Winter time is the most well-liked interval for majority of the people throughout the world. As fashion trend alters with respect to time and season, so, coats, rain coats, sweaters and over coats are the major and the most needed attire of the cold season for all the people. Countries like Canada, UK, England, Australia, Oman, Dubai, USA, Bahrain and many other Western Nations favor such clothing.

In winter months, it’s merely extremely hard to perform without a sophisticated coat which is warm in freezing weather as it raise your state of mind and assist you to generate a unforgettable picture of its proprietor. This season, all fashion designers attempted their level best in featuring a version of public vogue coats. I have gathered branded collection of winter coats delivered by world’s top fashion designers so that you can find an ease to pick your ideal one. Now let’s observe what shades, finishes and designs will be appropriate in the winter 2013-2014.

Stylish Fall Winter Dress Coats For Girls 2013-2014

Winter Color Trends 2013-14

In this winter, all world fashion designers dealing with bright color schemes. Every year all manufacturers come up with massive variety of stylish coats with exclusive designs and hues. This year maxi, leather, printed, baggy, military, truncated, furry and strap coats are in trend along with the most fashionable and dazzling shades such as yellow, red, emerald green, black, mustard, blue, fuchsia, brown, gray and other related colors.

Winter Coats Color Trends 2013-14
Winter Coats Color Trends 2013-14

Winter Coat Trends 2013-14

  • Maxi Coat Trends

This season there is a huge fashion of long length maxi coats. You will find a vast range of these versions in the latest fall series of popular fashion brands. The Italian vogue house “Max Mara” which is famous for its ready to wear attire introduced to the audience gown and maxi coats.

Maxi Coat Trends
Maxi Coat Trends


  • Belted Strap Coat

This option is perfect for those fashion lovers who have a slim and smart body shape. This time of year is not gonna extremes, picking a very thin or broad belt for your coat. The average belt thickness and a small buckle would be suitable. But rather than this, first of all your main focus is on your physique not on accessory.

Belted Strap Coat
Belted Strap Coat


  • Printed Style

If you want to wear a coat that should be of dense woolen fabric then there is a fashion consultant advise for you to go for the one which is adorned with classic and original design such as a well known floral and leopard prints.

Printed Style
Printed Style


  • Baggy Style

Baggy style is incredibly famous and also termed as ‘a coat with pronounced scent’. The greatest benefit of this type of coat is that it is capable to conceal body imperfections. Just due to this fact it is preferred by most of the girls. Such versions have classic huge collars and they completely synchronize both the dresses and slacks.

Baggy Style - 1
Baggy Style – 1
Baggy Style - 2
Baggy Style – 2


  • Men’s Style

One of the major and prominent trend in winter 2013-14 is ‘Men’s Style’ which is also named as ‘Military Style’. All designers specify its laws due to which this coat can bring a girly silhouette of elegance and beauty.

Men's Style
Men’s Style


  • Furry Coat

The most elegant, the most delightful and the most magnificent one is ‘Furry Coat’. It is highly feminine and draws the attention of all fashion lovers. It is embellished with fur and this furry touch will absolutely give you a alluring and charming look. This coat will not only heat you up in chilly weather but also give you a memorable sensation of luxury.

Furry Style
Furry Style


  • Black Leather Coat

As we are discussing about the latest fashion trends of fall 2013-14, so now its time to emphasize the version of a classy leather coat in black color. This trend never go out of fashion, its on hit list which is observed by all fashionistas.

Black Leather Coat
Black Leather Coat


  • Truncated & Half Length Coat

Another most gorgeous, most trendy and most familiar one is truncated and half length coat. You can wear it with knee length high boots that will perfectly boost up your overall look and also give you a dramatic touch.

Truncated & Half Length Coat
Truncated & Half Length Coat


  • Fashion Coats

Here I’m showcasing few designer models from different fashion show selections fall 2013-14, lately formed by global fashion weeks. These stylish and classic models will completely go well with your personality. No matter what sort of coat you select, if you think its comfy, warm and most significantly its gorgeous, then no doubt you have built the best choice.

WC - 1
WC – 1
WC - 2
WC – 2
WC - 3
WC – 3
WC - 4
WC – 4
WC - 5
WC – 5
WC - 6
WC – 6


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