colors are perfect and soothing for this summer. White straight pants look very elegant with the whole look. The cost of the outfit is Rs 1,950/-. Try out Latest Collection of Nail Art Designs for Eid 2017 with your attire to be utterly awesome!

Turquoise Ready To Wear Shirt By Resham Ghar

  • Purple Printed 3 PC Lawn Dress

This printed 3 Piece suit looks stunning and amazing. The green and white embroidered patches on the border of the sleeves looks astounding. The soothing purple color accompanied by colorful abstract print makes the detailing more impeccable. It is a lovely spirited pattern which will give your personality a natural look. The price of this lawn dress is Rs 3,150/-.

Purple printed dress By Resham Ghar For Eid 2017

  • 3 Piece Blue Lawn Attire 2017

Blue and Beige goes well together. The little hint of shocking pink on the printed chiffon dupatta is making the dress brighter. No doubt that the dress owns unique classic style, which will make your appearance standout with the well-printed pattern. Young girls can wear beige heels with the dress to make it more elegant. The cost of this beautiful lawn attire is Rs 3,150/-.

3 piece Blue Attire By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Black Printed Lawn By Resham Ghar

On digital printed dresses, designers usually promote bold photographic images. Although, this technique is very expensive, but most of the new designers are using this idea for their dresses to make them more gorgeous. The amazing colors and abstract print on the shirt as well as on dupatta symbolize the urban look. It proves to be very appealing for the fashion lovers. The lovely dress will attract the attention of many.  The worth of the stunning lawn dress is Rs 4,450/-.

Black Printed Suit By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Blue and Green Lawn Eid Wear 2017

I just love the building prints on the sleeves and the hemline of the shirt. This print is giving the attire a very architectural look. The embroidered elegant neckline is complimenting a lot with the whole appearance of the outfit. This dress takes the front row in the entire collection because of the catchy cuts, design and vibrant hues. Pair it with a soft and decent makeover to make yourself more gorgeous. The cost of the lawn dress is Rs 3,750/-.

Blue and Green Lawn Dress By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Brown Color Lawn Shirt By Resham Ghar

The print on the shirt is reviving our minds back to the Mughal Era. Resham Ghar is famous for its unique and ostentatious designs in every new collection. For the entire outlook, the entire dress owns alluring colors, which are suitable for formal as well as casual occasions. It is for sure one of the finest dress of the collection. The price of this eye-catching attire is Rs 3,450/-.

Brown Color Printed Shirt For Eid By Resham Ghar

  • Colorful Dupatta Attire For Eid 2017

Another beautiful digital printed attire that makes you stand out in the crowd when you wear it on Eid 2017. The abstract print with a variety of colors gives an aesthetic appeal. The use of bright colors, especially during summer, will add more beauty to your overall appearance. The cost of this bold printed lawn dress is Rs 3,150/-.

Colorful Dupatta Dress By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Resham Ghar Floral Pot Top 2017

Girls love to wear tunic’s shirts with the unique patterns. It is easy to carry them because they are comfortable and surely look very pleasing. Resham Ghar produces the gorgeous and trendy shirts on this Eid.The pot on the border of the shirt looks classy. It seems that branches and flowers are popping out of the pot and making the whole attire colorful. The cost of the top is Rs 2,150/-. Check here Zainab Hasan Fancy Eid Collection 2017 which is now available in all the outlets.

Floral Pot Dress By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Embroidered Neckline Outfit By Resham Ghar

Keeping the choice of the customers in mind, Resham Ghar has provided them with perfect prints, designs, and embroidered cuts. The embroidered collar neckline is making the dress more beautiful. It seems that designers love to show nature in their dresses, that is why they have printed birds on the sleeves and the hemline of the shirt. For more embroidered wears, check Shaista Cloth Embroidered Eid Lawn Collection 2017. The cost of this stunning apparel is Rs 3,150/-.

Embroidered Neckline Outfit By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Green Embroidered Lawn Shirt

Embroidery makes the attire look more beautiful. The silver thread work on the front part of the shirt is giving it a very luxurious look. Just grab this outfit from the nearest outlet and make yourself astoundingly amazing and beautiful. The worth of this Embroidered shirt is Rs 2,950/-. If you want to get the overview of more embroidered dresses, check Gul Ahmed New Embroidered Eid Collection 2017.

Embroidered Shirt By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Grey Silk Shirt By Resham Ghar

The beautifully printed motif on the shoulder of the shirt looks alluring and makes it one of the captivating dress. For the unique look, this dress will win the hearts of many on this Eid. As you all know that ombre is in fashion and many designers are using this on their dresses, so, why Resham Ghar stays back. They have also used this method on the border of this silky dress. If you want to wear silk attire on this Eid, look Sobia Nazir Silk Dresses For Eid 2017. The cost of the outfit is Rs 2,950/-.

Grey Silk Shirt By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Embroidered Orange and Purple Lawn Dress

These two colors give a chic and trendy look when combine. As both the colors are bright, so, it’s important to add a neutral piece to make it a profuse display of colors. You can pair it with beige and nude heels. For neutral stilettos, look Stylo Shoes Latest Eid Collection 2017. The cost of the shirt is Rs 2,550/-.

Orange and Purple Shirt By Resahm Ghar For Eid

  • Pret By Resham Ghar For Eid 2017

This floral printed dress is giving it a high impact look accompanied with a colorful print and magnificent design. It is a great choice to wear on this Eid because it is extremely affordable. The contrasting color effects of flowery prints on the neckline and hemline is creating an astounding image of the shirt. The cost of the dress is Rs 2,150/-. You can also see here Maria.B New Fancy Eid Collection 2017 for women and kids.

Ready to Wear Shirt By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Printed 3 PC Black Lawn Dress 2017

This dress is seriously the coolest among all Resham Ghar New Printed Eid Lawn Collection 2017  because it has captured a new wave of style in the complete collection. Have a glance on the print that Resham Ghar designers have imposed on the shirt. The print of the shirt completely complements the outlook with Shalwar in a perfect way. The cage and big black stone print make the amazing lawn attire worth of Rs 4,450/-.

Printed Black Dress By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Mosaic Printed Shirt For Eid 2017

The blend of light tones of color in the shirt will surely attract most of the girls. Young girls can wear this shirt with black and white trousers or pants. It is a perfect dress for the homemakers or working women. The cost of the apparel is Rs 3,150/-. Have a glance at another exciting collection of Kalahari Eid Wear Lawn Dresses 2017 for young girls and women of all age groups.

Mosaic Printed Shirt By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Printed Sleeve Lawn Outfit By Resham Ghar

The dress owns perfect soothing color for Summer Eid 2017. Intricate print of the shirt with the beautiful dupatta accompanied with White trouser is amazing. If you do not want to go for the heavy or elaborated designed dresses this Eid, then choosing this dress, is one of the perfect choices you can make. The dull front part of the shirt with heavy printed sleeves and back looks mesmerizing. You can check Nishat Linen Latest Eid Collection 2017 for more beautiful Eid wears. You will get this 3 piece lawn attire only in Rs 3,150/-.

Printed Sleeve Outfit By Resham Ghar For Eid

  • Red Roses 3 PC Lawn Suit 2017

If you want to look gorgeous and classy, then this dress owns all of the qualities. This stunning rose printed dress looks beautiful. The combination of white trouser with bold printed shirt gives an elegant and decent look to whole dress. The price of the lawn dress is Rs 3,750/-. So, Girls grab your outfit from the nearest outlet and be the prominent one on Eid because the alluring attire will let you enjoy the beauty.

Red Roses Suit By Resham Ghar For Eid

Hope you have liked the entire Resham Ghar New Printed Eid Lawn Collection 2017. All of the dresses are made of the fine fabric with a combination of digital patterns and amazing embroidery. The fabric is light and soft so that you will love to wear the dress in summer. The amazing collection is merely for every woman and perfect for sunny days. So now hurry up and get the favorite outfit.

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