Top 10 Fall Winter Hair Color Trends 2016 For Women

Dying hair has now become the style statement among ladies. Women are usually very conscious when it comes to their hair. They just cannot compromise on their hair color. With the advancement in the fashion industry, now more women are getting their hair dyed. In our today’s article, we have gathered top 10 fall winter hair color trends 2016 for women. In winter, you can see that more ladies get their hair dyed. Women want to add fresh look in their personality in this calm and soothing weather.

To add a remarkable change in your personality, hair color is the best option. Hair length, haircut, and color represent a women’s personality well. So, girls and ladies, you too try a new hair shade this winter season to bring the right change in your overall look. A change in hair color will surely add more beauty. Just give these top 10 most popular fall winter hair color ideas a look and then choose the best shade to get your hair dyed.

1. Dark Chestnut

This shade is a combo of dark brown and golden brown. It’s the best combo of browns. It suits more on the cool and fair complexion. But if you have the dull skin, still no worries, you can dye this shade too with good enough makeup. It is best for every lock type and length.

dark chestnut 1

2. Radical Red

Radical red is the latest winter shade. The intensity of this shade varies from burgundy shade to intense red shade. It is the blend of these two colors. It also goes well with fair complexion. When it comes to lock type, radical red suits more on wavy and curly hair.

Radical Red 2

3. Dark Blonde

Blonde is the evergreen mop shade. It is the best hue preference for ladies of fair and dark complexion. Women with both complexions can carry this lock color. It goes well with every hair type.

Dark Blonde 3

4. Icy Blonde

It’s the new blonde shade for winters. This hue brings versatility among blondes as it is different. Icy blonde flatters every complexion. But keep one thing in mind that to get this shade on your hair, you must have thick, healthy locks. Apply it only if you have healthy locks.

Icy Blonde 4

5. Auburn

Auburn is also one different color. It is the blend of black and golden brown. Auburn comes when you add a warmer color with the brunette ones. This dye suits more on dark complexion, but you can carry it if you have a fair skin. It goes well with middle mop length.

Auburn 5

6. Caramel

Caramel will give you wild warm look in winters. It is soothing one, so it is great for a winter season. Girls believe that this dye scheme looks killer on curly and wavy locks. When you dye your mop in caramel shade, then you must put on fabulous makeover while going out. It will add more spark to your personality.

caramel 6

7. Brombre

Brombre is the blend of soft blonde and thick brunette. Brombre dye is part your lock into two shades. You can keep the upper part black and color the lower part in Brombre shade. It goes best for warmer skin tones, and it looks great with all hair types and lengths.

brombre 7

8. Rich in Red

Rich in red is the mixture of the soft layer of warm brunette with vibrant red. This blend will add contrast finishing to your locks. Personally, I think it’s the cool color to bring innovation to your look. The warmth of rich red goes fine with fairer skin tones. And this color seems great at every hair length.

rich in red 8

9. Strawberry Blonde

Blonde now comes in so many types. Strawberry blonde is one of the freshest blonde type getting very popular among new fashion trends for hairs. It goes great with all hair types and with cooler skin tones.

strawberry blonde 9

10. Copper

Copper is the new red blonde. It is the cozy hue for a winter season. It seems great for all hair types, but it appeals fairer skin more.

copper 10










11. Reddish Cinnamon Hair Color

Reddish Cinnamon hair color is the best option for winters. This color giver you a very sharp and attractive look especially when done with smokey eyes and light pink lipstick.
















12. Butterscotch Hair Color

This color has been women’s most favorite this year. As shown in the picture, this color looks great on silky straight hair.