The hairdo of the bride is just as important as the dress for that big day. All married women must know the agonizing hours spent in relentless shopping looking for that perfect dress and the perfect pair of shoes to go with it. And they also must know how big of a part the wedding hairstyle plays in completing your look. Having long hair gives women the advantage of a lot of variety when it comes to styling their locks. Every woman undeniably wants to look her best on the big day and hairstyles are a total game changer. The Top 10 Best Gorgeous Wedding Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair  will give you ten of the very best hairdos that you can choose from on your wedding.

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1- Loose Curls



The classic and classy loose curls are a must-have on every amazing wedding hairstyle list. This style is undoubtedly many women’s first choice and it is also a rather safe choice because you simply cannot go wrong if you decide to go for this do!

2- Waterfall Braid


This may look tricky but it is actually not so hard to pull off. You just need to work your magic fingers into making the perfect waterfall braid and you can also compliment it with curls or waves or you can have it done with straight hair, whatever you think will go best with your wedding look.

3- Messy Do


This pretty little messy bun of hair looks chic and absolutely stunning. These kind of hairstyles bring a softer look to your appearance. You can pair this hairdo up with either embellishments, accessories or flowers. This is definitely one of the newer styles you need to try!

4- Sleek Rolled Tuck


In contrast with the messy do, if you want to go all sleek and clean, sleek rolled tuck should be your choice of wedding hairstyle. It is simple yet beautifully elegant and has a sense of modesty and grace to it. It is one of the cuter hairstyles that you will come across.

5- Wavy Side Low Pony Tail


This timeless hairstyle can be found in most wedding magazines, functions and such events. The reason for loving this style is quite obvious; it is simple divine and looks sophisticated and lovely at the same time. You will come to see that it is one of the timeless hairstyles.

6- Sleek Center Braid Bun


You must have seen this up-do on Kate Middleton since she has been seen sporting this beautiful hairdo. This gave us idea which successfully turned out to an amazing choice for women to have it done on their wedding day. It looks amazingly stunning!

7- Half Up Bun


If you are not sure about whether to tie your long locks up or leave them down, you can just find some middle ground and go halfway with the half up bun. It will give your face a softer look and it is very easily to pull off. So, give it a try if you are looking for something lovely!

8- Low Knotted Bun


If you want to look elegant and sexy, you definitely need to give this hairdo a try! Talk about grace and beauty, this hairstyle speaks for itself. Any girl would love to go for this one if they decide to do their hair up and if you don’t want to do a high bun, do try this one out!

9- Side Braid



This absolutely lovely side braid looks like a dream on any wedding dress. No matter what shape or style your wedding dress is, this will totally look amazing if you want to try some hairdos in form of a braid. To take it to the next level, you can also accessorize it and see the difference!

10- Hair Bow


This bow bun is as pretty as a picture. And contrary to what you may think, it is not so difficult to make this. This is one of the more unique styles that you can go for and it would undoubtedly stand out and compliment whatever style of wedding dress you are wearing!


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