Natural Remedies For Teeth Whitening At Home

Good and clean teeth is a mark of good health and personal hygiene. It also make your smile wonderful. If your teeth are not as white as you want them, then you can try a few home remedies to make them clean and white. Mentioned below are few Natural Remedies For Teeth Whitening At Home. These home made remedies will cost nothing.

1- Thoroughly Brushing:


Thoroughly brushing will help to remove a hard layer that accumulate on the surface of teeth. This hard layer called plaque not only remove enamel a protective layer on teeth but also keep them prevented from being whitened. Regularly brushing and flossing will help to get rid of the plaque layer.

2- Hydrogen Peroxide:

hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening

Hydrogen peroxide contains bleaching agent which is helpful in whitening of the teeth. It is also recommended by American Dental Federation for its ultimate advantageous effects.

3- Use of Baking Soda:

baking soda

Make your own tooth paste by using 2 tea spoons of hydrogen peroxide and 3 tea spoons of baking soda. Mix them thoroughly and make a fine consistent gel. Apply it on your teeth to avoid foul smell and get a refreshing flavor.

4- Change your Life Style:

change your lifestyle

You need to avoid smoking, coffee, soda and all other beverages that stain your teeth and which contain tannin. You can also prevent tannin containing drinks by using straws.

5- Eat Natural Foods:

natural foods

Apple, celery and carrots act as a toothbrush and help to produce more saliva in your mouth which removes a plaque layer that gives yellow color to teeth.
Eat more strawberries which contain malic acid which is useful in lifting the stains formed on teeth.
Consume hard cheese more which helps to produce saliva in your mouth and then removes bacteria.

6- Coconut Oil:


Rinse your teeth with coconut oil is an oldest remedy which helps to give you a beautiful smile. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which prevents bacteria to stain teeth and and remove the plaque layer.

7- Use of Bananas:


Banana peel is a great teeth whitener and gives you a wonderful smile. They are inexpensive and do not contain acids and other abrasives that damage a plaque layer.

8- Orange Peel:

orange fruit

It is helpful in combating with micro organisms found in your mouth and develop foul smell. Orange peel helps to remove the yellow tinge accumulate on your teeth.

9- Lemon:


It contains Vitamin C and has bleaching properties which helps you to shake off yellow discoloration found on your teeth.

10- Salt:


Salt is a fundamental cleansing agent which is used for removing stains on teeth and helps to revive white color.

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