5 Different Eyeliner Styles For Beginners Step By Step

Eyeliner is an important part of the eye makeup. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that eyeliner actually completes the makeup look overall. Not just this, our daily look remain incomplete without wearing eyeliner and a lip gloss. Enhancing and defining the beauty of the eye is what actually eyeliner do. Even if you have small eyes, liner applied correctly could make it look big and wide through eyeliner. They are available in different forms and among them the liquid and the cake eyeliners are the best not just to handle but also to create a great look.

How To Apply Eyeliner By Yourself – Tips and Tricks

Here are 5 different eyeliner styles for beginners step by step with pictures that you could easily try at your home to make your eyes look more prominent and charming by implementing these amazing eyeliner styles for big eyes.

Style # 1: Simple

If you want to draw perfect stroke on your eyes, you should start by practicing one of the simple eyeliner styles for beginners.

  • Start by drawing small lines from the center of your eye to a little outside the outer corner. The strokes should be really close to the eyelashes.
  • Now from the center, use the tip of the liner to draw towards the lines towards the inner corner of the eye till the tear duct.
  • After drawing the sketch, use the eye liner to draw a solid full line to complete the look.

Simple or Basic Eyeliner Step by Step

Style # 2: The Cat Eye

Start as you did in the above simple eyeliner style for beginners.

  • Draw a line from the center to the outer corner of the eye and then to the inner corner till tear duct.
  • The main trick is to draw a perfectly smooth line at the end of the eye using the lower lid as a guide and then joining the end of that line to the line at the eyelid which will create a triangular form.
  • Fill the triangle with the liner and your cat eyeliner style is complete.

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Cat Eyeliner Step by Step

Style # 3: Winged Liner

Winged style is also one of the most famous kinds of eyeliner styles for beginners that you can easily do yourself.

  • For perfect winged eyeliner, draw a stroke from the outer corner of your eye.
  • From the inner corner of your eye, start drawing a line close to the eyelashes joining the end of the line that you drew from the outer corner.
  • Fill the spaces with liner.

Winged Eyeliner Step by Step

Style # 4: Retro Style

This style is one of the modern techniques of applying eyeliner. You can draw it easily at home by subsequent these simple steps mentioned beneath.

  • For this look, start by applying from upper lash filling up all spaces to create a fine line look.
  • Now draw a line close to the lashes starting from the center to the outer end of your eye.
  • After that, draw a relatively thinner stroke from the center to the inner corner.
  • Now from the end of your eye, draw a thin outward line going upwards. Connect the end of that line with your eyeliner.

Retro Eyeliner Step by Step

Style # 5: Fishtail

Fishtail liner is very in these days. Most of the girls opt for this style on their wedding day because it looks so fine and gives a catchy look.

  • The first step is to draw simple thick line from the center to the outer corner of the eye.
  • Now draw a thick line on the lower eyelid from the center to the outer end and then to the inner end.
  • Do not join the two lines on the upper and lower ends creating an effect of a fish tail.

Fishtail Eyeliner Step by Step

These are some simple techniques with which you can create the perfect look. These are the most easy and different eyeliner styles for beginners so that you can try them at home.

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