Nowadays, women love for dresses and winters both are at the peak. Winters are already here; it is the mixed weather, the hot temperature in the day and cold temperature in the night. Ladies and girls have started peeking into their wardrobes and its time to decide what to take out and what to bin. They are kicking out the summer stuff and getting the new winter, cotton, linen and cambric stuff in their closet. All the famous brands have launched their mesmerizing winter collection in the market. Ladies love for shopping and clothing is irresistible. All the brands have broadcasted their alluring and catchy collection. Every brand has their way of representing winter stuff, and each one is lovely.

Among all the famous names, there is one other dominating brand that unveiled its winter cambric and silk collection 2019. It is the new fashion icon for ladies named as So Kamal in a market. The most famous textile industry of Pakistan Kamal Limited created their brand So Kamal a few years ago. The main aim of the So Kamal is to provide quality fashion wears that are fitting for you at a very affordable cost along with the best quality. They are proving it so far; they are giving a quality fabric with different and latest patterns and prints. Their experienced team makes all the designs with full dedication and love. It’s been few years that So Kamal came into the market, but by now they are so famous, and they got the foothold in the market because of an impressive collection. They keep on launching their assortments according to a season and according to the new fashion fads. They are giving high value to their customers so they are bringing latest trends and colour combination to their customers according to interest. Best stylo has brought So Kamal Fall Winter Silk Dresses Collection 2019 with Prices


So Kamal Stunning Winter Raw Silk Collection

So Kamal has already launched many assortments like summer and fall. Now they have showcased their mesmerizing and attractive winter collection. As I told before, So Kamal gives much importance to their customers, so this time, they made their winter dresses by keeping in mind the demands of their clients who always love to wear something different. The So Kamal brand always design prints that have some unique elements in them and they are according to new fashion trends in Pakistan. The speciality of So Kamal fall-winter silk dresses collection 2019 is that they focus on digital printing with so many tones. So Kamal knows about the latest trend in the market is digital printing, so they came up with winter range that is full of digital prints and silk collection. They deal in both unstitch accumulation and ready to wear. With the ready-to-wear line and digital printing, So Kamal also has embroidered collection in ready to wear and unstitched fabric.

So Kamal Winter Collection

Now I will tell you about the colours and unique patterns, So Kamal has shown up a wide range of colour combination in the upcoming fall collection. The brand is focusing on providing digital prints, so it’s the blend of so many colours. They also focus on floral printing too that looks very pretty in digital printing. The winter accumulation by So Kamal is full of hues, and there are several shades in each design. Usually, young girls love buying such colorful dresses, but in 2019, I have seen that even ladies, especially working women, love bright digital prints. Reason being So Kamal is accelerating day by day and marking its footprints in the fashion industry of Pakistan. We have gathered all the designs of the winter silk collection by So Kamal in our fashion blog. All the dresses are remarkably chic, and I suggest to all girls have a magnificent look and choose best prints for them. You can order online from So Kamal Facebook page or a website, or you can visit their outlets, they are full of beautiful patterns. Enjoy winters, wear colours!!

Ferozi Digital Raw Silk

yellow Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Green Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Black Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Pink Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

blue Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Beige Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Orange Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Purple Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Aqua Blue Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Red Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Green Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Purple Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Purple Digital Embroidered Collection

Beige Digital Embroidered Collection

So Kamal Luxury Silk 2019

So Kamal is in the industry for remarkable prints and you can see their day and night struggle in upcoming luxury silk as well. Although winters are for only a few months in Pakistan like other brands they have also introduced high-quality silk prints for their valuable customers. So Kamal is featuring stylish silk prints with embroidery. Silk apparel is available at just PKR 4450/- You would love to have these designs and girls of all age groups would love to add these prints to their wardrobes. These Luxury Silk prints can wear for any occasion. Check out the below ones and grab them for a sizzling look this winter.

Red Luxury Silk By So Kamal

Beige Digital print Luxury Silk By So Kamal

Red Luxury Silk By So Kamal

Orange Luxury Silk By So Kamal

So Kamal Grip Silk  – Pret 2 PC Embroidered

So kamal has brought unique and soothing prints in which elegance factor would be at peak. You would love to have Grip silk shirts that are fabricated from high-quality material. Seasonal trends are followed smartly. These 2-piece has silk shirt along chiffon dupatta, available at PKR 5850/- Check out the Gul Ahmed Winter Silk Merino Collection too for getting know about upcoming silk collection 2019. Take a look below for incredible grip silk designs.

yellow grip Silk By So Kamal

Black grip Silk By So Kamal

navy Blue grip Silk By So Kamal

Red grip Silk By So Kamal

Green grip Silk By So Kamal

These are the amazing designs by So Kamal silk collection. If you haven’t grabbed these then don’t waste time on other brands opt your favourite one. Designs have been created with day n night struggle of designers. You cant get such designers devotion anywhere outfits are available at affordable prices. The brand aims for a reasonable price and makes it accessible to everyone. Get your favourite one and enjoy winters 🙂

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