Milan Fashion Week is one event that every designer on the planet looks forward to. And it is an absolute prize when the designer lands their collection on that spectacular ramp. It is surely one of the major international event to look out to. This fashion week takes place in Milan, Italy every year. Fashion designers from all over the world gather here, some to watch the show and some to showcase their collections. Milan is known as one of the most significant fashion capitals of the world and this fashion show brings us breathtaking vogues every year. The collection by the designers are showcased in this one-week fashion industry event and the media plays an important role in taking the latest trends global so everyone can have a peak at it. And through this event we get to know which trend is in and which trend is out.

This year one of the notable collections belonged to an Italian Designer Roberto Cavalli. This talented man owns three labels and other product lines including accessories, watches, eyewear, fragrances, underwear, beachwear and shoes. Roberto Cavalli gained popularity because of his unique animal print designs and vivacious vogues. He launched his first collection in 1970 and hasn’t stopped wowing the world since then. Animal prints, especially leopard prints are Cavalli’s signature style and he has themed on these designs over the past decades. And the most creative thing about it is that he manages to bring us something innovative and different every year using his same signature theme.

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Roberto Cavalli Spring Summer Collection 2015

This year’s Roberto Cavalli Womenswear Spring Summer Collection 2015 MFW  line is just as extravagant! It revolves around summer days and ocean breeze, bringing us bangs and bangs of fresh vibrant colors along with some elegant combinations. He has used some lively, dazzling colors like yellow, orange, blue and green to depict the summertime, while using floral prints to evoke the sense of the light breeze. Along with the use of silk fabrics and ribbons, he has used leather to add a dash of marvel to his brilliant collection. You will find spectacularly light dresses in black and white, looking bold as ever! You will find the beauty of spring and summer with floral prints and vibrant colors.

Your eyes will feast exquisite embellished dresses styled with magnificence. The cuts and styles of this line gives it a beautiful flow that you won’t often find in other collections. You will come across leather jackets and skirts with polished python designs in dangerously dark colors. There is also a funky use of denim and jeans fabric to add a hint of carefree summers in this years range. It is all about light breezy summers that we all love so much. The designs and styles incorporated on the net fabric looks absolutely classy, its light and fresh and soft. These dresses are totally breathable and perfectly suitable for your summer days and summer nights, may it be any occasion, if you’re in one of these beauts, you can pull off any look you go for!

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