Asian women, especially Mid-Eastern women have developed a desire to have a fair skin complexion. And they are not to be blamed, they have been pressurized into wanting this because of our society where people consider women with fairer skin to be more beautiful in comparison to a darker complexion. What these people fail to realize is that God has made everyone beautiful in their own unique way. You know how they say, ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, it is actually quiet true. Could you ever look at someone you love and not like how they look just depending on the color of their skin? No, you couldn’t. But we live in a society where almost everyone gives a lot of importance and weightage to these little materialistic things. Most of us are pressured into conforming to the beliefs and opinions of the society. Our definition of beauty depends on what we think the other person would perceive. And so, we want fairer skin because we think it would make us pretty.

To make this task a little easier, hundreds of cosmetic brands around the world have started producing more and more variety of different fairness creams. Though women should be very careful in selecting any skincare or haircare products because of the contents and ingredients used in them because by the end of the day, they are chemical products. Though a lot of international beauty brands are making tons of investments and efforts to ensure that they produce green products that are the least harmless to our skin, hair and overall health. There are ways to naturally lighten and brighten your skin, but we being all lazy and stuff, we just prefer using out-of-box products that require little to no preparation. So, lets have a look at what the Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Women – Most Popular Brands  have in store for us.

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1- Olay Natural White Day Cream


This product has Triple Vitamin System which lightens the skin by reduction of melanin transfer to the surface of our face. It also helps in reducing dark spots. It has anti-oxidants that helps in fighting against bacteria. It also facilitates skin cell renewal and moisturizes skin.

2- Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream


This will make your skin visibly fairer in just 7 days! Enriched with GenWhite Technology, it also have an SPF value of 20 which will protect your skin against sun darkening. It affects the production level of melanin on our skin and gives us a radiant, fair glow!

3- Garnier White Complete Multi-Action Fairness Cream


This instant whitening cream gives your face a healthy glow and brightens your complexion a lot closer to your expectations. It comes with an SPF value of 17 to fight sun damage and remove tan. It will give you a lasting fairness with regular use.

4- L’oreal Paris White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening


This Rosy Whitening Cream has an amazing texture that does not leave your skin feeling oily or having a thick layer on. It also helps protect against UV rays and sun damage. It not only lightens dark spots and blemishes but also makes your skin even with a radiant glow.

5- Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening


Made from Lily and Lotus Extracts, this cream helps a great deal in reducing dullness of our face, spots and blemishes. It is suited for all types of skins. It will also help in smoothing out uneven skins. This product also includes intense whitening serum and a moisturizer too.

6- Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream


It claims to be the number one fairness cream as it states that it has no harmful ingredients. It is affordable and suited for all skin types in all seasons. It contains the goodness of vitamins and is used for treatment against dark spots, dark circles, pigmentation, sun tans etc.

7- Clean & Clear Fairness Cream


This formula contains cherry extract which helps in whitening and brightening your face. It will reduce pigmentation and also remove tan. It will not only make you fairer but also moisturize and hydrate your skin at a very affordable price and easy availability. 

8- Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect


Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect contains fifty times more Vitamin C that ensures a healthier, fairer and more evenly toned face and body. It repairs your cells from within and gives you the healthy whitening you desire by strengthening multiple layers of your epidermis.

9- Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Cream


Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Cream is enriched with advanced vitamin agent, honey and sun protection that stops and treats sun darkening making and nourishes to make your skin smooth, supple and noticeably fairer!

10- Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream


Having an SPF 20 PA++, it is best suited for protection against pigmentation, melanin and dark spots. It nourishes your face from within with its healthy white complex that boosts whitening and treats darkness.


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