Latest Asim Jofa Summer Tunic Collection 2017

Asim Jofa was initially known for his successful family business of jewelry while he carried forward his family’s legacy about 12 years ago. But now he is popularly known for these amazing creations in the world of fashion. Asim Jofa brought an element to the industry that people rarely have. He started in clothing business and recently he launched his enthralling range labeled as latest Asim Jofa summer tunic collection 2017 which got real success.

His intuitiveness and understanding of the dynamics of the fashion allows him to realize his dreams in this line of business. He not only successfully recognized the needs and wants of the market but also fulfilled them and delivered exactly what people hoped for and better. His background reflects why he has been such a hit in the industry since he has been qualified and certified for renowned fashion institute that further honed and polished his natural skills.

Asim Jofa made a grand entry and never let the fire fade of the blazing trail that he left behind him as he sped to the heights of success in this business. He was not only highly appreciated by the people of Pakistan but his work has also been showcased and well received in the fashion capitals around the globe.

He has also been presented with various prestigious awards and honors for his work in the fashion world. For anyone one to reach the heights of success, that person have to be on an endless mission to improve and learn from past mistakes and inefficiencies and that is exactly what this designer has been doing since he made his banging entry on the fashion scene. He has always been one of the few that broke stereotypes in the fashion industry and created immense hype when it came to designer women wear with his fabulous collections. You can also check another New Lawn Collection 2017 By Asim Jofa.

Asim Jofa Tunic Collection For Girls 2017 With Price

Asim Jofa’s signature work is mostly Pret Line which is his most prized and precious collection and is also highly appreciated and desired by his clientele not only locally but also internationally in cities London, US, Canada and UAE. He works with the richest and finest of fabrics in all his creations, while keep high quality among his most important principles. Asim Jofa’s work has already received standing ovations in the fashion districts around the world. His signature style is inspired by all things regal and royal.

You can almost feel the extravagance oozing off of his collections. Asim Jofa tunic collection 2017  combines eastern royalty with a modern day approach with subtlety that it all seems flawless and absolutely magnificent. And because he has had so much experience in designing some exquisite pieces of jewelry, his attention to details and intricacy of design that add more beauty and uniqueness to his collections. See here Junaid Jamshed Latest Summer Collection 2017.

Asim Jofa certainly has brought back the limelight on the traditional eastern aesthetics designed according to the latest trends in the industry. His amazing work that highlighted the beauty of the Sub-Continent with a modern outlook is what he was greatly acclaimed for. This season Asim Jofa Summer Tunic Collection 2017  contains some very exclusive and limited edition designs that you just must have! It is the perfect combination of colors, cuts, designs and style. You can see the latest tunic designs for girls by Asim Jofa  in the images below.

Black Roaring Style Tunic

Black color always makes you look perfect. This dress from Asim Jofa tunic collection 2017  will add roaring charm to your personality. In this design, along with 2.5 meter printed shirt you will have printed sleeves, embroidered neckline and embroidered shirt border. You will get all this in PKR Rs 1999 only. This price is reasonable for this stylish tunic.

Asim Jofa black roaring style tunic

Quirky Chic Print Tunic

Chic print tunic consists of ultra fine embroidered features merged with quirky pattern. This contemporary tunic design is especially made for chic. The design along with 2.5 meter shirt includes sleeves and two embroidered motifs. You can get all these for PKR Rs 1999 only.

Asim Jofa tunic quirky chic print

Sublime Impact full Tunic

Delicately designed tunic complements the sublime style. This embellished tunic with minimal yet impact full print will surely bring praise your way. Along with 2.5 meter shirt, this amazing design also consists of separate sleeves and two embroidered motifs. Price of this sublime design is PKR Rs 1999 only. See here Shariq Textiles Latest Summer Kurti Collection 2017.

Asim Jofa tunic sublime impactful print

Wonders Of Nature Tunic

The tunic is designed by taking inspiration from the wonders of nature. This glamorous style possesses a magic which will surely transform your personality into modern look. The tunic design, along with 2.5 meter shirt, consists of 1 meter sleeves and one embroidered panel. It is available at outlets and online store for PKR Rs 1999.

Asim Jofa tunic wonders of nature

Embroidered Neckline

Your days of worry regarding what outfit to wear are now over as Asim Jofa has got full package tunics for you. Now buy this delectably attractive print and rejuvenate your wardrobe this summer. It consists of embroidered neckline, printed sleeves and embroidered border along with 2.5 meter shirt. All this is just for PKR Rs 1999. Check here New Warda Summer Collection 2017.

Delectably attractive tunic by Asim Jofa

Colorful Digital Printed Tunic

This one is surely a crowd admirer print which will make you under limelight. Digital print combined with embroidery makes this tunic best to wear at any type of event. The package includes one embroidered panel, sleeves and obviously more than enough shirt fabric. It also cost you PKR Rs 1999.

Digitally colorful tunic by Asim Jofa

Eclectic Tunic Print

The eclectic design tunic is made for the ladies who are history, art and travel lovers. Their love for art will depict when they will wear this design. It consist of 3 meters front and back fabric, sleeves along with embroidered panel and border. It’s price is also PKR Rs 1999. See here Khaadi Latest Lawn Collection 2017.

Eclectic design tunic by Asim Jofa

Kaleidoscope Of Hues

Fascinating kaleidoscope of hues with so stylish embroidery will make your style quotient sky high. This colorful tunic will make your personality joyful. The package consists of two embroidered brunches, sleeves and one embroidered border. All this available for PKR Rs 1999.

Fascinating kaleidoscope of colors tunic

Green and Purple Combo

The contrasting mix of green and purple is very unique and it gives powerful design as whole. This unique color combination will make you attractive among the entire crowd. The package of this design consists of embroidered bunches, one embroidered border and sleeves. It is available for PKR Rs 1999 which is very economical for this unique print. See here Motifz Latest Crinkle Chiffon Collection 2017.

Green and purple contrasting tunic by Asim Jofa

Playful Printed Tunic

The digitally printed design will let you welcome colorful summers open handed. The playful tunic will add vivacious factor to your personality. The pack consists of one embroidered panel with sleeves. It’s price is PKR Rs 1999.

Playful printed tunic by Asim Jofa

Travel Bug Style Tunic

Take on to the world with this amazingly spectacular travel bug style apparel. It is especially made for fun and travel loving ladies and girls. The masterpiece consists of 3 meter front and back fabric, one embroidered panel, embroidered border of shirt and sleeves all in PKR Rs 1999.

Asim Jofa Travel bug style tunic

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Rabea Summer Designer Lawn Collection 2017 by Shariq Textiles

Shariq Textiles began its journey into the world of fashion clothing in the year 2009. In just a little over five years, it started to prove its worth in the market. They have been doing a great job in providing women with more clothing options when it comes to ethnic and traditional wear with a touch of modern style.

The products that Shariq Textiles deals in include fashionable eastern wear for women and girls. With the beginning of New Year and new fashion trends Shariq textiles also brought new stylish summer collection. On 7th of March 2017 they launched Rabea Summer Designer Lawn Collection 2017 by Shariq Textiles. In our today’s post we will show you the latest designs which are Rabea by Shariq textiles have just out casted.

Summer started many weeks ago but the summer lawn mania is no where its end. Shariq Textiles has taken its piece of the pie for being one of the largest and most conventional fashion textile houses of Pakistan. Apart from delivering amazing designs, they are also the providers of great quality fabrics. Their aesthetic sense of design and style is also depicted in this summer collection of designer lawn dresses by Rabea.

Rabea summer designer collection Rabea designer lawn collection

Rabea Designer Lawn Summer Designs 2017 for Women

Every design of Rabea by Shariq textile is dead drop cool. All these prints are inspired by something classic and ethnic. And these timeless designs are then styled according to the trends of today. This brand has proved itself in the market over the course of five years and does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. Rabea lawn by Shariq always comes with wonderful new designs and styles every season every year.

All of their collections contains the kinds of clothes that all women would be comfortable in wearing and would also look lovely in each of those dresses. They experiment with different shades of colors a lot and so, every season, they come up with fresh color combos along with creative patterns and trendy styling. And this season, they have also brought you the best of the best Rabea Summer Designer Lawn Collection 2017 by Shariq Textiles.

As the collection name suggests, this line comprises summer embroidered kurtis under the label of Rabea Lawn by Shariq Textiles. This collection features sleeveless, full sleeved and quarter sleeved dresses that are adorned with intricate embroidery.

When you take a look at a couple of these lawn dresses, you will see that they are also different and distinctive both in design and in styling. They have cleverly paired bold and bright colors like yellow, shocking pink, bright green, red, orange and bright blue with soft dull colors like cream, beige, fawn, grey, white and purple. Because of all these factors there lawn assortment became striking in comparison to others.

In our today’s post we will show you all the designer summer lawn collection designs and embroidered patters which Shariq Textile have released under the brand name Rabea. All the designs have colorful mesmerizing effect that will surely add charm in your personality.

Rabea summer printed dress for girlsFloral summer design by Rabea Green summer lawn dress by Rabea Ophwhite decent summer dress for ladies Peach and golden embroidered summer dress by Rabea Printed orange summer outfit byRabea Rabea embroidered summer design Rabea ferozi embroidered summer design

Most of the apparels in this range are perfect to wear for girls and ladies of medium ages too. The beautiful embroidery that is done on all these apparels is paired up with other decorations like lace, threaded designs and traditional embellishments. These designs and prints are perfect to be worn on casual and semi-formal occasions too.

You can wear them during the hot summery days and then carry them beautifully in the evenings. The variety of prints includes floral prints, geometrical patterns and so much more. The color scheme they have selected for this line of summer collection 2017 is both unusual and somewhat classic.

In our today’s post we will show you all the designer summer lawn collection designs and embroidered patters which Shariq Textile have released under the brand name Rabea. All the designs have colorful mesmerizing effect that will surely add charm in your personality. The three piece summer dresses by Rabea are all made up on lawn stuff. Lawn is the stuff which ladies love to wear. There are other brands which design their prints on cotton stuff to but the best to wear stuff for summers is lawn. Rabea by Shariq always design summer dresses in on lawn stuff and all the designs are crafted in a manner which make each dress unique.

Every season, be it summer or winter Shariq textile present there amazing collection. This year the sub brand Rabea came up with colorful dresses. Each dress is designer dress and it contains embroidery or really cool printed stuff. Dresses are with chiffon duppatta, all the dupattas are designed in aesthetic way. There are dresses which have floral dupattas and then there are dresses which have amazing pattern or motives duppatta. These silhouettes with aesthetic and appealing designs and colors are designed for ladies of every age group. From young girls to mid aged and every 50 above ladies can wear these dresses. The embroidery on each apparel made it look even royal. The combination of lawn stuff with print and embroidery along with chiffon dupatta made each dress divine.

The overall look of dress with all embroidery and beauty give an impact that the dress is very expensive. But when you will know the real selling price of this collection you will get amazed in joy. All theses prints are available for you at PKR Rs 2890. So you must be amazed? You must be thinking they how a reputed and famous brand offers so much in just RS 2890? Even I was amazed, I mean the beauty of these dresses are out of the world still Shariq textile is charging very economical and very justified price. I must suggest you to buy as many dresses from this assortment as you can because once they are sold then you will not be able to get such beautiful stuff in this price. They have placed there collection in many big stores in Lahore. You can visit these stores or you can also buy online from their website All this collection is also shown on their website you just need to do a click and the dress will be at your door step. This is the easiest and genuine way to get you favorite dress. Happy shopping ladies!

Rabea floral summer print Rabea pink carries summer apparel Rabea printed summer orange dress Rabea red and green summer embroidered dress Rabea red summer embroidered design Rabea summer abstract dress for ladies Rabea summer black embroidery print Rabea summer collection embroidered outfit

Nimsay Summer Collection 2017 Beautiful Lawn Prints

Established in the year 2007, Nimsay has come a long way to become one of most sought out among the new brands in Pakistan. You can see that they have worked very hard to get where they are today. Their hard work is seen in all the clothing collection they ever launched and still launching. Few days back, they broadcasted Nimsay Summer Collection 2017 that contains beautiful lawn prints which are best treat for your personality. In our today’s article, we will show you Nimsay latest summer collection 2017 with images and prices, so give this post a read.

There is a visible transformation across their product line in the past eight years and it is proof that they have been taking customer feedback quite seriously. They have been changing and adapting according to the trends in the market and have been paying close attention to the needs of the clothing requirements of women out there. This has allowed them to set firm footing in the market and eat a piece of that pie.

For new brands, it is quite difficult to capture an adequate share of the market and also sustain that success but Nimsay is one of the brands that has proven that it can be done if you are true to your mission and vision. Nimsay entered the market to create the kind of clothing for women that they do not only enjoy wearing but also feel beautiful in.

Nimsay live life with colors

Dazzling Summer Dresses for Women 2017 by Nimsay

Nimsay’s designs are something that inspires us every season. And this is because they make sure that their creations are diverse in both designs and styling. Nimsay speaks volumes when it comes to contemporary fashion and stunning styles with lively color fusions. Since the very beginning of this label, it has received a positive response from its customers and the market. All the clothing lines by Nimsay are desirable and simply gorgeous.

Nimsay add vibrance and excitement to your wardrobe. When it comes to the range of products offered by this brand, these include modern eastern wear. And this is provided for sale both in the form of unstitched fabric and ready to wear items of clothing. Nimsay’s primary focus is to provide high quality clothing that is designed and styled to perfection in both digital prints and exquisite embroidery.

Nimsay’s signature style is an interesting mix of Arabian and South Asian tones of colors to express true beauty. You will not just feel beautiful but also look no less than perfect. Nimsay has been consistent in the maintenance of high quality and the deliverance of something refreshing in each one of their clothing lines. Nimsay strives to transform and redesign style that makes you comfortable to carry on and sport their designs.

This summer and spring, Nimsay has launched three lines of clothing for you to enjoy this season. All dresses in the collection are adorned with intricate embroidery and beautifully designed digital prints. These suits are styled in accordance with the latest trends and are presented in a wonderful mix of spring and summer colors. You will find both warm shades and soft shades in all three collections this season.

We have gathered all the images of Nimsay lawn collection 2017 unveiled this year. The collection is shown at our blog and its waiting for your interest full look. Bug up ladies, see the collection, choose the best for you and rush to the nearest outlet or shop online from It is their official website and you can do shopping very easily from this website. You can also surf through their facebook page as they have shown all the collection there too. But they will entertain shipping orders on their website only. You are bound to fall in love with these refreshing yet absolutely magnificent designs by Nimsay and hit the stores to get your share this summer. Have a glance at Nimsay Summer Collection 2017 and get inspired!

These three dresses are so colorful. Just look at the elegance of the yellow dress and I just love the way they have merged all these colors. The yellow floral dress costs you PKR Rs 3290 for three piece dress with lawn dupatta. The fawn dress looks very elegant with blue embroidered motifs. This dress costs you PKR Rs 5200 for three piece and amazing colorful dupatta. Blue and pink dress is the best one, I personally loved this one. The dress in designed very sophisticatedly with very nice ink blue embroidery on neckline. With perfect combination, nice colors and chiffon dupatta, this apparel costs PKR Rs 5400.

Colorful Nimsay summer dress Fawn Nimsay summer dress Intricate embroidered neckline Nimsay summer print

Colorful yellow, mesmerizing blue and sky blue all these dresses are designed perfectly according to the need of ladies. Price of yellow dress is PKR Rs 2700, price of mesmerizing blue is PKR Rs 5400 and price for sky blue dress is PKR Rs 3290.

Multi colored Nimsay summer design for girls Nimsay colorful dupatta summer dress Nimsay cool blue summer design

Royal blue embroidered and fawn embroidered dresses are full of embroidery. These two dresses can be worn on formal events like kitty parties. Price of royal blue embroidered dress is PKR Rs 5990 and price of fawn dress is PKR Rs 5500. Prices of both dresses are totally worth it as they are printed and have beautiful embroidery.

Nimsay embroidered panel summer beauty Nimsay fawn embroidered summer dress

Orange floral print, fawn dress with black embroidered neckline and red cool summer dress all looks very decent. Orange dress costs you PKR Rs 2400, fawn dress costs you PKR Rs 4990 and red dress costs you PKR Rs 2400.

Nimsay floral summer dress Nimsay neckline embroidery summer apparel Nimsay red cool summer suit

Nimsay blue abstract design, blue colorful design and red orange motive design all are designed in a very stylish way. Price of blue abstract design is PKR Rs 2500, price of blue colorful design is PKR Rs 3600 and price of red orange dress is PKR Rs 3790.

Nimsay summer abstract design dress Nimsay summer colorful design for girls Nimsay summer motives printed dress

Navy blue floral dress, beige floral apparel and yellow lush design all are designed in a very unique way. Navy blue floral dress is for PKR Rs 2400, beige floral apparel is for PKR Rs 2400 and yellow lush is for PKR Rs 2700.Nimsay summer multi color printed dress Yellow floral Nimsay summer print Yellow summer dress by Nimsay

Ego Ready To Wear Spring Summer Collection 2017

Just like 2016, Ego is back with its new Ego summer and spring collection 2017!  Actually a relatively new fashion brand in the industry in comparison to other but it would not be wrong to say that it has taken the market by storm! This brand deserves to be praised for what it has been able to accomplish in a relatively shorter period of time while some brand are struggling to just make through the day. It is hard to keep track of the latest trends in the industry aligned with the requirements of the customers and their ever changing needs and wants and that is what drives label to success. If you have been able to successfully identify what your customer wants in terms of both fashion and comfort, you have already made half the journey. Because sometimes, brands focus on what they think is best for the customers and what they feel it should be like.

It is very easy to lose direction if you are not focused enough on the customer’s perspective. It is never such a bright idea to force your own perceptions of a certain vogue on the masses. By the end of the day, it is the clients that you will have to satisfy, And you cannot get away with ignoring their fashion needs and requirements. In fact, this is what you need to focus on and this is how a relatively new brand like Ego has been able to make its place and capture its share of the market. This brand was created to provide the women of today with some stunning wardrobe options without having the hassle to spend scanning the market, getting the cloth, having it stitched, embellished and styled.

Latest Summer Dresses 2017 For Women By EGO

Especially when it comes to working women, they certainly do not have the time at their disposal to invest into such activities when there are some great options available in the market. It usually targets independent working woman with its affordable and worthy dresses and attires. Though, they have successfully been able to capture the attention of young ladies, school and college going girls, working women and housewives as well. Their audience and clientele has automatically expanded and they have been able to ride the high for quite some time now. Especially for causal and semi-formal occasions and events, The brand has landed on the list of all those beautiful women out there.

Gold dust kurta 2017 summer spring collection

The ready to wear black shirts by Ego totally worth it! This gold dust black kurta by ego 2017 summer arrival is the pre-eminent choice to have on! Try it with the capris these summers and make yourself prominent among the crowd by becoming graceful and elegant.

Gold dust kurta by ego 2017 summer spring collection


Walk on the beach

Try this shirt by ego summer spring collection 2017 and make yourself most trendy and up-to-dated. If you are searching casual attires, ego surely stands first in the category of best quality ready to wear dresses.

walk on the beach by ego summer spring collection 2017

Red Baaran Shirt

Baraan shirt from 2017 summer spring ready to wear collection is best ready to wear attire from ego. When it comes to summers, you really need paramount ready to wear dresses with a quality material and print. Ego nails it and shows this through its new collection.

baraan shirt from ego 2017 summer spring collection

Canvas short lawn kurti ready to wear 2017

Are you the one who desires the unsurpassed ready to wear dress for summers? Here ego comes up to the mark. You can go to the nearest ego outlet and grab this ready to wear dress by ego as it is best in quality, supreme in its material and print.

Canvas short kurti by ego 2017 summer collection

Sea-green ego ready to wear short kurti

Green nearly suits everyone who wears it. Try to put on this beautiful and classy kurti from new ego collection 2017. If you are about to buy a overriding, paramount attire, go for this one as it comes up to one’s expectations of best ready to wear dress.

Ego ready to wear short kurti 2017

loose cut kurta

Try to grab this loose cut maroon kurti from the outlet and stay above all. This ego attire makes one look gorgeous as it is dusted with golden print all over it. This Aztec dress design is not available from any other shop.

loose cut kurta by ego summer collection 2017

In the garde- short kurta

Try this new ready-to-wear by ego summer collection 2017. The embroidered dress is available at affordable price with discount. All the ego ready to wear dresses are easily obtainable on low affordable prices. This one is best to have on as it comprises of elegant yet chic colour combinations.

in the garden short kurta by ego summer collection 2017

Heaven chicken and cotton by ego summer collection 2017

Chicken and cotton dress can be put on in springs as the stuff is a bit thick in case of summers where you long for light cotton and lawn attires. Ego is here with the finest ego kurta for spring in its new 2017 collection.

heaven chicken and cotton by ego summer collection 2017

Flamingo Funky and trendy top

Ego’s New summer 2017 collection exhibits the latest flamingo top to wear in spring 2017. If you are looking for the funky and trendiest shirt, this one is here to serve your expectations of the paramount and classy kurti.

Flamingo top by ego new summer 2017 collection

Metro-pole adorable casual wear 

Metropole casual wear is one of the best kurtis provided by ego to the customers. The latest ego collection nails it and makes you one of the prominent ladies among the crowd. Since we know, eid-ul-azha strikes in summers these years, you can make these light lawn kurtas your choice to wear on this occasion.

metropole casual wear by ego summer spring collection 2017

Topsy turvy colorful kurta

Being a Pakistani female, you must know the worth of tops in summers. Unlike any other brand, Ego is here with its excellent and finest topsy turvy top to wear these summers. This ready to wear ego top makes you look more amazing even in the hot weather.

topsy turvy ego kurta new collection 2017 for summers

Spring time roses

This spring time roses shirt is availableas the aztec stuff by ego’s latest collection for summers 2017. Make this your choice to wear these springs. Make sure to have it as it is available on discount price!

Spring time roses-kurti by ego summer spring collection 2017

Pop buds by ego 2017 summer collection

When it comes to the kurtis, we know we have a gem known as ego.  All the attires by ego are unique in their form and quality. Material is finest among all the known brands. try this kurta out for you summers.

pop buds by ego 2017 summer collection

Nazneen short shirt

Like every big brand, ego is providing you the best and paramount attires. Following one is one of them. You can buy it on discounts and on affordable rates for sure.

Nazneen short shirt by ego summer spring arrival 2017

Napa dress design by ego

This print is unique and not available on any other brand except this one. Have this on and be the stunning and gorgeous lady. You can try this as your casual dress. Grab it from the outlet and stand above the crowd!


Napa short kurti by ego-new summer arrival 2017


Have a look on some more new arrivals by the brand

When talking about what this brand has to offer in terms of its product line, it has an interesting and trendy variety of stylish tunics, fashionable tops, lovely kurtas and kurtis, elegant churidars and trouser pants, funky wraps and stunning bags. This season, this brand comes packing with the Ego Ready To Wear Spring Summer Collection 2017 and its full of vibrancy and style like always. You will find a variation of colors in almost all the pieces it has launched in this collection paired with some lovely embroidery and hearty hues. You will come across both short and long lengths of tops, kurtas, tunics and shirts to facilitate your personal preferences. So, now it is time to hit the stores for your latest shopping spree!




Mausummery New Summer Collection 2017

Mausummery comes up with the latest new mausummery collection 2017. The known brand has made a big name for itself when it comes to best designer lawns in Pakistan. This year marks their twentieth year in the industry since their inception and they have been able to capture an impressive chunk of customers both nationally and internationally. Since Mausummery has proven time and time again that it is not bound by geographical boundaries, its success stories crossed borders and so people from other states also joined in their pool of clients. Their work and creations were highly appreciated by women all over the world and this is how Mausummery gained even more popularity over the last two decades. The highlight of Mausummery is the summer collection every year. They launch an array of exciting summer wear options for women. These lines include stitched and un-stitched lawn and summer dresses that are a must have this season!

Mausummery’s new collection for 2017 is a landmark in the history of brands. One of the most important things that women have a concern about in summers is having something comfortable to wear and that something also needs to be in tune with the latest fashions. So, not only the quality and fineness matter but also the aesthetic part of it. The comfort of the fabric is one of the significant things when you go shopping for summer dresses for these scorching hot summers. The summer dresses by Mausummery make sure that you look just as hot as the summer season around you! Mausummery has always been able to know exactly how to make its customers happy by coming up with the designs that they would be looking forward to wear.

Mausummery Ready To Wear Summer Dresses 2017

Producing items that are liked and appreciated by the target market is no easy feat. It takes a lot of work, commitment, devotion, hard work, extensive research and so much more for a brand to get to the point that Mausummery has reached.This brand grew from being a small family run business to a national sensation in the fashion industry with its footings get firm in the international market side by side. Something that started out so small is now a success story as one of the renowned brands in Pakistan. Mausummery has now grown into a well oiled machine of a network of over 32 flagship stores and retail outlets in over 15 cities of Pakistan. These stores, including the one online, showcases all their seasonal and occasional collections throughout the year.

Carnation blue by mausummery 2017

Be pretty and gorgeous by wearing these with your traditional outfits by mausummery in 2017. Where there is mausummery attire, there will be glamour, elegance and class! Go for these and make yourself prominent and more profound in these springs!

carnation blue by mausummery 2017

Mauve lawn collection for girls

Are you in the mood to fit in elegant colors in these summers? you might want to go with mauve lawn collection by mausummery. This appears great on spring/summer days. You may also choose the elegant foot wear to become more adorable.

lawn collection for girls from mausummery

Colored lawn summer collection 2017

Try this multi shaded classy embroidered dress this season. You may match your sandals with your mausummery kurtas too. You may wear matching neck wears with it. Go for the following idea and you will rock with it in the springs/summers!

lawn summer collection 2017 by mausummery

Mausummery colorful new arrival 2017

If you are supposed to give yourself an amazing, classy, elegant and astonishing appearance try this endearing summer wear in mauve and pink by the renowned brand and be the stunner. It seems astounding in this weather!

mausummery new arrival 2017

Mausummery royal blue embroidered lawn 2017

In love with blue attire? try it a bit differently this year! Add a traditional stroke this time. Go for these if you aspire a traditional appearance this year. This outfit by the particular brand appears amazing on the occasions like eid-ul-azha!

mausummery lawn 2017

Mausummery latest dull orange for 2k17

Females usually go for dull shades in summers, the brand appears on the scene with the most adorable shades and prints. If you are supposed to make a choice for your casual wear in summers, try this as it really looks endearing and enchanting in the summer.

mausummery latest collection for 2k17

Mausummery latest blue

Wear royal blue this spring! The spring collection by this brand comes with the sizzling and classy attires. Being trendy yet traditional, you must select this blue kurta dress by mausummery. You can go for wearing it as your casual dress.

mausummery latest collection 2017

Mausummery for girls vol 2 2017

Spring is all about colours! You should try the colourful dresses to become a bit germane to weather as well as with the trends. It will drag sights for sure making you the sight grabber. Make sure you match your shoes with your attire.

mausummery for girls vol 2 2017

Black and pink embroidered lawn 2017

Pink always seems good with black. If you are trying to become more glamorous, go for this attire as it best suits in springs. You can get it from any Mausummery outlet in the affordable prices. Try this in springs and be the show stopper!

mausummery embroidered lawn 2017

Mausummery 2017 Spring,Summer Embroidered Dress

Every lady desires to appear chic in the classy summer dress. You should go for this edgy wedges. The prominent brand to pioneer the inspiring dresses comes up with this design that blows the mind and is surely flabbergasting and amazing.

Mausummery Spring,Summer Embroidered Dresses 2017

Mausummery 2017 check print

Stand above the salt and wear this check print by mausummery 2017 lawn collection.This brand stands first in the big names of lawn and linen brands. Be the sizzling one and fit yourself in the most amazing mausummery 2017 lawn .

mausummery vol 2 2017

New pink lawn by mausummery 2017

Try this amazing lawn dress and be the show stopper! Every year this brand comes up with the best lawn collection. Try these amazing classy kurta by the renowned brand and become prominent in the crowd as it gives you the look everyone desires.

new lawn collection by mausummery 2017

Spring arrival 2017 by mausummery

In love with pink? try this pink beautiful kurta that goes with nearly every occasion. Be the stunner and try this extremely decent and graceful wear by the well-known brand. If you aspire to give a sizzling look, these will surely serve the purpose!

spring arrival 2017 by mausummery

Pistachio lawn summer collection

Girls usually desire the dresses that are adorable as well as traditional and comfy in summer. This outfit fits with your desire and gives you the best possible pretty appearance and a cool sight to the on looker. If you desire to appear elegant and classy in the hot weather, try this and it will give you a flabbergasting look.

summer collection by mausummery 2017

Pink kurtas in eid collection 2017

This trendy spring outfit is a landmarkin the lawn collection 2017. If you are planning to buy the best summer casual wear, it comes up to the mark. Go to the nearest outlet and grab them to stun.

eid collection 2017 by mausummery

Mausummery New collection 2017 winter and summer

This brand is a firm believer that ‘Passion is at the heart of Mausummery’. The brand Mausummery is a provider of creative unique designs for millions of their customers and also their fans. And this season we have Mausummery New Summer Collection 2017 to make your year even better and even brighter! This collection is full of some amazing ready to wear summer dresses that you just cannot keep your eyes off this season. These pieces are impossible to ignore! They comes in some wonderful combinations that are a clever mix of both soft and bold shades of colors. They are adorned with lovely embroidery that is both intricate and exquisite. Have a look at this exclusive summer collection!

Motifz New Embroidered Lawn Dresses 2017 Vol 2 With Prices

This brand started out as catering to the niche market in terms of fashion in Pakistan. But soon its work became so appreciated and admired by a so much bigger segment of the market that they started catering to the masses. Yes, we are talking about the brand Motifz. It has always relayed on the Virtues of Pristine Originality as part of its goals and this has been to identify and design the art in its original form of purity and beauty. Their clothing line has evolved so much over the past years and they have continually been giving us more and more improved products by working keenly according to the feedback they receive from their customers. They have not stop creating both aesthetic and innovative designs since the very launch of their label.

This summer, the brand brings us Motifz New Embroidered Lawn Dresses 2017 Volume 2. These include both formal and semi-formal three piece dresses in some lovely color combinations. The prices of these dresses range from about 5000 to 6000 rupees per three piece suits that include a shirt, a dupatta and a trouser. You can have them tailored according to your liking and preferences.

The brand Motifz produces everything in perfect unionism and amalgamation of Colors, Needle, and Thread. And this is what takes them one step ahead of so many of its competitors. Their creations are not only exclusive but also beyond stunning. The customers in the market, both current and potential keep on having higher expectations by every passing day. And for designers and brand out there, it become increasingly difficult to keep up with the constantly changing demands of customers. Only those brands make it to the top that are able to adapt to their changing environment and identify the ever-changing needs and wants of its customers who always want something bigger and something better.

Embroidered Summer Dresses For Women 2017 By Motifz

They have been serving to various diversified segments of the market and have been successful in developing their own niche in the market. These segments of their customers comprise different societal norms. These can be distinctly classified under the brand name Motifz that produces high quality formal, semi-formal and casual women wear. One of the many facilities and services that Motifz offers its valued customers is the convenience of getting the dresses tailored to perfection for each individual customer. These apparel items can easily be customized on the request or demand of the customer.

Apart from the line of clothing in their product mix, Motifz now also has a bedding line along with its pret line as well. Both of these labels fall under this brand and have been doing equally well. They have over 25 different retail outlets all over Pakistan in various cities which provide their customers a one of a kind shopping experience. And for those of you who detest roaming the bazaars on foot, all you have to go is visit their website, by a click of a button and shop right from the comfort of your own home. Scroll down and take a look at the amazing collection 2017 by Mofiz.

3 Pc Lawn Dress By Motifz

Black and red dresses are impossible to ignore. As red is a very important color so, avoid shadows in green, yellow, blue and purple because they will clash with your dark red outfit. Go for neutral shades like beige, grey, creme and brown. The cost of this ravishing attire is Rs 3,000/-.

3 PC Lawn Dress Collection By Motifz

Beige Embroidered Lawn Outfit By Motifz Vol-2

Beige color is in fashion. Young and aged girls and women are very commonly using this color with other dark shades. Choose beige or neutral stilettos from Stylo Shoes Latest Collection 2017 to look more stylish. The price of the outfit is Rs 3,200/-.

Beige Embroidered Lawn Dress By Motifz

Motifz Embroidered Border Lawn Dress

White foes with anything. The embroidered panels on trouser and sleeves making the attire more trendy. Young girls can pair this attire with red lip color and heels to make their look hottie. The worth of the attire is Rs 4,990/-.

Embroidered Border Attire By Motifz

Embroidered Neckline Attire By Motifz

Printed border and sleeves with shimmery embroidered neckline looks gorgeous. The black and white beads on the edges of the capri is making the whole dress more astounding. University and college going girls can easily wear this attire on any parties and farewells. You can get this dress only in PKR 3,090/-.

Embroidered Neckline Dress By Motifz

Ferozi Embroidered Lawn Dress 2017

This heavy embroidered lawn dress with bell bottom trouser looks outstanding. As the color is very sharp so, wear beige, black or brown heels with the dress to look more decent. For more embroidered dresses look, Shaista Cloth Embroidered Lawn Collection 2017. The price of the array is PKR 3,990/-.

Ferozi Embroidered Lawn Dress For Summers

Golden Embroidered Attire By Motifz Vol-2

The heavy golden thread work bottom with embroidered trouser looks astounding. The printed chiffon dupatta is complimenting a lot with this ravishing dress. Go for minimal makeup to not look bold in summers. The worth of the outfit is Rs 4,990/-.

Golden Embroidered Lawn Dress By Motifz

Knee Length Summer Embroidered Outfit 2017

Long shirts are getting out of fashion and designers are replacing it with knee length shirts. You can pair your short shirts with trousers, cigarette pants, and tulip pants. The cost of the apparel is Rs 2,560/-.

Knee Length Embroidered Lawn Outfit By Motifz

Light Green Lawn Apparel By Motifz

The short embroidered shirt with simple tulip pant looks stylish and ravishing. This is a semi formal dress as young girls can wear this beautiful dress in parties, birthdays and in weddings as well. The price of the array is Rs 3,490/-.

Latest Light Green Lawn Dress By Motifz

Lilac Grey Embroidered Outfit By Motifz 

Grey is a lighter tone of black or you can say this color is another beige or brown because it suits with every another color. The fully thread work neckline with motif on the bottom of the shirt looks trendy. Go for Messy Bun Hairstyles with this amazing apparel. The worth of the garb is PKR 2,990/-.

Lilac Grey Embroidered Dress By Motifz Vol 2

Motifz Embroidered Lawn Outfit 2017

The fully thread work shirt with floral cut work on the hemline of the shirt and pair with embroidered motif bell bottom trouser looks astounding. The printed chiffon dupatta with pearl embellishment on the corners are making attire more beautiful. The worth of the dress is Rs 5,490/-. If you want to get the overview of more embroidered dresses, check Gul Ahmed Embroidered Collection 2017.

Motifz Party Wear Embroidered Lawn Dress Vol-2

Motifz Red Summer Attire 2017

Red and orange embroidered is best for summers. Many people don’t like heavy embroidery so this dress is perfect for them. You can get the printed outfit only in Rs 2,560/-.

Latest Motifz Red Embroidered Lawn Dress

Mustard Lawn Apparel By Motifz

The brand Motifz always come with something new and interesting. The side motif with embroidered border looks ravishing. You can pair this mustard shirt with black or white tulip pant. The cost of the array is Rs 3,990/-Mustard Lawn Dress By Motifz With Tulip Shalwar

Parrot Green Unstitched Apparel 2017

Parrot green with aqua combination outfit looks gorgeous. The aqua beads on the edges of the shirt looks beautiful. The worth of the array is PKR 3,990/-.

Parrot Green Unstitched Lawn Outfit By Motifz

Peach Lawn Outfit By Motifz

Peach is a very feminine color. This color depicts beauty, joy and happiness. The cut work border with golden balls looks astounding. The white gharara style trouser looks unique and stylish. The tassel embellishment on the corner of dupatta making it a party wear dress. Furnish your look with latest nail art designs 2017. The price of the apparel is Rs 5,490/-.

Gharara Style Lawn Outfit By Motifz Vol 2

Sea Green Summer Attire 2017

The pink floral thread work on the hemline of the shirt looks outstanding. The printed trouser with embroidered border making the whole appearance more amazing. The belt on the shirt looks ravishing, I love this such a humble little accessory that can completely change the look of a dress. The cost of the array is Rs 4,990/-.

Sea Green Embroidered Lawn Outfit By Motifz

Motifz Shocking Pink Summer Outfit 2017

The fully embroidered front open shirt with beige bell trouser is perfect for summers. You can get this dress only is Rs 5,900/-. Don’t waste your time and grab this amazing summer collection 2017 by Motifz as early as possible.

Shocking Pink Embroidered Lawn Outfit By Motifz

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Best Stylish Summer Dresses For Pakistani Girls 2017

Summertime is something we all look forward to after months and months of being packed in warm fluffy clothing to protect ourselves from the unforgiving cold winters. That first ray of sunshine of summers fills our heart with so much anticipation for whats to come next. Summers all around the world are celebrated with so much fun and joy! It is the favorite month of the year for majority of the people around the globe. The month of summer also calls for summery things and these things range from summer dresses to all the latest trends around the world. The summers in Pakistan are scorching hot. And for you to look just as hot, we have the exciting Best Stylish Summer Dresses For Pakistani Girls 2017.

Chinyere Beautiful Summer Dresses For Girls 2017

Chinyere was launched in the year 2000 and it soon became the go-to brand for many Pakistani women and girls. This brand has established itself as a well renowned label in Pakistan over the course of the past 17 years. From the trends revolving around wrap dresses, maxi dresses, peasant tops, chooridaar pajamas and palazzo pants, Chinyere brings us the best of everything each time. Chinyere is all about depicting cultural richness in a chic and trendy way. Their outfits are adorned with lovely embellishments, beading and embroideries. Chinyere is basically an exclusive fashion label of casual, semi-formal and formal wear created by the parent brand Bareeze. Their brand strikes a balance between our cultural and tradition with the fashion trends prevailing around the world. The summer dresses by Chinyere this year are both ethnic yet stylish, portraying the cooler side of this summer expressed with various colors.

Chinyere Beautiful Blue Summer Dress For Girls 2017 Chinyere Ceramic Red Apparel for Summers 2017 Chinyere Women's off white kurta 2017 Chinyere Floral Summer Frock 2017 Check & Red skin Frock by Chinyere 2017DGM Black Kurti by Chinyere For Girls 2017 Women's Yellow Kurta by Chinyere 2017 Chinyere Beautiful Summer Dress For Girls 2017 Nishat Linen Stylish Summer Dresses For Girls 2017

Nishat has now become one of the biggest names in the fashion and textile industry of Pakistan. Since its inception in the year 1990, it has been a major provider of high quality fashion clothing and home accessories. The products by Nishat are focus on all three aspects; quality, design and affordability. Nishat provides its customers with products that are unique, chic and within the range of affordability for its customers. It would not be wrong to say that Nishat has become a brand of preference for Pakistani women. This brand has embedded itself deep within our industry and also into the hearts of its clientele and so it has become a household name. This summer, we have the most stylish designs by them for girls! These summer dresses are absolutely stunning, very modern and are also priced reasonably.

NL Beautiful Summer Dress For Girls 2017 Nishat Linen Stylish Summer APPAREL For Girls 2017 Pink Nishat Linen Stylish Summer Dress For Girls 2017 Yellow Nishat Linen Stylish Summer Dresses For Girls 2017 Polka dots Shirt by Nishat Linen 2017

 Cynosure Elegant Summer Dresses For Girls 2017

Cynosure has been in the fashion industry since 1991 and they have been one step ahead of introducing the latest fashion trends each season.Their dresses are not only affordable but also the most trendy that you will find in the market. They thrive on creativity and style. They use exclusively woven fabrics like cotton and khaadi in their dresses. And the high quality also adds to the charm of their brand. Cynosure offers a stunning variety of ready to wear dresses for women that are both high quality and easy on the pocket. And this summer, they have some equally good designs for you! These summer dresses would be the perfect choice for Pakistani girls this summer!

 Cynosure Elegant Summer Dresses For Girls 2017  Cynosure Elegant Blue Summer Dress For Girls 2017 Western Attire by Cynosure For Girls 2017  Cynosure Elegant Summer Dress For Girls 2017 Short Shirt by Cynosure For Girls 2017  Cynosure Floral work Elegant Summer Dress For Girls 2017 Embroided Dress by Cynosure Elegant Summer Dresses Collection For Girls 2017

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New Warda Summer Pret Collection 2017 Ready to Wear

Haven’t you started shopping of summer dresses yet? Just start it now girls as the famous brand Warda has launched new Warda summer pret collection 2017. The incredible and colorful ready to wear collection of Warda is now available on outlets and e-store too. Warda is one of the renowned brands in Pakistan that is a provider of premium women’s clothing in the fashion and textile industry. This brand has left its footprints all over the country with the launch of every new flagship retail outlet that they open one after the other.

The year 2006 was when Warda came into existence and at that time, they only had one store to operate from. Over the years, they have proudly erected more than 80 retail outlets in various cities of Pakistan. This brand landed itself on the list for premium quality clothing for women in the country and made a promise to its customers to always deliver perfection with quality and beauty. Warda also paid a keen interest when deciding on the pricing strategies for the products they offer and decided upon convincing their customers with affordability.

Warda offers a wide variety of clothing options for women. They also launched the label Jambini that includes some wonderful collections for kids. The products they offer include their specialty that is prints and ready-to-wear (PRET) clothes. These two collections come in different high quality fabrics like chiffon, voile, silk, cotton, lawn, woolen, cambric, karandi and khaddar for women. Warda makes sure that all these lines and collections are offered at economical prices and are not too hard on your pocket. The brand Warda also wishes and strives to provide its customers with an amazing customer experience by providing exceptional customer service at the time of purchase and otherwise. Here you can check another exciting and New Summer Collection 2017 Volume 1 By Warda.

Warda Spring Summer Pret and Print Collection 2017

Ready to Wear Summer Dresses for Women 2017 by Warda

We are halfway through the summer and there is still so much more to see! Warda also launches one of the most stunning lawn collections of the year. This season, new Warda summer pret collection 2017 will give you a sneak peek into their refreshing and trendy catalog for the summer. There is an endless range of new designs and fresh lively colors that are the perfect embodiment of this bright summer.

This collection has every color you would want to wear this summer! From the lights to the bright to the bold to every exciting combination, this summer collection is fun and fabulous. This pret collection features some amazing prints that you won’t find anywhere else. They are offering single shirts as well as 2 piece dresses in Warda pret collection 2017.

Below are the images of amazing pret collection by Warda which we have gathered for your convenience. You must look these amazing printed and embroidered collection with bright colors. All these dresses are made and designed in such a fine decent way which will add decency to the personality of the women who will wear it. If you want to add glam in your personality, then you must do shopping from this brand as they are offering amazing ready to wear dresses. You can also check the latest collection of origins ready to wear summer dresses 2017.

Yellow Shirt with Chiffon Dupatta

Yellow is always the best color for summers. This beautiful yellow dress with orange neck embroidery looks very decent. Along with neckline, the printed sleeves of the shirt also make the dress look perfect to wear. Moreover, you can have this amazing dress in very reasonable price.

Warda pret summer collection embroidered shirt

Black and White Divine

The combination of black and white is always very appealing. Warda brought this amazing dress in the best combination. You must buy this shirt and wear it with parrot green, lime green or orange dupatta. You will surely look gorgeous with this combination.

Warda ready to wear summer collection black and white short kurti

Floral Embroidered Short Kurti

Short kurtis are very in nowadays. You must grab this colorful and floral white and red kurti from Warda to treat yourself this summer. Kurti with such an amazing floral embroidery is a must buy. They are offering it in very reasonable price. Also, see the latest designs of Short Kurtis By Indian Designer Ritu Kumar.

Warda pret summer collection short kurti

Fawn and Multicolored Single Shirt

Fawn color in combination with other colorful dresses looks fabulous. For those girls who like mild color combinations, this dress is the best option for them. Warda lawn prints 2017 are all so colorful.

Warda pret summer colorful embroidered shirt

Red Floral Embroidered Stripes

Floral is the new trend of 2017. This fawn dress with floral embroidered lines in red color looks very attractive. Once you will wear this lawn dress, it will add bloom to your personality. Warda ready to wear 2017 lawn collection  brings stunning floral dresses.

Warda summer pret fawn and red floral shirt

Printed Multi Colored Abstract

It’s the printed short kurti looks very colorful. The combination of white, blue and purple is very unique. You can wear this with white trouser and purple dupatta to look more attractive. This short kurti can also be carried with jeans or tights. Check the latest fashion of Cigarette Pant Suits 2017 for Women.

Warda ready to wear stitched summer short kurti

Green Shirt with Embroidered Neckline

This one is the lovely shirt and a must buy. The combination of parrot green and yellow is latest combination and it looks very unique. Warda offers this dress with embroidery on neckline. You can also wear this dress on party.

Warda pret summer green and yellow single shirt

Orange Abstract Floral Shirt

Orange is the new color of summer. You can have this orange shirt in your wardrobe this summer. The shirt with floral embroidered pattern seems decent. It’s the abstract printed shirt with embroidery work which is done in a very peculiar way.

Warda ready to wear summer single shirt lawn

Parrot Green and Ink Blue

It’s the most selling shirt from Warda pret collection 2017. The colorful combination and embroidered front make this shirt most demanded. You must have it as it can be treated as a party wear too. It is a 2-piece suit and you can wear ink blue dupatta with it. See here the stylish Party Wear Dresses 2017 By Needle Impressions.

Warda ready to wear embroidered shirt for summers

White and Red Floral Shirt

White color always looks sober and decent. You must buy this dress to look fabulous this summer. White and red is the old contrast but it looks elegant every season. You can wear red dupatta and red shoes with this dress to look enthralling.

Warda ready to wear floral summer print

Single Shirt Chicken Kari

This is another white dress by Warda. They have introduced chicken Kari dresses this year. From that collection, they have this white divine in their pret collection. You can wear this dress with red, shocking pink, blue or green dupatta.

Warda pret summer chicken kari dresses

Plain Embroidered Lawn Shirt

Yellow is the color of summer and it’s looking more cool with the combination of royal blue in this dress. This is the new combination and loved by so many ladies. I suggest you to buy this one it will look perfect on you.

Warda pret wear lawn shirt with chiffon dupatta

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Latest Alkaram Summer Lawn Collection 2017

Sobia Nazir Pret Wear Summer Dresses Collection 2017

The fashion brand Sobia Nazir was launched in the year 2000 and it has successfully been in the industry for about 15 years now. Their outlets are situated in the major cities of Pakistan, namely Islamabad and Lahore. Sobia Nazir is constantly creating something new and innovative for every latest collection by her. Her bridal creations would make any woman want to raid the entire store for her big day. Her bridal and formal collections are also a huge part of her brand and they contribute greatly to the success and recognition she has gained over the past decade and a half. Sobia Nazir also offers excellent customer service and makes sure her creations can be customized and tailored in accordance with the requirements and desire of each of her customers, especially the brides. It would do the brand justice to acknowledge how it has become such a big name in the industry in less than two decades.

The creations by Sobia Nazir crossed national boundaries ages ago and now this is a well sought out fashion brand in not only Pakistan but also the UK and US. Her products include various stunning collections of designer clothes comprising bridal, formal, semi-formal, casual, pret among others and also an exciting variety of accessories to add some bling to your outfits! Both her stunning clothes and trendy accessories have been appearing on famous fashion magazines like Enstyle, Asiana, Libas and Asian Woman. This brand was one of the first fashion designers to use semi-precious gems and stones in her collections such as the bridal line and formal wear. Her collections keep on improving by every passing season and her designs shine bright on the fashion runways. She has also made it to DIFW and that is a an accomplishment in itself.

Chic Summer Dresses For Women 2017 By Sobia Nazir

Sobia Nazir’s fashion creations have graced the catwalks and runways nationally in Pakistan and internationally in UK and Dubai. And all these collections have elicited a highly positive response from international platforms as well. She has always used unique combinations of different shades of colors along with exquisite embroidery in all her collections and this is what sets her apart from other brands in the industry. Her creativity and innovation has worked wonders for her and taken her to new heights of success in the industry that is laced with fierce competition and a lot of talent.

This brand’s signature style is all about expression; expressing the personality of women, their moods and tastes. And anyone who can master the art of expression is destined to leave their mark in this world. The latest line launched by this brand is the Sobia Nazir Pret Wear Summer Dresses Collection 2017. It is everything you expected and anticipated and so much more! You will find some amazingly unusual color combinations paired with the leading styles and trends in the industry nowadays. The intricate embroidery and stunning designs just add to the appeal of this summer line. This summer collection of pret wear is so very modern and totally chic! Have a look!


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Firdous Textiles New Summer Collection 2015 Volume 3

In the inflation-laden world of today, it is extremely important for companies in every industry to offer products that are not too expensive and provide good value for the money that they are charging. Affordability is one of the most important factors that buyers consider when they go shopping. Even a small price difference can mean the selection or rejection of a product. And since there are even more substitutes and alternatives available in the market today in comparison to the previous years, the buyer would not think twice before switching to another brand if they feel that they are getting a better deal out of it.

There are basically three things that matter to consumers; price, quality and aesthetics. And even though it is very difficult to check all three boxes for brands when they are producing, some do it flawlessly and those are the ones that make it big. If the customer is not getting enough value for their money, the product is not worth it. When it comes to industries like fashion and textile, this proves to be true even further. For a brand to create something beautiful that is also high quality and easy on the pocket is the real challenge. Many fashion brands have been attempting to do their best and others are trying and some feel that if their product is aesthetically beautiful and high quality, it gives them the right to charge whatever they want and the customers would happily buy it but that is not the case.

Elegant Summer Dresses For Women 2015 By Shariq

A fashion brand that has been producing high quality beautiful clothing for women from the past  forty five years seems to be doing quite well at this feat. The brand we are talking about here is Firdous Textiles. It was founded four and half decades ago in the year 1970. And this brand has made its presence known in the industry since then. They have over 15 retail outlets in various major cities of Pakistan where all of their latest collections are featured and showcased for sale. They have 14 retail outlets in Pakistan. Their mission is to satisfy their customers to the fullest by giving them great quality designs that are highly affordable and in tune with the latest fashions in the industry. Striving for customer satisfaction has pushed them a long way into the world of success and customer loyalty.

The products offered by Firdous Textiles includes Loose Fabric, Home Textile, Fashion Apparel, Men and Women Footwear and accessories like Clutches and Bags. Firdous Textiles is highly affordable in comparison to other brands in the market. Firdous Textiles is one of the largest textile brands in the country. All their creations always keep with the latest trends and are focused on the requirements of their customers. This season, Firdous Textiles New Summer Collection 2015 Volume 3  brings us the latest volume from their summer wear line. These designs truly capture the essence of the brand. The third volume is just as stunning as the previous collections from the summer range if not more. Have a look!!

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