‘Pompadour Hairstyle’ is very trendy and hottest now a days among girls. If you are unsure of it then first of all I will let you know about what is pompadour? Its basically a hairstyle which is massive on top and near to the scalp on the edges. But the question is how to create this super chic hairstyle? It is usually achieved as a half up and half down pattern or as a delicate high updo. This tutorial or article will be helpful for every single girl enthusiastic on pompadour hairstyle. Despite the fact that it looks quite easy but if you are accomplishing it for the very first time then you may locate yourself in hassle with matted and messy hair without any alternative.

Right now I’m here to demonstrate you “The Cutest & Easiest Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial”  you will ever see. The flexibility of this style looks perfect on everyone. To produce this style, first make sure that you have freshly cleaned hair or a hair which is one or two days old. One strategy that tends to make it even more simpler is to begin by drying out hair close to your face upright and back in the direction of crown. By carrying out this, you will currently have the locks proceeding in the way you want.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Hair Pins
  • Elastic Rubber Band
  • Hairspray


Just stick to the steps listed below to attaining this lovely style and to ensure that everything goes uncomplicated and smooth.

  1. To get started, first split the locks by picking a front portion of locks right behind your temple.
  2. Now pull your locks up and with the help of comb, back tease your locks to generate volume.
  3. Take hairspray and spray it on the origins.
  4. Cautiously brush the hair in reverse but be sure it has adequate volume on top.
  5. Delicately secure this part of hair with the help of two or more hair pins.
  6. This is precisely how it should appear like until now.
  7. Now take the little portion of your hair above ears from both left and right sides and hold it on the top of your scalp in the back of pins you positioned in prior.
  8. Secure this section by using small elastic rubber band.
  9. Clear out any flyaway by using a touch of hairspray.
  10. Finally you have done! Now your own pompadour hairstyle is ready to boost up your overall look.

See the image below to understand well about these steps mentioned above.

Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial - Step by Step
Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial – Step by Step
Finished Look
Finished Look


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