Easy Makeup Tips & Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger & Attractive

Hey, Ladies! Have you got big and attractive eyes? I brought here most proficient methods and ideas to make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. Making your eyes look bigger and attractive is an art. Some beauty experts reveal their tips and ideas to do so. We can understand ladies are very particular about their look and makeup.

Having stylish makeup is a primary wish of every woman, so we thought to bring some easy tips and ideas for this. It comes down to strategy, so you may need to practice a couple times keeping in mind the end goal to get your makeup the way you need it. Try not to stress; however, it’s truly simple once you’ve gotten enough practice. In case, you also want greater eyes then do go through these easy makeup tips and tricks to make your eyes look bigger and attractive. You hardly require a couple of minutes to do this procedure and finally you will get your desire more prominent eyes. Let’s go for it.


The white shadow is the best tip of making your eyes bigger and beautiful. It could be, utilize a pencil or a shadow to speak some white right against the internal edges of eyes. This idea will make the eyes look bright, and your eye will immediately open up bigger.

Go for White Line Go for White Line 01


For this step, you need to get an eyelashes curler and do curl your lashes with it. Then just apply the best quality thick mascara slightly on lashes. You will get massive curl lashes that enhance elegance to your eye.

Curl Your Lashes With CurlerApply Mascara On  Your LashesApply Mascara


You can at present shake a thick, expressive eyebrow with it, you simply need to do a little upkeep. You should require trimming your brows properly. Now just apply black pencil at your trimmed brows and shape it well.

Shape Your Eyebrows 01Shape Your Eyebrows 02Shape Your Eyebrows 03


When you’re figuring out how to make your eyes look bigger, you need to give careful consideration to the situation. For instance, when you’re applying eye shadow or liner, go as far as possible up to the augmentation of your wrinkle.

Take Care of Crease 01Take Care of Crease 02Take Care of Crease 03


Good liners you select and use it are both up to you. There are many approaches to making your eyes look greater utilizing eyeliner, so it’s anything but difficult to discover something that works for your favored kind. One more tip is attempting just covering a large portion of your lower lash line, explore different avenues regarding distinctive hues, and consider the things like Kohl and gel based liners.

Apply Eyeliner 01Apply Eyeliner 02Apply Eyeliner Step by Step


This idea is about playing with the situation of your eye shadow. You impartially need to carry the shadow in the right manner. If you desire to make your eyes bigger, then there’s a superior trap. Beauticians say that a trap is to think your eye shadow at the center of your lash line. It’s the broadest segment of your eye, so accentuating this helps them to look more extensive.

Apply Eye Shadow  01Apply Eye Shadow 02Apply Eye Shadow 03


Highlighter is the best idea more of adding glance to your eyes. Utilize a light highlighter close to the inward corners of your eyes and the form of your forehead issues that remains to be worked out help up your eyes. In case, your eyes turn lighter, they’ll open upward and look bigger.

Apply Highlighter On Your Eyes 01Apply Highlighter On Your Eyes 02

STEP NO. 8: OMBRE Effect

When you’re making an effort to make your eyes more significant, you’re fundamentally attempting to make them appear as though they’re open more extensive than they are. One excellent approach to make them resemble this is an ombre impact. To do this, you ought to utilize hues from the same gang. Put lighter shading at the base of your eyelid and afterward have it get darker as it gets to the wrinkle. This step will help add measurement to your face and open up your eye.  You are now all done with your attractive and bigger eyes.

Give Ombre Effect to Your Eyes 01Give Ombre Effect to Your Eyes 02Give Ombre Effect to Your Eyes 03

 Easy Tips For Making Eyes Bigger & Attractive

1. Apply concealer to dispose of the dark circles under your eye. Dark circles make your eye look little and tired.
2. Use your groundwork to the cover region before cleaning on eye shadow.
3. Another best tip is using white pencil under and above eyes.
4. More luminous shadows make your eyes bigger. You can use it as another suggestion of making eyes look greater.
5. Apply eyeliner inner edge of your eyelid, is one of the makeup tips ever to exist. Looking down, force your eyelid up and draw pencil liner onto the upper waterline.

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