The fashion brand Sobia Nazir was launched in the year 2000 and it has successfully been in the industry for about 15 years now. Their outlets are situated in the major cities of Pakistan, namely Islamabad and Lahore. Sobia Nazir is constantly creating something new and innovative for every latest collection by her. Her bridal creations would make any woman want to raid the entire store for her big day. Her bridal and formal collections are also a huge part of her brand and they contribute greatly to the success and recognition she has gained over the past decade and a half. Sobia Nazir also offers excellent customer service and makes sure her creations can be customized and tailored in accordance with the requirements and desire of each of her customers, especially the brides. It would do the brand justice to acknowledge how it has become such a big name in the industry in less than two decades.

The creations by Sobia Nazir crossed national boundaries ages ago and now this is a well sought out fashion brand in not only Pakistan but also the UK and US. Her products include various stunning collections of designer clothes comprising bridal, formal, semi-formal, casual, pret among others and also an exciting variety of accessories to add some bling to your outfits! Both her stunning clothes and trendy accessories have been appearing on famous fashion magazines like Enstyle, Asiana, Libas and Asian Woman. This brand was one of the first fashion designers to use semi-precious gems and stones in her collections such as the bridal line and formal wear. Her collections keep on improving by every passing season and her designs shine bright on the fashion runways. She has also made it to DIFW and that is a an accomplishment in itself.

Chic Summer Dresses For Women 2017 By Sobia Nazir

Sobia Nazir’s fashion creations have graced the catwalks and runways nationally in Pakistan and internationally in UK and Dubai. And all these collections have elicited a highly positive response from international platforms as well. She has always used unique combinations of different shades of colors along with exquisite embroidery in all her collections and this is what sets her apart from other brands in the industry. Her creativity and innovation has worked wonders for her and taken her to new heights of success in the industry that is laced with fierce competition and a lot of talent.

This brand’s signature style is all about expression; expressing the personality of women, their moods and tastes. And anyone who can master the art of expression is destined to leave their mark in this world. The latest line launched by this brand is the Sobia Nazir Pret Wear Summer Dresses Collection 2017. It is everything you expected and anticipated and so much more! You will find some amazingly unusual color combinations paired with the leading styles and trends in the industry nowadays. The intricate embroidery and stunning designs just add to the appeal of this summer line. This summer collection of pret wear is so very modern and totally chic! Have a look!


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