When it comes to your nails, french tips are an absolute classic. It does not even matter what shape or size your nails are, french tips can glam them up in a matter of seconds. And one of the best things about them is the fact that french nails practically go with anything and everything you’re wearing. Even over the past decade this style has not gotten old and so many women around the globe walk into nail salons every day asking for this classic, chic look.The versatility of this style is what compels us to keep coming back for more no matter what occasion it is. A good French manicure will not let you down. And Top 10 Best Amazing French Tip Nail Art Designs  is all about adding something new to our dear classic and spicing things up a bit!

1- Classic Bows


This style here is the classic bow. Its just adding a bit more to your standard french tip. This one will go perfectly well with your daily routine. If you’re looking for something casually cute, this is it.

2- Fruity



Lets fruit things up shall we? You can go for this adorable style if you are looking for something playful, fruity and fun. Its got a fun mix of colors and a dash of spring and summer in it!

3- Glittered Up


If you want to glam things up and add a bit of glitz to your look, why not go for something sparkly? This look here will not only add a bit of a fancy touch but it would also look stunning when tried in different colors.

4- Black It Up


This is a fresh take on the standard and classic French tip. Why don’t we shake things up and try something different? Like black instead of white. You’d be surprise how stunning it looks once you put it on.

5- Shine & Gloss


Don’t we all love a bit of color? And wouldn’t it be totally amazing if we add some sparkle to it? If you’re looking for a fun night out and can’t decide what to do with your fingers, give this baby a try!

6- Royal


This style here is not only exceedingly elegant, it looks royal and extravagant. Who knew adding a bit of patterned gold could turn your nails into something so stunning and eye-catching? All you have to is try it once!

7- Animal Print


When talking of classic, how can we forget the classic print? Yes, you have guessed it right. Animal print or cheetah print is the way to go. This should definitely be on your ‘must try’ list. Lets see how mixing two classics work out for you.

8- Delicate Blues


You could try this if you are looking for something delicate yet captivating. Its the perfect mix of a bit of fancy with a bit of loveliness. You can do it in different colors according to your mood and preferences.

9- Waves


Are you thinking of the ocean? These waves are just what you need on your nails to give them a fresh, clean look. Its time to experiment with your nails and this blue combo is just the way to go!

10- Bold & Beautiful


This one here is bold and beautiful. You could walk into a party wearing your nails this way and your dress is not the only thing people would be noticing. This style is a party on your hand! Give it a try!

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