Shariq Textiles falls under the category of one of Pakistan’s most famous brands. It has become highly popular and there has been a tremendous increase in their clientele. Leading among Pakistan’s finest brands, Shariq Textiles has made a big name for themselves. They cater to a larger portion of the masses across women of different ages and segments. The reason for their success has also been the fact that they have been successfully able to identify what Pakistani women prefer wearing, what fashions they like to follow keeping in mind their comfort level and the capacity in which global trends operates.

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Latest Winter Collection 2014-2015 By Shariq Textiles

Shariq Textiles have been in the fashion industry for quite some time and so they have gained a lot of fame over the past years. This success has been possible due to their creativity in style and design along with an intuitive sense when it comes to fashion that allowed them to make the right decisions when it came to adapting to the various changes in the market. This brand has been able to excite women for clothing lines of many different occasions and seasons following their gorgeous collections over time. This winter season, Shariq textiles launched three collections to give it customers freedom of choice through a large variety. The three lines by Shariq Textiles New Embroidered Winter Dresses For Women 2014-2015  are: Riwaj Cambric Collection, Khaddar Shawl Collection and Subhata Linen Collection.

1- Riwaj Cambric Collection

Shariq Textile is known for its aesthetic sense and high quality product offerings. And this collection showcases the latest trends this season by reflecting ethnic individuality in each one of their pieces. Their line celebrates Pakistani culture and Middle Eastern culture in terms of fashion and they do it quite well. This line comprises of beautifully vibrant colors and vivid designs that adds liveliness in the overall look of the dress along with traditionally subtle designs in balanced shades.

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2- Khaddar Shawl Collection

Khaddar being a winter fabric is quite comfy to wear to shield ourselves from the harsh winters while looking fabulous in designs offered by Shariq Textiles like in this collection of theirs. Using fine quality Khaddar fabric that is soft and smooth and transforming it into thoughtful and elegant designs is one of the arts that this brand has mastered. Khaddar is a relatively less used fabric, but this collection made it look unbelievably gorgeous portraying the perfect union of bright, light and dark shades. This collection includes three  piece suits with dupattas and matching trousers.

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3- Subhata Linen Collection

Shariq Textiles has launched this line, also made out of one of the fabrics best suited for winter season; the linen fabric. Even though they mostly focuses on producing ethnic, traditional clothing with a touch of modernity, this collection has been more on the urban side in comparison with the other two. Including the color patterns and prints, the designs offered by them carry a very urban and modern vibe to it, that is reflected in their style and tailoring too. You’ll find a very pretty array of colors in this mainly being vibrant hues like orange, white, purple, gray, blue mustard, red and magenta. This three piece collection to look out for, for all the modern women and girls out there! This exclusive collection for winter season is suitable for causal wear and formal wear as well.

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