The use of right lipstick on your skin has the power to make you look beautiful and also give your makeup and style a complete look. Every season has a certain trend of lipsticks, sometimes the dark lip colors are in and sometimes the soft pastel lip and nude colors. But besides the trend, weather plays a great role in defining the types and colors of lipsticks to be used. Usually in summers, girls prefer to have soft makeup and soft lips and what else would be better to give you that look besides the pastel lip makeup. Pastel lip tones always remain in fashion in all weathers. Here is a Best Soft Pastel Lip Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Guide, so that you can easily get a perfect soft lips style.

Step # 1: Prepare a Base For Your Lip

If you have a very dry lips, start with using a lip scrub on your lip and then apply a balm to make your lips look even and soft for the perfect pastel lip way.


Apply Lip Balm


After that put some concealer and foundation on your lips and finish the base by applying some compact on it.


Prepare a Base for Your Lip

Step # 2: Apply Creamy Lipstick

The next step is to apply some creamy lipstick of the shade of which you want to create a perfect pastel look. Most girls prefer pinky soft pastel lip makeup, so in that case, use a dark and creamy pink lipstick with a brush or simply with your finger. In case, you do not have a creamy lipstick, you can simply use a creamy balm as well.


Apply Creamy Lipstick

Step # 3: Apply Concealer

The next step is to apply either a liquid or a cream concealer on your lips. The concealer should be of a lighter tone. Apply just a small quantity of concealer with fingers or a brush but do not fill your lips with it. Then blend it properly.


Apply Concealer


Step # 4: Add Some Gloss

You can use either a brush or could simply use your fingers to blend the concealer with your lipstick so that an even shade could be created. Once it is done, apply a small amount of transparent gloss on your lip to get the beautiful glossy stylish lips.


Add Some Gloss


Step # 5: Create a Matte Look

All those girls who want to carry a soft and matte look do not need to add extra gloss. They can just pick one of the shades of matte blush or eye shades that they have that match the color as well and could simply apply it on with the help of a brush and they can get a matte pastel lip makeup look at once without any difficulty.


Create a Matte Look


And this is it, you are done with creating a perfect matte pastel lips makeup that are best for your wonderful summer look. You will not only look fresh but also different than your routine. Try using some different techniques and styles to create a new style of yours and you will definitely going to like the change that these pastel makeup will bring in your final summer trend.

Inspiring Soft Pastel Lips Makeup Step By Step

Soft Pastel Lip Makeup Tutorial Step By Step


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